Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 8)

Hii guys!! Im back with the 8th episode of ‘swasan – a symbol of pure love’. im glad that you guys are liking my ff. 🙂


Recap: swasanhil masti

The trio are sleeping on the sofa. Swara in sanskar’s lap. And sahil sleeping in sitting position only. The sun rays which sneakily enter the room through the window, disturb sahil’s sleep. He wakes up and finds swasan sleeping in each other’s embrace peacefully. He smiles seeing them and does something(will be revealed later). He goes to freshen up leaving the duo undisturbed. He then comes after getting freshen up. Though he didnt want to wake them up, he had to as he cannot allow them to sleep the whole day…..

sahil: sanky….swara….get up guys(tells slowly)

sanky: let me sleep na sahil

swara: ya sahil…im sleepy

sahil:(shouts) arrey! you both get up. its almost 8

swasan: 8?(shocked)

sahil: ya its 8

swasan are still in each other’s embrace. They notice this and feel embarrased. Swara immediately rushes to her room. Where as sanky was still sitting on the sofa thinking about swara. Sahil slowly comes and sits near sanky…

sahil: she is cute na?

sanky: very cute(dreamily)

sahil: how was she while sleeping?

sanky: like a small cute angel

sahil: oh..angel huh?

sanky: (realises what he said) wo.. main..

sahil: sanky..

sanky: ok ok i will come in a minute

sanky also rushes to his room, not giving sahil a chance to speak, while sahil smirks seeing sanky.

In swara’s room:

Swara: omg! swara what on the earth were you doing in sanky’s embrace? duffer. you are the biggest duffer in the whole world. what he might be thinking of me? khannayya! why do you do all these things with me only?

Swara then gets ready. Sanky also gets ready and comes to swara’s room.

sanky: swara?

swara: (shocked) sanky?

sanky: can i come in?

swara: of course sanky. its your house

sanky: wo…swara…

swara was staring the floor and was not even daring to look at sanky which made him guilty

sanky:(closes his eyes) swara im sorry

swara looks at him shocked. She thought of apoligising him but it became reverse.

sanky: im really sorry. i didnt know how we….im seriously sorry swara

swara: no sanky. dont be sorry. you know i thought of apoligising you. but you only did it surprising me. i am very happy that i got a friend like you

sanky: no swara. i should be blamed. i….

swara: (interrupting him) hey! dont you blame my friend huh. he is so sweet and good. how dare you blame him

sanky becomes very happy as swara was not angry and as a topping she was praising him

sanky: ok baba..im not going to blame your friend ok?

swara: better you dont repeat your mistake Mr.cop

swasan laugh at their conversation. They go to the living room, where sahil was waiting for them …

sahil: oh..so you both came? i was waiting for you from so much time

swara: sorry sahil

sahil: im hungry!!

sanky: you are such a bhukkad yar

sahil: im very proud of myself for being a bhukkad(keeps his hand on his chest while sayng)

sanky: you and your antics…impossible

swara: im also feeling hungry

Sanky: what will you eat swara?

sahil: if im hungry then im bhukkad if she is hungry then, “what will you eat swara?”(imitates sanky)?

sanky: she is not after food like you 24/7 you bhukkad

sahil: what ever. im hungry and i want to eat something immediately.

sanky: there is nothing at home. we have to go out for bf today

sahil: awesome. atleast today i will get to eat somethig tasty

sanky: what do you mean by that huh?

sahil: no no sanky you cook awesome. i mean more awesome. thats it(blinks like an innocent kid)

sanky: ok Mr.dramebaz lets go

Swasanhil leave for the hotel in sanky’s car. After reaching the hotel sahil rushes into the hotel leaving the duo back. Swasan laugh seeing him. They both park the car and get inside the hotel, where sahil was waiting for something very eagerly….

sanky: for whom are you waiting for?

swara: ya we came na. then whom are you waiting for?

sahil: my love yar

swasan: you will never change

sahil: i dont even wanna change

Then the order comes. it includes one plate idli, dosa etc…

sanky: it looks tasty.

swara: ya. i will have dosa

sanky: and i will have idli

they both forward their hands to take it, when SMASH!

sanky: ouch

swara: ah! what was that saahil?

sahil: dont you guys dare touch my love

swasan: what do you mean?

sahil: you order your food. why are you guys behind my love?

swara: what? all this is for you?

sahil: ya. its for me you guys order again. you were so late and i was so hungry(sobs) so i couldnt wait

sanky: stop it you nautanki

swara: lets order our food sanky

sanky: ok. waiter!

waiter comes and they give their order and was about to go…

sahil:bhayya wait

waiter turns. sahil gives some more order. The waiter doesnt go as he was shocked since he already was eating so much and looks at swasan who were staring sahil in shock

sahil:hey dont look at me like that. nazar lag jayegi mujhe

swasan give him an impossible look. swara asks the waiter not to bring the food ordered by sahil. sahil was about to protest when swara shows her hand indicating him not to talk. after the waiter left….

sahil: what is this swara? i am hungry!

swara: no sahil. you shouldnt eat that much. you will suffer stomach upset

sanky: yes dude. she is right

sahil:(pouts) but..

swara: no buts. its final thats it

sahil: ok

sanky is smiling seeing swara control sahil. and sahil obeying swara like a small child. their order comes and every one complete their food. sanhil go to wash their hands and then come back.

swara: i cant eat anymore. im full

sanky: what is this? you cant even eat this much?

sahil: i am very much insulted telling that you are my friend

swara: oye kumbhakaran ki aulat! you be silent only

sanky: but swara..you didnt eat anything properly.

swara: but sanky..

sanky: no but. eat now( im a commanding tone)

swara: ok(like a small kid)

sahil smiles seeing swasan. swara completes her bf and goes to wash her hands. then sahil opens his phone and smirks seeing sanky

sahil: sanky how is this pic?

sanky:(who was busy waiting for swara)huh? pic? ya ya good

sahil: pic is good huh?(in a naughty tone)

sanky senses something wrong and turns to see sahil when he gets the shock of his life….

So how was the episode???? Hope you guys liked it
and any guesses what might be the shock that sanky got from sahil???
plss do comment 🙂

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  1. Sanky gets shocked by seeing his pic in which swara was sleeping on his embrace last night.
    This was your suspense right in the beginning of this episode. I actually guessed it while reading that sahil would do such crazy thing. Enjoyed this episode. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot bhav dear 🙂

  2. Superb n pic might be swasan in each other embrace. Waiting for next episode. Post ASAP

    1. Tysm!! Reethi 🙂

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  3. awesome…..i think sahil took the pic of swasan sleeping in their embrace….

    1. Thanks a lot shan 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂

  4. awesome

    1. Thanks kayanat 🙂

  5. Awesome… I think its his and swaras pic in morning….

    1. Thanks a lot soujanya 🙂

  6. awesome..

    1. Thanks anu 🙂

    1. Thanks ahana 🙂

  7. Awesome

    1. Thanks shagun 🙂

  8. Ur ff makes me happy dear nd always bring smile dear luv u nd waiting for next episode dear…

    1. Thanks a lot di 🙂
      I am very happy that you like the story

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