Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 5)


Hii!! I’m back with another episode.
Hi renu di…you are my first frnd in this world of fan fiction. I am glad that you are liking my ff.
OK OK enough of my bakwas..let’s get back to the story…

Recap: swasan meeting and funny ghost incident

Its morning. Swara wakes up and gets shocked. She finds herself in the bed. She thinks that sanky would have brought her here. She thinks about the previous night and smiles. She hears some noise outside and goes out. There in the kitchen, she finds sanky cooking something..

Swara: you woke up?

Sanky: of course. Im a cop have to be fit right?

Swara: OK OK Mr.cop, what are you doing?

Sanky: I am just swimming

Swara: what?

Sanky: then what? I’m cooking! Of course

Swara: acha….what are you cooking?

Sanky: what do you want queen victoria?

Swara: I want (tells some Spanish dish)

Sanky: oh…don’t you want anything else (in a sarcastic tone)

Swara: ya I also want..

Sanky: oye miss Victoria I was just kidding baba I can only give omelette or sandwiches

Swara: awww… Its OK ..I want……yup sandwich!!

Sanky: OK then u go freshen up and come to the dining table

Swara: OK

Swara goes to freshen up. She then wears a pink high low frock. She leaves her black long hair free which reaches till her waist. She goes to the dining table. Sanky prepares everything and was waiting for swara. He sees her coming and gets mesmerized seeing her.

Swara: so bf is ready huh? Where is my sandwich?

Sanky: (gives her a plate) here are your tasty tasty sandwiches

Swara: (sits an eats them. She gives a shocked expression, the suddenly smiles brightly) it is sooooo tasty sanky

Sanky: (overwhelmed by her appreciation) of course, it is made by the Sanskar Maheswari. It will be tasty

Swara: now stop it huh. Don’t think too much about yourself

Sanky: acha swara… Y did u come to Mumbai?

Swara: I am a medical student. I am studying 3rd year of medicine. Due to some problems I was asked to come here to join xyz college

Sanky: oh.. What about your family?

Swara: (her face becomes bright) my family? My family is awesome. My dad is a business man. My mom is a doctor. My mom is my inspiration for me to study medicine. I have a sis. Her name is ragini. We are best of best buddies. And my dadi and dida also love us a lot. (She tells all in one go. )

Sanky: (smiles) you love your family a lot na?

Swara: yes. My family is everything for me.

Sanky: OK get ready we will go out today.

Swara: but..

Sanky: no buts swara…get ready..now go(pushes swara inside the room)

Swara: OK OK baba.. I will go

Sorry for the short update. I will post a long one.
Hope u like it

Precap: swasan tourism

Credit to: Pallavi

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