Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 3)


Hello people!!! Im back with the 3rd episode of “Swasan – a symbol of pure love”. Hope you like it 🙂

Episode 2
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Sanskar: I will tell you everything lucky.All this happened 4 years back when you went for your project to kolkata……

A girl is shown travelling in train (it is the same girl whom i mentioned in the last episode). She was wearing a pink t-shirt and a cream 3/4 jeans which perfectly suited her complexsion and her hair was made into a pony. She was smiling seeing a small girl who was sitting opposite to her.

girl:hey! come here

small girl:…..

girl:see i will give you a chocolate if you will come here. see(takes out a dairy milk and shows)

small girl looks at her mom as if asking permission to go. Her mom nodded as if asking her to go. The smal girl immediately went to the girl.

girl:but for the chocolate u have to pay me

small girl:(looked surprised) but i dont have money

girl:then how can i give u this chocolate? (she turns to other side saying this.but suddenly she turns to the small girl ) ok i will give u. but i need something….

small girl:what can i give you?(in an innocent way)

girl:i want a kiss from you

small girl:you only want one kiss? i thought of giving you many(laughs)

girl: come on give me then…i can take all of them

tha small girl goes and kisses the girl.then suddenly her phone rings. The phone was showing that the caller was sweetheart. the small girl’s mom sees it and asks her if it was her husband or boyfriend.Immediately the girl laughs like hell and tells that she is single. the lady gets confused. the girl attends the call…

girl:hello sweetheart!!

sweetheart:where are you dear? did you eat anything?

girl:offo sweetheart…dont worry about me. did you eat anything?

sweetheart:how will i not worry dear? 1st time you are so far from us..i am very worried for u

girl:dont worry sweetheart… i am gonna stay with sahil only na…he told me that he will pick me up

sweetheart:ya thats why im a little relieved. when will you reach there?

girl:i think by tonight 7 or 8

sweetheart:ok take care

girl:is dad still angry?

sweetheart:no dear…he is just worried for you. He never sent you so far na thats why. And dont worry about him. I will make him straight.(the girl laughs)

girl:hey! Dont you bother my dad huh!! (in a funny way)

sweetheart:ohoo….so your dad came tho your mom is nowhere for you? very bad very bad
(yes guys sweetheart is her mom)

girl:i think someone is jealous huh?

mom:no way!! i have my ragu huh

girl:ya wer is my ragu dear?

mom:she is at her frnd’s house doing some project work

girl:ok ok i will talk to u later sweetheart. bye. take care. ummuahhh

mom:chal pagal phone rak. take care byee

she hangs the phone and finds the lady staring at her.She tells that it was her mom and she calls her sweetheart.After 3 to 4 hrs she get a call from sahil, her best frnd. She attends it

girl:hi sahil

sahil:shonaaa how are you my buddy? (says this in a very lovely way)
(yup the girl is our shona/swara)

swara:whats wrong sahil? itna butter kyu laga raha hai? kya gadbad kiya?

sahil:shona u are seriously my best frnd yaar…how could u tell soo correctly?

swara: mujhe lag hi raha tha ki everything is going on sooo smooth..that to with u involved. I was thinking y is nothing going wrong.
ab bata ki kya gadbad hai

sahil:shona…wo….wo…mai na…wo…

swara: kya wo wo laga raka hai huh? bata jaldi

sahil:shona u knw na im a police officer i have to save our country. i have to be present 24/7

swara:stop your bak bak and tell straightly

sahil:wo shona…mujhe kuch urgent work hai…so im going out of station..im soooooo sorry shona

swara:abe kutte pehle nahi keh sakta tha kya? maine tere kehne par apna hotel booking bhi cancel karwaya tha

sahil: dont worry..u can stay with my frnd’s house…he is my bestie

swara: i dont even know him how can i sahil??

sahil:plss yaar….i want to keep you at the safest place and u cant be more safer than being with my bestie. he is the best cop in mumbai

swara: hogayi teri frnd ki praise?? u 1st tell me when will you come ??

sahil:tommorrow morning pakka

swara:ok i will see u then

sahil:i will send you his address.. ok?

swara:jaldi send kar. mujhe ek bat aaj pata chala ki tujh pe kabhi bhi bharosa nahi kar sakti hu mai

sahil: soory yaar….okk got to go byee


PRECAP: swasan meeting

Credit to: pallavi

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  1. Rly niz..im watng for swasan meeting….plz update

    1. Thank you so much Yaz 🙂
      Am glad that you liked it

  2. awesome….I loved it….pls update only in english

    1. I will shan. Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. thanks anu 🙂

  3. nice. .
    this ff read kar sorry to say but star plus show arjum yaad aageya..
    ur ff Is really nice. ..
    going to miss very badly swasan in Swaragini

    1. oh ya the meeting part is partly taken from there. thanks akku 🙂

      1. my sister saw it and suggested it.

    2. But my story is not that

  4. Awesome just waiting for swasan meeting dear…

    1. thanks a lot renu dear 🙂
      You will.. in next episode

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