SWASAN – Teaser 2


” the whole matter of vansh is really confusing Sanskar ” Swara said pouting just after they both stopped laughing.
” why?” Sanskar asked narrowing his eyes.
” because” Swara turned to him, crossing her legs ” as per the story or let’s say what we can see, laksh was the one who hired vansh. Then how come he got to know about my parents murder and your dad?”
Sanskar’s eyebrows twisted for few seconds before he opened his mouth ” I have a theory for that”
” what?” Swara asked curiously.
” Mr. X”
” Mr. X?”
Sanskar sighed before nodding ” a person who holds grudge against both the families”
Swara stared him trying to wrap her mind around the thoughts.


“Be careful” Sanskar yelled to Swara who closed the door of his room.
” of course Mr.maheswari. I know how to drive” she yelled back grinning to herself
As she walked towards the car, she lifted her head to watch the sky which is now covered by dark clouds. She sighed inwardly because its going to rain again which is not her favorite at all. But least she knew that its not going to rain that day and it will change their life too.
” care for a lift?” Swara turned to the source and raised her eyebrow seeing laksh.
” you can use your baby..you know?” She couldn’t help the sarcasm leave her voice.
Laksh glared her ” that’s rude. Please Swara. Just a lift”
She rolled her eyes before walking to the driver seat and laksh followed her with a grin.
” I am impressed ” laksh murmured tapping his fingers for the song that’s playing in radio.
” for my driving?” Swara asked as a kid who just got selected for a favorite sport.
” yes….watch out!” He screamed looking at some heavy vehicle coming in their direction. Swara turned steering with all her strength and finally they moved to the other lane.
” that was coo….what happened? ” laksh asked looking at Swara who is struggled with her feet.
Swara turned at him with a fearful expression, becoming wet, second by second.
” brakes are not working?”
” what?” Laksh yelled. He looked outside only to see a deserted road and then to Swara who is busy in trying to control the car that’s moving like a jet. Without a second thought, laksh pushed Swara out of the car. Due to the sudden reflex, she stayed numb for a minute but what she saw after that made her totally numb. The car in which laksh is inside, turned upside down and rotated itself for three times.
Swara tried to get up but immediately collapsed down and it is then she realized how badly she was injured. Panic started consuming her when she saw desiel getting leaked from it and before she can do anything, the car blasted into pieces.

So this is friends. Actually I have typed episodes till here along with raglak in my mobile and then became lazy to edit. But then a disaster happened. I lost my mobile I mean someone stole it. I cried and cried a lot…its been four days now and I lost the data. So, I don’t have any other choice rather than typing from PC which is hardly possible because my parents use them most of the time…so now..as I got time, I did this and also don’t forget the first teaser friends. Still dida has to Come and also Sanskar got some phone call which made him emotionless.

And regarding raglak…oh! Only two episodes are left…so please spare with me friends. I will update it by next Friday..probably because my dad promised to buy a new phone on Wednesday…I may not be able to reply you guys but don’t forget me…please!! And needhi I read your comment in raglak too.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. wht abt laksh plz dt kil him i beg u plz make it hapy ending

  2. hey sree harani i’m a silent reader…eagerly waiting for swasan’s next epi….luv ur ff…how r u now?? just be happy always..??

  3. Dnt kill Laksh plssss… It’s awsm..

  4. Hey Sree… dnt feel bad yaar… its not ur mistake… Hw dare they stolen ur mobile…? dey surely gt thr punishment…!!! by the by how are you…. hope u r fyn now…!!!

    In this promo, you mentioned Mr.x… who is that Mr.X…? hpe nothing will happen to lucky…!!! update when you are ok… dont stress too much… take care dr…!!!

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