Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 9)

Im sooo sorry guys!!! i couldnt update for a very long time and i think everyone has forgotten my ff…so im giving you the link for the previous episode. i had my college going on and i didnt have time for the ff..im very sorry 🙁 hope you guys understand. ok now lets got to the story….


Recap: swasanhil come to a hotel for bf

sanky turns to see as sahil’s voice was a little suspicious and he gets the shock of his life

sanky: sahil!!! whats this???

sahil: what is what sanky? (in an innocent tone)

sanky: delete the pic you idiot or else…

sahil: or else what sanky wanky? by the way you two were looking very cute in each other’s embrace (winks)

sanky: dont call me sanky wanky. and how dare you take a pic of us while sleeping? you shameless fellow (i guess im very bad at keeping suspence 😛 )

sahil: im not shameless…you are. see how you are hugging her. omg! if shona’s mom sees this? god! what will i answer her?(tells with full drama)

sanky: oh mera dramebaz! pls pic delete kar….and stop your drama…what will i answer her? (imitates sahil)

sahil: no never…(shows his tongue)

sanky: i will tell swara

sahil: acha..what will you tell…that swara…wo sahill…he has a pic of us hugging each other(acts) will you tell this?

sanky: sahil ka bacha..tu toh gaya aaj…pic delete kar warna..

at that time swara comes back

swara: what pic sanky?

sanky: (shocked) pic? what pic? we were just talking about picking the trails of criminals…hai na sahil?

sahil:(smiling) ha ha swara…just pics of…ahhh!!! (sanky steps on his foot)

sanky: (acts as if concerned) what happened sahil? you are fine na?

swara: what happened? you suddenly shouted?

sahil: (eyes sanky) nothing…may be an ant bit me…i will take my revenge from it

swara: revenge from ant? sahil! you are crazy. lets go guys

sanky: ya ya lets go (he quickly goes with swara to avoid sahil)

sahil: you left now…but i will see you when the time comes

the trio get into the car and leave. swasan in the front and sahil at the back. sahil shows the pic from the rare view mirror from the back to sanky. sanky fumes seeing it and gets tensed whenever swara tries to talk to sahil. sahil smiles seeing sanky’s state. they reach home and come inside. sanky while talking wantingly pours some juice on sahil.

sanky: oh shit! sorry buddy..

sahil: its ok. i will change and come

Sahil goes to sanky’s room and goes to washroom to clean himself. Sanky then slowly follows him and enters the room. he slowly opens the door and peeks in to see where sahil was. whaen he found no one in the room, he decided that he might be in the washroom. he slowly tip-toes into the room and searches everywhere for something. he then looks at something on the table and smirks. meanwhile sahil is cleaning himself in the washroom…

sahil: this sanky also na..dont know where he was looking…now i have to bath again..(widens his eyes as he suddenly remembers something) shit! how did i forget about it. sanky ka bacha…you are becoming too cunning…

he quickly wraps himself in a towel and goes out. he sees sanky medling with his phone.

sahil: sanky!!! dont you dare..

sanky: i already dared 😛

sahil realises that the only weapon he had i.e swasan pic is now no more..and now he is gonna face sanky’s wrath.

sahil: sanky…i will go and have my bath..then i will help you in the household work..ok? (tells in a very sweet manner)

sanky: oh..suddenly this much love sahil?

sahil: i always love you buddy…

sanky: oye mr.dramebaz…wait im gonna ….

sanky runs towards sahil. and sahil tries to run away. atlast sanky catches him from back.it was looking as if sanky was hugging sahil.. at that time suddenly swara enters the room

swara: (widens her eyes seeing the scenary) what the hell is this?

sanhil compose themselves and look at each other as if blaming each other

swara: you guys are normal only na..or else…

sanhil: swara!!!!

sanky: yaar..we were just playing and you suddenly came at the wrong time and..arrey! say something sahil

sahil: ha shona..dont take us wrong (pouts)

swara laughs seeing them.

swara: ok ok! i know you guys were just playing..but the position was…omg!! (and bursts out laughing)

sanky smiles seeing her laugh. he was standing and adoring her. sahil saw sanky and was smiling. after sometime they get settled in the living room.

Sahil: swara did you pack everything?

Swara: ya sahil..i packed everything

Sanky: packing? Who is going where?

Sahil: swara of course!

Sanky: swara? But she came 2 days before only na…don’t say that you are going back coz you are missing your family (tells all in one go)

Swara: sanky relax! Im going to hostel not to my home

Sanky: hostel?

Sahil: ya hostel..what did you think? She will stay here for the rest of her life? (winks at sanky)

Sanky: no. not like that…but this early…

Swara: ya…I too wanna spend some time with you guys. But what to do? College

Sanhil: we will miss you

Swara: aww..i will miss you a lot too

Sahil: I think we should leave now swara

Sanky: now? You mean right now?

Sahil: ha baba…right now

Swara: don’t worry guys..we will meet on weekends. Deal?

Sanhil: deal!

Swara bids bye to sanky. Swahil leave in sahil’s car…

Sahil: so swara..now tell me

Swara: what should I tell sahil?

Sahil: about sanky

Swara smiles listening to his name.

Swara: he is very good, sweet, understanding and a lot more which I like

Sahil: so you like him

Swara: of course I like him sahil (now what to do? the innocent soul didnt understand his real meaning)

Sahil: god swara! Im talking like other like…

Swara: sahil! Its nothing like that. We are just friends

Sahil: ya..but I have never seen you like this anytime with a boy other than me

Swara: like this means?

Sahil: like..you never talk to boys a lot except me and your buddies…but..you were different with sanky. I swa a spark of happiness in your eyes when you were with him.

Swara: (confused) I don’t know sahil…he is just a friend of mine. That’s it…

Sahil: ok ok…may be I am only thinking too much..now lets leave this topic (in mind) im leaving this topic only here shona…I can see something between you guys which you can feel but not able to understand..and being your buddy I will make you both realize it.

The rest of the journey, silence ruled. Sahil was thinking about swasan while swara was thinking about sahil’s words. In the meanwhile sanky was just sleeping on the sofa and was in deep thought. He was reminiscing all the fun he had with swara. How he introduced himself as sleepy head, how they watched the horror movie and sleeping in each others embrace….he was just smiling thinking about all those moments. Suddenly he realizes that swara went away and a dark cloud of sadness gets around him. He wished to spend more time with her. He was missing her so much…but didn’t know what that feeling was. Then he heard someone calling him and to his shock..it was swara!

Sanky: swara?? You came back?

Swara: yes sanky..i didn’t wanna leave you

Sanky: (very happy) really?

Sanky goes to her and she suddenly disappears. He realizes that it was his imagination and thinks himself to be mad. Then someone rings the
bell. He goes to open it and he finds swara! Again!

Swara: hi sanky! Surprise!

Sanky just laughs an says..

Sanky: oh my god! How many times will you hallucinate sanky? You have really gone mad!

Then suddenly, he saw sahil coming from back with the luggage.

Sanky: only you were left to come…aayiye padhariye maharaj…my hallucinations are so realistic yaar..i have to tell sahil about this

Swahil look at each other confused. Then sahil keeps his hand on sanky’s forehead to check if he was fine

Sahil: you have no fever buddy…then why are you talking nonsense?

Sanky who was laughing till now suddenly becomes shocked! He gets to know the reality and just curses himself for behaving like that..

Swara: what happened sanky?

Sanky: nothing…just come inside

Sahil: help us mr.daydreamer!

Sanky helps sahil in keeping the luggage inside.

Sanky: but..you were gonna go to hostel na

Swara: ya..but

Sahil: but she forgot to fill the form in the college as she was busy touring Mumbai. Isn’t it shona? (says sarcastically)

Swara: no sahil! If I would’ve remembered then I would never do such thing na

Sanky: why are you scolding her? You can fill the form and join her today na?

Sahil: omg! So much brain sanky! But keep it all to yourself. Coz we should submit the form before one day of joining the hostel. And don’t take her
side huh!

Sanky: oh…so that’s the problem..so when will she join?

Sahil: tomorrow..

Sanky: (cuts him off) ok..till then we can enjoy. Hai na swara. (swara gives him a you-are-gone-in-his- hand wala look)

Sahil: oh mr. she should fill the form tomorrow and she will join day after tomorrow

Sanky: oh! That’s too great. Why are you angry? Don’t you like to spend time with your shona?

Swara: oh! That’s why you are angry on me.. you don’t wanna spend time with me? (keeps puppy face)

Sahil melts seehing swara..

Sahil: hey mr.sanky! don’t you dare make any rifts between me and my shona! See shona…he is jealous seeing us. That’s why he is telling all this
to pollute your mind (talks like a small kid)

Swara: aww… sanky! You are trying to separate us? Too bad

Sanky: arrey! Im trying to help you and you are scolding me? (pouts)

Swahil: dramebaz!

Swasanhil enjoy for sometime. Sahil tries to keep them as close as possible. Suddenly sahil gets a call

Sahil: yes sir? …today?…..now?….ok sir….yes sir…..jai hind

Swasan were staring him without any clue of whats happening. Sahil cuts the call and sees swasan with those weird expression on their faces and laughs..

Swara: who called you at this time? Its night!

Sahil: my senior!

Sanky: mr.sinha?

Sahil: yes. He called me to tell that I have to go to Kashmir for the recent case which is going on

Sanky: when?

Sahil: today…actually now

Swasan: what? (they both pout)

Sahil: I too don’t wanna leave you guys but…I have to na..

Sanky: ya ya I understand you buddy…

Swara: I will miss you. Come back soon (hugs him)

Sahil: miss you too shona…don’t worry I will come back soon

But sanky was a bit disturbed.

Sanky: swara, you go and pack sahil’s bag

Swara: ok ( she leaves to his room)

Sahil: what do you wanna tell?

Sanky: how do you know that I wanted to talk to you alone?

Sahil: im your friend idiot! I know everything. Now tell me whats bothering you.

Sanky: buddy…this case is about that terrorist attack only na?

Sahil: ya..the recent one (he remembers all the deaths and clinches his fist)

Sanky: I know that you wanna do this..but it is very dangerous

Sahil: sanky! What are you saying? You know im never afraid of those bastards

Sanky: its not about fear buddy…it is very dangerous and…

Sahil: and I may even die…that’s it?

Suddenly they hear a sound of something falling down and they turn to see a shocked swara.

Sahil: shona! You were packing my bag na?

Sanky: swara..you go and pack his bag

Swara: Shut up you both! (starts crying) sahil! You are not going to Kashmir! Please!

Sahil: shona…listen to me..i have to go

Swara: no! you are not going! And that’s final! How can you leave me and go? What if something….no no. nothing should happen. So no one is
going no where!

She shouts and goes inside the room crying and locks the room from inside. She sits near the door and cries. Sanhil get super worried seeing swara cry. They ask her to open the door, but all their pleading goes in vain..

Sahil: please open the door shona!

Swara: tell me that you wont go! Then I will

Sahil: (sighs) ok im not going anywhere. Now open the door

Swara: (stops sobbing) promise?

Sahil: first open the damn door shona!

Swara now new that he was very angry. She slowly opened the door and stood there keeping her head bent low and not looking at sahil. Sahil just pulled her into a bear hug. She couldn’t control herself and started crying again. Sanky was standing away from them and admiring their bond as he knew that they should be given space at the moment. After sometime, they broke the hug and sahil’s shirt was drenched in swara’s tears.

Sahil: shona…I know that you are afraid that I may..(swara closes his mouth nodding a no) but..just think once. What if I succeed? Then I will be able to save millions of people. Just think once

Swara: ya. But..

Sahil: but you are afraid to lose me. I can back off if I want. But I don’t want to. I chose this. And the day I chose this I decided to give my life for my motherland if needed.

Swara: but what about us sahil? How can we?

Sahil: you think that I don’t think of you guys right? But you are totally wrong. You guys are the reason that I fight for my life. Whenever im in the battle field, I fight keeping in mind that you guys will be waiting for me at home. I too get frightened that I may not see you again..but I chose this coz I wanna give my life a meaning by serving my country and protecting my people.

Swara: (hugs him) sorry sahil…I didn’t understand you. Im very sorry.

Sahi: so..now can I go?

Swara: (still unwillingly) permission granted. but one condition

sahil: what?

swara: promise me that you will come back

sahil: promise

swara: now i am giving you permission. go and rock!

sahil: thats like my shona!

Sanky: ho gaya…now can I also join?

Swahil: of course

Sahil: and ya..take care of my shona in my absence

Sanky: with utmost care your majesty (and bows down)

Swahil laugh. then after sometime, swasan drop sahil at the airport. after he leaves they both come back home

Precap: swara in danger!
——————————————————————-The end—————————————————————————–

So guys, i gave a long update. i hope you liked it. please do comment if you like it even 1%.
i will update twice or thrice a week because of my schedule.

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