Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 6)


Hii guys!! Sorry for the delay. My exams will start from monday. So i may not post regularly till next week. ok now lets move to the episode…

http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-symbol-pure-love-episode-5/link for episode 5

Recap: swasan breakfast and plan for outing

Sanky sends swara inside to get ready. Someone knocks the door. Sanky goes to open the door…

sanky: ramu kaka aap…any work?

ramu: sir you asked me to check if all your work has been completed or not. I checked it..all your work is completed

sanky: oh ya. i totally forgot about it..and kaka how many times should i tell you to call me by my name and not sir

ramu: but you are inspector and i am just a constable

sanky: no kaka you should not call me sir from now onwards. thats it. its final

ramu: ok sanskar. happy?

sanky: very much(smiles brightly)

ramu: by the way sanskar..you never take a leave,even if you are ill. But today…is everything fine?

sanky: ha kaka everything is fine. Dont worry. Its just that i have to take a friend around mumbai. She is new here. If she..

ramu:(interrupting him) she? Ohoo..so you are taking my would be daughter in law for a date huh?

sanky: no kaka there is nothing like that..(blushes)

ramu:omg!! you are blushing? seeing whom every criminal is frightened is blushing thinking of a girl?

sanky: kaka..aap bhi na (pouts)

ramu: ok ok now i should leave. take care of my daughter in law(winks and goes)

sanky closes the door and settles down on the chair..

sanky:(to himself) what the hell was that sanky? you were blushing? like seriously? where and how on earth did you learn that from you idiot? i am totally mad..totally

swara comes from behind..

swara: who is mad sanky?

sanky: (in a flow) of course! it is me

swara: what?

sanky:(realises) wo..nothing. i was thinking about some case

swara: ok. But sanky you are a cop na..you will have so much work.then do will you have any problem coming out

sanky: no swara. its nothing like that..(suddenly thinks of something) you know swara..i have loads of work to do. but i cancelled and postponed all my works just to take you out

swara:(in an impressed tone) oh really?

sanky: yes really

swara:(suddenly becomes angry) what type of cop are you sanky? leaving all your work for a girl? i didnt expect this from you. sahil told that you are best cop. but does abest cop does this? im not coming out with you. you go do your work

sanky:(shocked due to swara’s response)no no wait swara..i was just kidding. i completed all my works. so i kept leave today

swara: really?

sanky: yes! promise(like a small child)

swara: then why did you tell me like that?

sanky: i thought you will be impressed..but

swara: i dont get impressed by people who leave their work and run back of girls

sanky: seriously? sahil was right. you are a unique piece. if in your place any other girl would have been there..she would have fallen for me

swara: i am a unique piece. i will not fall like all those silly girls

sanky: ok meri maa. shall we go?

swara: yup!(suddenly remembers something) sahil! he said that he will come today morning. i totally forgot. we cannot go today sanky

sanky: sahil called me yesterday and told me that he missed his flight and there was no flights till evening. so he will come today night

swara: that idiot! i should never ever trust him again. because of him i have to stay here

sanky:(sadly)why you dont like to stay here?

swara:no sanky..i mean you have to take up so much trouble for me right?

sanky:you are not a trouble for me swara. now stop all this.we will get late.

swara: ok lets go

swasan go in sanky car. They both enjoy a lot. Due to this trip sanky gets to know a lot about swara. Her love for animals, family, helping nature and many more. He gets to know that she is a pure form of love. She is so good that no one can hate her. In the evening while returning in the car..

swara: thanks a lot sanky

sanky: i think someone told me no sorry and no thanks in friendship

swara: ok baba.But you know what i have enjoyed a lot today sanky and all the credit goes to you

sanky: of course you will enjoy…you are with sanskar madam

swara: you again started your bak bak?

sanky: acha leave it..tell me more about your family

swara:(gets teary eyed)

sanky sees this and gets concerned and stops the car.

sanky: what happened swara?

swara: this is the first time im staying away from my family. im missin them(tells this in the middle of her sobs)

sanky: its ok swara. sahil and i are there na. dont cry.wait do you want to see your family?

swara:(stops crying and sees sanky)

sanky: wait a minute

He does something in his phone and shows it to swara

swara: omg! ma?(sanky starts video chat)

sumi: shona dear, how are you?

swara: im fine ma. how are you?(she is smiling very brightly)

sumi: im fine dear. but why are you crying?

swara: i am missing you guys a lot

sumi: ok then come back. leave everything and come back for which you worked hard

swara: no ma. i promise that i will not cry.

sumi: thats like my shona

swara: ma..is papa still angry?

sumi: no beta. you just see what he is doing.(sumi shows shekar seeing swara’s phota with teary eyes)

swara: why are you seeing the pic when im here papa?

shekar: swara?(turns back to see)swara..how are you my bachi?

swara: im not at all fine

shekar:(concerned)what happened shona?

swara: when my bestie is angry with me,then how can i be alright? (pouts)

shekar: who said im angry with you? should be this sumi only. always tries to make us fight. very bad mishti very bad

sumi: now you dont involve me in this huh shekar?

swara: im very happy to see you guys

shemish: we too

from behind:me too di


ragini: sorry for the delay di

swara: how are you lil sissy?

ragu: im fine di

swara: ok i will talk to you later byee

shemish ragu: byee shona

sanskar all the time was observing swara. How her face lit seeing her family, her antics..everything. He was feeling very happy seeing her happy.

swara: sanskar you made my day

sanky: sahil gave me your duty. i have to take good care of you na?

swara: lets go home na sanky. im feeling hungry

sanky: i cannot cook today. im very much tired. lets go to a good restaurent

swara: ok as you wish your majesty

swasan reach a restaurent. They go and eat their stomach full. They return home and get shocked to see…

Precap: dont know 😛

Hope you liked the episode. I may not upload regularly till next week. Do comment if you like..

Credit to: pallavi

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