swasan is ” TEDDY LOVE” by Serena


Hi guys…Serena here…as today m not posting my ss so m posing my second short os …..do read it n plz comment..

Swara n sanskaar r best friends since childhood..
Swara loved sanskaar very much but she thinks that sanskaar thought her to be his friend only.. That’s why she never confessed…
Sanskaar is a very shy type of boy who speaks very less.
Sanskaar had a very strange habit of presenting swara with a teddy bear..
Swara always wanted to confess her love to him but whenever he meets her he just give her the teddy n used to went from there before she could say anything..

It was swara’s 17th birthday…she decided to confess to Sanskaar…so she invited him in her birthday
It was 11:45 in midnight only 15 mins left for swara’s birthday to get over..
She was waiting for sanskaar from morning but he didn’t showed himself .
Suddenly swara’s phone ranged n seeing the caller I’d her eyes glowed up…she picked the call happily n the caller told her to come near her home main gate…she ran to the main gate n saw sanskaar standing near the gate The gate holding teddy bear she ran to him n before she could say anything n she just stood there watching his retreating figure……she was angry on herself as today also she was not able to confess her love…
Now its been 1 month….sanskaar everyday used to come n give her teddy n webt from there without listening to her….
Now she was frustated coz she was not able to confess her love n she ws more frustrated coz of sanskaar’s behaviour….
One day sanskaar called her n said
Sans- hi swara..
Swara-(happy) hi sanskaar..
Sans- ummm.can u plz meet me on the highway road at1pm.
Swara-(more happy) ya sure…i will be there..
Sanskaar- ok…ummm…bye..
Swara-(smiling like mad) bye.
Swara reached the highway before time n started to wait for sanskaar when suddenly she saw sanskaar coming towards her holding TEDDY…..she got angry thinking that today also he will behave same…
Sanskaar’s handed her the teddy bear n before he could say anything swara threw the teddy in rage…
Sanskaar’s eyes were filled with tears…he looking down went in middle of road to pixk teddy n when he bend to pick teddy anskaar’s

Swara- sanskaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr
A lorry came n hit sanskaar badly…he was lying in the pool of blood…
Swara went to him n took him in her lap
Swara-(crying bitterly) sanskar plz get up…plz get up..
Sanskaar just gave her the teddy n died in her arms…
After 2 days
Swara was sitting in her room n crying remembering sanskaar..when suddenly she saw that teddy bear which he gave her last day…she threw her thinking that this all coz of this teddy…
As soon as she threw the teddy she listened sanskaar’s voice…
She got shocked n looked at teddy…then she again patted the teddy n again she listened his voice…with the same three magical words.. Then she patted every teddy n heard the same voice n same words…
She sat on ground with thud n cried bitterly with sanskaar’s t shirt dipped in blood…..

Guys sometimes feeling does not need words n words r not enough for confessing ur feelings…

I know u all must now want to shoot me…so.
1…2….3. Bhaag Serena…
.stop stop stop…
Keep reading my ss Doorie….sahi jaye naa…
Now m going bye????

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  1. Serena

    Guys it Swasan ‘os’ not ‘is’

    1. Gud one but not awesome after all they didn’t unite :~(

  2. Nice dear … But y u killed sanky in os

    1. Serena

      Thanku n sorry actually its not my story….I found it on other website…so it just came into my mind n I changed the name..

  3. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Very emotional baccha. You made me cry. Ese apni di ko koi rulati hein kya(uff, I am such a drama queen, lol.)I think you love teddy bear.Ok,jab koi ajaye tumari life mein, toh usse teddy bear ki saath welcome karna.Take care my cutie pie.

    1. Serena

      Sorry Di for making u cry….but socha last time swara ko maara tha….so iss time sanky ko…n jab koi merit life me aayega then he will give me chocolate not m going to give him Teddy???

  4. Abirsha

    this s already written by someone and dey have posted it…..

    1. Serena

      Yup its already written by a foreign writer n this was not posted in this forum so I posted it

  5. Divyanshri

    sanky ko Mar dala….. nywys nice. . ..???

    1. Serena

      Thank u n sorry for killing sanky..

  6. Soujanya


    1. Serena

      Thank u soujanaya..

  7. Rey

    i thnk its short one ..
    bt its sooo cute nd vry emotional one u made me cry…. oo my dear sanku oops sry our sanku s always lovable one ….. cute msg dear… bt plzz dear dn’t made me to cry its nt fair… anyways m waitng ur nxt OS dear ….

    1. Serena

      Thanks revu…n u keep sanku with u…already bohot lambi line hai uske liye…? main bhi aagai toh Sab mujhe maar dalenge????? phir next is Kaiser aayega???

      1. Rey

        mummy…. dis girl s totally frgot me… u know me vry well na tat i cn’t understand hindi previously u used to translate ur updates fr me bt nw u frgot me …

      2. Serena

        Oops sorry sorry revu…actually I said that keep sanku with urself…
        Already he has many girls in queue for himself… If I would also add…then those girls will kill me….n plz don’t call ur mummy..coz m afraid of u only….???

  8. Di Kuch jada nahi pata hai aapko pyar ke barre main ??????…..
    Waiting for my jiju ( Lol Di,) Waise to theek tha Par tu hamesha mere sanky aur shona ko maar deti houn. Pehle wale os shona ko mar dala aur is os main sanky ko maar dala…. Jao baat nahi karungeee..??????????
    BTW LOVE U LOTS Diiiii????
    Ye mat sochna ki maine aapko mafh kar diya ….
    Bye di

    1. Serena

      Ha yaar kabhi kabhar main bhi sochti hu…mujhe pyaar me baare me itna kaise pata…aajtak hua toh hai nhi..????…but phir lagta hai…maybe last birth me I was loveguru…or jiju ka wait mat kar…itna badnaseeeb koi ladka nhi hai…????

      N sorry for killing one of them….I promise I will kill both in next os ….

      Or behen ko maaf karde yaar..
      Ice cream khilaungi??????

      1. Well Di agar Ice Cream khilaogi tab theek hai.. Iss bar maf kar de rahi houn next time nahi..
        Well Di aapka pata nahi but main Love Guru jarror houn. School main. ..
        I am finding Visthi Malik but it is not coming..
        You Send me Friend Request on Manoj Kumar Verma….

      2. Serena

        OK I will send…but firstly I have to remember my password..???
        I forgot it coz m not frequent user of fb

  9. Kaynatk01

    i really wanna kill you where are you ??? you havent unite my swasan am angry ?? but it was nice os loved it as it was written by you and upload dorrie dear neither am having a gun ??

    1. Serena

      Till now I was in Gorakhpur…but now m going to Himalayas n will upload doorie from there itself…coz I really luv my life?????

  10. RUPA

    Nice one Dea………..

    1. Serena

      Thanks rupa..

  11. Sree

    Serena tune bhi sad ending kyun de rahi hai???????????????????
    Mein toh bolne wali thi kitnaaa cute hai lekin ab bolna padraha hai kitnaaa emotional hai???
    Itna acha lika phir kyun mar diya???????
    Swasan ko unite karti toh bohottt kush hothi lekin ab roh rahi hun??
    Sach me jab meine last part pada toh mujhe bohot gussa aya . Shoot karne ka idea bhi aya???.??? Phir chod diya Cuz mujhe tumhara ss bhi chahiye aur usskeliye tumhara bhi hona saroorhi hai ???????
    So ss jaldi post karo???
    Aur nxt time happy ending dho??
    Love u???

    1. Serena

      Hawwwwww u thought of shooting me..????? but I know u won’t??? but Di pakka promise ek os me happy ending zaroor karungi..n will post the ss soon…around 3-4 days??????

      1. Sree

        Oyi 3-4 days??????????
        Majak kar rahi hai na???
        If so then ok? agar nahi toh katti??
        ?????? agar chahati ho ki ye sab tumhare liye na aye toh jaldi post karna???

      2. Serena

        ????????no no Di..see m writing…I don’t want to die so soon…even m thinking to end it in 2-3 episodes… Coz comments r decreasing… Looks like people r not liking it..

      3. Sree

        Arre meine jaldi post karne ko kaha hai katam karne ko nahi??. Agar comments decrease ho rahe hai toh dont worry last ep mein sab comment saroor karenge. Meine khud dekha hai. So jaldi post karo lekin end mat karo????? samji ??.
        Love u dear ??

    1. Serena

      Thank u..

  12. Sanaiya sagar

    So nice

    1. Serena

      Thank u..

  13. Serena di plz give me links to ur ss
    I couldn’t read it cuz i was ill
    Hope u remember me

    1. Serena

      Yup I definitely remember u shagun…n sorry I don’t know how to give links…but u can search by swasan ss” Doorie….Sahi Jaye Na….”

  14. Nisha_Anu

    Uh. Another sad ending. Made me cry. But great job ???

    1. Serena

      Thank u n sorry for making u cry..

  15. Nice dear… I think I alrdy read it from somewhere… Anyway plzzz update u r ff soon… Waiting for it

    1. Serena

      Thank u n yup u must have read it somewhere its on YouTube by some foreign writer..

  16. Rey

    mummy…. dis girl s totally frgot me… u know me very well na tat i cn’t understand hindi previously u used to translate ur updates fr me bt nw u frgot me …

  17. Nice one dear..i became emotional whl reading. Pls post nxt part soon

    1. Serena

      Thank u..

  18. I have read this in another way but still is gud

    1. Serena

      Thanks sara

  19. Well i came across this one while reading sad quotes , i felt very sad , but this time same stroy of swasan , this made me cry , well u r an awsome writer ….

    1. Serena

      Thanks a lot…n thanks for commenting..

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