Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 4)


Hello people!! I thought to stop my ff . But seeing the comments, I thought to write the ff for the few people who are reading it.
So lets get back to the story…..

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Swara is very angry on sahil that he cancelled the plan at the peak moment. She was not sure whether to go to sahil’s frnd’s house or not. But then thought to go as sahil will come next morning. She got a message from sahil regarding the address of his frnd’s house. After sending the address to swara, he calls someone…

sahil: Hello buddy!!! How are you?

person: What do you want say straightly

sahil:arrey! how do you find out my buddy?

person:shut up and tell. im busy

sahil: acha sanky sun na wo.. my frnd is coming from hyd…i have to go to kolkata urgently…so plsss can you keep her in your house?? plsss yaar

sanky: no no… is my house looking like a hotel for you?

sahil: last help!! plsss plsss

sanky: ok ok last time i am helping you.(changes his tone) By the way is she beautiful?

sahil:oye! She is not like other girls….she will rip you apart if you will flirt with her. So be careful..

sanky:acha… so your frnd is a unique piece huh?

sahil:of course. ok ok she will come by 7 it seems. i have to go byee

sanky: means only one hour left? omg i have to clean up the house

sahil: all the best buddy! byee

sanky: you left me alone and telling all the best? come back i will tell u

Sanky cuts the call and sees here and there and finds the house messed up. He starts to clean up. He feels tired and thinks to rest for a while.He just sits on the sofa and falls asleep.In the meanwhile swara tries to check some hotels online. But she couldnt get as all were full. She reaches Mumbai. She gets down the train with her luggage and says bye to the small girl and goes towards the exit. She takes a taxi and reaches the address. Swara pays the taxi and goes to the house and rings the bell. Sanky who was sleeping gets up with a jerk listening to the bell.

sanky:omg sanky!! how could you sleep you sleepy head with so much of mess to clean up? I think she came. what shall i do now??

He immediately takes all the things and throws them inside his room and goes to open the door. Swara thinks that she came to the wrong address as no one was opening the door. She turns back to leave, when sanky opens the door. Swara was trying to call sahil so she doesnt see that the door was opened.Sanky saw swara going.

Sanky:(to himself)what is her name? sahil calls her something….yup got it Shona!!! (to swara) shona??

swara turns back hearing her name.Sanky sees her and gets mesmerised. He just stands and stares her. Swara feels uncomfortable and coughs, but sanky doesnt notices that and just keeps on staring her.Then swara says “Excuse me”, which brings him back to his senses and he gets embarassed for staring her. He asks her to come inside.She goes inside and sees the house and turns to sanky who again was lost in staring her 😛

Swara: Hi.. my name is swara

sanky:(to himself)swara… what a beautiful name!! just like her

swara:did you say anything?

sanky:huh? no no i didnt say anything…hi swara

swara:and your name?

sanky:(dreamily) sleepy head


sanky:(realises what he said)no no wo… i was thinking of something…im sanskar…u can call me sanky

swara:ok sanky…can i get some water?

sanky:yup sure u sit here i will just bring

swara sits and was seeing here and there. She sees sanky’s room and finds a lot of clothes here and there and smiles. Just the sanky comes and sees her smiling seein something and turns to see what was she looking at.He finds her seeing his room which is totally messd up.

sanky:wo.. i fell asleep..so couldnt clean up…and u came…so i…(point towards his room)

swara:its ok sanky..i too do like this when my mom asks me to clean up. By the way i can help you clean up the room if you want

sanky:really thanks a lot swara

swara:no sorry and no thanks in friendship Mr.sanskar

sanky: Friendship??

swara:why? arent we frnds? i thought so its ok..

sanky:(interrupts her)no no we are not frnds we are best frnds. arent we?

swara:(smiles)of course(forwards her hand and they shake their hands)we are

Swara helps sanky to clean the house. Doing this they become good frnds. Swara also becomes comfortable with him.Its dinner time.

Swara:Sanky im very hungry!

sanky: No i didnt cook anything. will you cook?

swara: sanky u know what? i know to do all kinds of work.But i dont know how to cook

sanky:its ok i will cook

swara:u know to cook??

sanky:ofcourse y should girls have all the fun? (swara laughs and sanky becomes happy seeing her laugh)

Sanky cooks some delicious noodles.They eat it.

sanky:now go and sleep

swara:no.. idont sleep this early. What are you planning to do?


swara:movie??i love movies

swasan:(both at a time)horror movies(they both laugh)

swara:which one are you planning to watch?

sanky:no idea

swara:then get idea sirji

sanky: any suggestions?

swara:yup! did yuo see “The Ring”?

sanky: no

swara:then you have to watch it. It is soooo scary(tells all this with expressions)

sanky:(smiles seeing her)ok then “The Ring”

They both bring popcorn and star watching the movie. In the middle swara feels thirsty and goes from there silently coz she doesnt want to didsturb him. She goes to the kitchen to drink water. Her hand by mistakenly touches a box and it falls on swara and then she finds the box contents to be flour.Just then power goes off and sanky finds swara missing.He takes a torch and goes in search of swara.He listens to some noises in the kitchen and goes towards it. On the other hand swara was also coming out of the kitchen.They both crash into one another and start shouting “bhoot bhoot”. Sanky realises that it is swara and asks her to calm down. they clean themselves and laugh at what has happened. The power comes back and they go to complete the movie.After the movie gets completed sanky turns to see swars and finds her already sleeping like a small cute kid. He smiles seeing her.

PRECAP:dont know

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Credit to: pallavi

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