swasan me tera boyfriend tu meri girlfriend EPISODE 3 by HARNEET

hi everyone .. hru all . i hope u all haven’t forget me .. if u had then i have given the link to the intro u can read and plz read and comment this is goig to be raglak too as i have a no . of readers who wish to see raglak in my life started with a mistake but i coudln’t make that possible there but now here i can make that .. .i wont be late now .. BUT but before that i wanna say that i was not in a mood to stop this story but couldn’t think of any further track but now i am prepared so. so sorry for now let me give a short recap ..

Intro/ (intro 1 : swara’s family )
Intro 2 ( itro 2 : sanky family )
Episode 1 ( chapter 1 )

so all links are above …. if any doubts u can ask in Coment box …. so topping by ba bak m starting .

SWARA REACHED AT AIRPORT . NEXT DY WAS A CONFERANCE MEETING BETWEEN KARMA GROUP AND OBEROI’ INDUSTRY . meeting was going to be held by elders but presence of youngsters was require as they wre holding 50%of shares and there agreement was require . all were ready in there business suit . when swara was struggling with her dress . a few mins later rags entered in her new wine colour business suit looking smooking hot … she came and said

rags : swara u are not ready . what are you doing ..
swara : rags M cofuse wih my drss . btween u r looking HOTT . the colour is so beautiful and royal ..
rags : thank dear but now u too get ready . hey leave all these dresses wear some suit .. business suit , it would suit you .
swara : umm ok .. give me 10 mns ill reach down stairs .
rags ; okk


sanky was impatiently looking towards stairs , when ragini came and said : oh romeo kaha dekh raha hai ( oh romeo . looking where 0
sanskar : swara
rags ; q … what u want
sanskar ( realised what he said , and then smile sheepishly ) umm nothing
rags : abhi 2 din nahi hoi use aye hoi aur tune use bhi nahi choda .( its not been 2 days of her arrival and u haven’t left her )
sanskar : smilig sheepishly : tera boyfrnd aa gaya ( ur bf came )
rags : where
sanskar : behind u
rags : ( she turned to see hi and founnd nothin , taking the chance sanky left from there ) sansy i wont leave u .. ????????

rp : princess ur ready
rags : chachu m ready ( she will call him chachu )
rp : So where are the 2 prince
rags : laksh , i dont know must be infront of mirror and sanky somewhere where girls are
rp ; ( chuckled ) yeah right ?

soon all collected . swara too cme .. wearing beautiful smart and hot business dress

swara : she wished everyone ,
she came towards janvi and whispered : mom m looking gud
janvi : awesome jaan .
swara smiled and sighed in relief that she is looking beautiful ..

soon all leave , the youngsters signed on there shares and elders cracked the deal . swara hppyy in india . she was slowly adjusting herself in the environment of india . trio mingled well but swara was totally attracted towards sanky . but sanky is not seriously attracted or had feelings ….


SO hello guys this is going to be a big note but plz read

few thigs to be known

1. im changing tittle to “TU MERA BF ME TERI GF ”


bye love u .. will try to be punctual now onwards ,,, but like and comment …

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  1. Awesome dear

    1. Harneet

      thanks alot dear.. bye .. tc nd ya its going to be swasan

  2. Anniya

    See it’s totally your choice write whose story…. Swasan or rag……. San… So it’s not point that anyone will feel bad…

    Well sorry I was going to start reading this story but as you said it going to be raglak too… Now I am backing off I hope you not feel bad it’s just I only prefer swasan stories, purely swasan…

    And again it’s all your wish continue or not but I’ll say continue for those who wish to read and more than them continue for yourself

    1. Harneet

      thanks alot dear for ur advice … i will be writing on swasan itself … so if u want plz enjoy .. bye tc ?

  3. AbrahamEzra

    It’s superb dear. And plss do continue. It’s ur choice to write on which pair. We r no one to stop u.

    1. Harneet

      thanks alot for understanding … i am continuing on swasan .. so keep reading .. ye tc ?

    1. Harneet

      thabks .. m writing for swasan .. so keep reading .. be tc

  4. don’t feel bad dear write for them who like to read your story becoz me already lost interest in your stories

    1. Harneet

      thanks alot dear for understanding.. i m doing for swasan . thats all right if u don’t wanna read further . i hope u like my upcoming work . sorry if u had nore expectations . bye tc ☺

  5. Nice..and i would prefer to read only swasan stories..
    And on which jodi u want to write is ur choice..

    1. Harneet

      thabks alot dear for ur advice . i will be doing swasan only .. ?? … and thanks for understanxing … bye tc .. read further if u want

  6. Sorry. But I read only swasan

    1. Harneet

      thabks alot dear for ur advice . i will be doing swasan only .. bye tc ??

  7. Really awesome but short part?????

    1. Harneet

      hey thabks alot … keep reading .. its a swasan story … i will write long part next time .. bye tc

  8. Mars

    Very sorry but I don’t want raglak bcoz I read only swasan well it was nice. I’m not sure of reading it further sorry.
    And who are we to say it’s your choice on whom you want to write. I just prefer swasan so I said this once again sorry.
    Take care

    1. Harneet

      hey dear … its all right .. i will wriye only on swasan bcz i dont want to break any ones heart … so dont worry and enjoy .?

  9. Continue dear……..it’s of swasan then I m ok with it…….about rag….san it will be entirely your choice n decision….

    1. Harneet

      thanks … i will write on swasan only … so dont worry and enjoy ..bye tc

  10. Samaira_khan

    Amazingggg yaar Firstly Harneet it’s ur wish whom u want to chose as pair I love raglak and swasan.. Some people just like swasan so their problem.. U can continue anyways I love both

    1. Harneet

      thank u so much di . but i dont want to disaapoint anyone so m continuing with swasan only . i hope u enjoy .. bye love u ?? tc

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