Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 7)


Hey guys!! Remember me? Sorry for the long gap. May be you even forgot the story. I will update regularly from now onwards as my exams are over. I gave the link for the previous episodes below. Do read it if you don’t remember the story. Ok now enough if my bakwas and lets go to the story…..


Recap: Swasan outing and swara’s video chat with her family

Swasan were laughing and coming towards sanky’s house. They were talking and coming, so they didn’t see who was near the door. As they came near the door, they were shocked to see….sahil 😛 he was looking very angry

Swara: shit!! Sanky we forgot about sahil

Sanky: oh ya. We totally forgot

And sahil was giving them the you-are-dead look.

Swara: (sweetly) saahiil, my sweet buddy! I missed you so much

Sanky: yes yes me too(from behind swara)


Swara: speak up na sahil. I am sorry yaar

Sanky: yes yes me too(swra gave sanky what-the-hell-are-you-doing look)

Swara: im sorry yaar(catches her ears and keeps puppy face)

Sanky: yes yes me too (does the same as swara)

Sahil melts seeing swara..

Sahil: how can I be angry on my buddy?

Swara: (hugs him) you know what? I missed you so much

Sanky: yes yes me too

Now this was enough for swahil(swara+sahil)

Swahil: shut up will you?

Sanky pouts and makes faces. Swahil laugh seeing him…

Sahil: hey drama queen..oops drama king now wont you take your bestie in or shall I sit here all night?

Sanky: ya lets go inside

The trio get inside. Sahil falls on the sofa as soon as he enters, sanky falls on the floor and swara sits on a chair.

Swara: now come on go and freshen up we can then sit and chat all night

Sanky: nooo

Swara: what no?

Sanky: im tired. I will sleep here only. I cant go to my room

Swara: then shall I bring your room here your majesty?(in a sarcastic tone)

Sanky: it will be my pleasure

Swara: now enough of your drama get up and go

Sanky: no way(like a small kid)

Swara: where there is a will there is a way Mr.Sanky(smirks naughtily)

Sanky: (he closed his eyes) do what ever you want swaraaaaaa!!!(he opens his eyes wide open and starts laughing)

Swara starts tickling him……

Sanky: ha ha swara haha stop it haha

Swara: nope. You only asked me to do what ever I want na, now enjoy

Sanky: plss swara haha I beg you haha leave me. I will go and freshen up haha

Swara: (stops tickling) that’s like a good boy

Sanky: you have done a sin swara(in a villanish tone) now I will take my revenge haha(laughs like a villain and rund behind swara)

Swara: you cant catch me mr.cop(runs quickly into her room and locks the door)

Sanky: cha..missed you. I will see you next time

Swara: we will see(from inside the room)

Sanky smiles to himself and turns to go to his room when he finds sahil staring at him shocked.

Sanky: what happened sahil? Did you see any ghost or what?

Sahil: what was that man?

Sanky: (confused) what was what?

Sahil: you and swara…

Sanky: hey we are both just friends yaar

Sahil: ya. But you guys even forgot that I was also in this room with you guys. You both were in your own world.

Sanky: hey its…its nothing like that(scratching his head)

Sahil: ok its nothing. But I never saw you behave with girls like this

Sanky: hey are you mad? I always talk to girls na

Sahil: ya but not like how you spoke to swara. You were very happy and were never like that with any other girl

Sanky: you also na sahil…you think too much. Its nothing like that

Sahil: ok if you say so. You go and freshen up

Sanky: ok

Sanky goes to the bathroom and opens the shower and stands beneath it. He thinks of sahil’s words.

Sanky: was I really different with swara? No no sahil always speaks some or the other bullshit. But swara is really different from other girls..her eyes, her kindness, her love for everyone and…wait sanky! What were you doing? Is sahil right? Oh my god! I am going to become mad. Someone save me.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door…

Sahil: hey are you sleeping in there? How much time will you take you idiot.

Sanky: coming sahil. Just a minute

Sahil: ya ya come fast day dreamer

Sanhil(sanskar+sahil) freshen up and go to the living room where swara was seen cleaning the room.

Sanky: omg! This girl will never be tired or what? Sahil, what is she made up of dude?

Sahil: (laughs she is like that only sanky. Always doing something or the other

Swara: over? Now come here and help me. Then we can sit and chat

Sanhil: at your service my lady (bow down and then laugh)

Swara: (murmurs) dramebaz

Sanhil: (while arranging sofas) heard you

Swara: (smiles) pagal(in mind)

The trio clean the room and get settled. Then sahil remembers something….

Sahil: omg! I forgot. Swara atleast you should remember na

Swara: I too forgot about you totally. Sorry..

Sahil: now what will a sorry do?(pouts)

Swara: but sanky can do na

Sanky: (who was listening to their convo without any clue of what they are talking about) ohoo…wait. First tell me about wht are you both talking

Swahil: food!!

Sanky: what? Food? I thought you guys forgot something important and you guys are…

Sahil: (interrupts) oh hello! How dare you tell tht my love is not important?

Sanky: (confued) love?

Swara: ha..you don’t know? Food is sahil’s first love

Sanky: omg! I am not a drama queen, you both are!!(he gives them a you-guys-are-impossible look)

Sahil: sankyyyyy…..(very sweetly)

Sanky: (suspiciously) what?….wait no no. I cant. Im very tired.

Swara: cant you do that much for your friend?(with puppy eyes)

Sanky: (sighs and keeps his hands up as if surrendering) ok fine.

Sahil runs and hugs sanky..

Sahil: you don’t know how much you are helping me buddy. I am nothing without my love. Ans you..

Sanky: (interrupts) now stop your speech, or else…

Sahil: no no you go. I will wait here silently(keeps finger on his lips and sits down like a small child)

Swasan laugh seeing this. Sanky goes to prepare soething for sahil, where as swara was sitting with sahil and was telling him about all the things that happened during their outing. Sanky prepares food nd brings it to the living room. There he sees swara talking to sahil…

Swara: you know there was a biiig lion in the zoo(she was showing big with widening her hands and eyes) everyone was frightened to see it(in a
serious tone) but you know what? It was sooo cute(in a childish manner)

Sanky was seeing all this and just stood there admiring her antics and smiling. Swara was talking giving lots of expressions. Suddenly she sees sanky….

Swara: sanky? You came? What are you seeing? Sahil is hungry give him food

Sanky: (broken from the trans) huh? Ya . I was just….sahil your food

Sahil: my love! You came to me atlast! You guys know what? True love always wins

Swasan: drama queen!

Swara: stop it or I will only eat it

Sahil: how dare you try to separate me and my love? Now see..

He immediately gets up and takes the plate from sanky and quickly eats the3 sandwiches in the plate.

Sahil: now no one can separate me and my love. Hahaha

Swasan look at each other and hit their head with their hand.

Sahil: what?

Swasan: nothing (sarcastically)

The trio enjoy the night chit-chatting. In the middle sanky stole glances of swara carefully without anyone noticing. But he doesn’t know that all this was observed by sahil. He smiles seeing this. The first wicket(I mean the first one to sleep) was sahil. The second wicket was sanky, followed by swara. They were sleeping sitting on the sofa. Swara was in the middle, sanky to the left and sahil to right. While sleeping swara slowly slips and falls in sanskar’s lap. Sanky gets up with a jerk. He sees swara in her lap and smiles. He extends his hand to carass her face, but suddenly stops and looks at sahil. He finds him deep asleep and smiles. Sanky then carasses her face and looks at her admiringly. He then slowly falls asleep. Then sahil, slowly opens one of his eye and checks whether they were asleep or not. He then smiles looking at them sleeping peacefully. He too dozes off quickly.

So guys how was the episode?? Hope you guys liked it. I will surely update regularly. And huh.. don’t forget to comment. Coz your comments are the secret to my energy. 

Credit to: pallavi

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