Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 2)

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Episode 1
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Sanskar went to his room. He is very angry. He is on the verge of crying. Then suddenly he thinks of something..
A girl is seen holding sanskar’s hand. She was looking like an angel. Sanskar was also very happy in her company.
sanky:yes jaan
girl:i want you to promise me one thing
sanskar:anything for u my love…acha tell me wat do u want me to promise??
girl:i want you to be happy and smiling like this forever and ever. Never cry sanskar. Coz i cant see your tears
sanskar:i promise. you know if you are with me then i will always be happy love….i can face even the biggest problems if you are with me
girl:what if something happens to me?
sanskar:(gets up angrily)I told you a million times dont talk like this!! why dont you understand? i cannot even bear the thought of losing you..
girl:sorry sanskar… i was just… acha leave it na.. sorry… you are angry on your jaan??(says this with a cute puppy face)
sanskar:(melts seeing her)How can i be angry on my jaan??(he goes and hugs her)
girl:i love you sanskar
sanskar:i love you too my love
Flashback ends

Sanskar controls his tears and says”No sanskar you cannot cry!!!You promised her that you will never cry”. He composes himself and gets ready to go to office. He goes down and sees ap sitting on the sofa somewhere lost.


ap:sanskar tum…? you want anything beta?

sanskar:maa…wo..im sorry. I just couldnt control myself. i shouldnt have shouted at you like that

ap:dont say sorry sanskar. It was not your fault. I should have given you some time. im very sorry

sanskar:no maa you have all the right on me. i will never do like this again. i will come and see that girl

ap:no need sanskar.You go to office. no need to do something you dont like. i can understand you sanskar.

sanskar:(smiles a little)thanks for understanding me maa.. ok bye

ap:bye beta

sanskar and laksh leave for the office. On the way they gets stuck in the traffic jam. While seeing here and there, Sanskar sees a man. His eyes become wide seeing him. He opens the car door and starts going towards the man. Laksh calls sanskar but he doesnt pay any attention to him. The man sees sanskar coming towards him and starts walking. Sanskar asks him to stop. But he doesnt stop and starts running. Sanskar also starts running behind him. In the meanwhile, laksh gets down the car and runs behind sanskar. Sanskar runs for a long time but at last he misses the man.

sanskar:ahhhhh…….(there was so much pain in his voice)

laksh:Bhai… what are you doing here? and who is he?

sanskar:(to himself)I have to find him. I cannot sit idle.

laksh:(confused)Bhai!!! whats happening ???

Sankar gets up and goes to the car without paying any heed to laksh. laksh also follows him. He goes to his office. The name plate of the office carries the words “CBI”. yes sanskar and his brother laksh are police officers. They are said to be the best police officers. Sanskar rushes to his cabin. Seeing him everyone stand up to wish. But he doesnt bother about them and leaves.

officer1:Why is sir so serious today?

officer2:after that incident which took 2 years ago, he is serious everyday.

officer1: ya but today he looks more serious. dont you think?

officer2:ya you are right. dont know what happened? you know before 2 years he was a very friendy officer. he used be very fun and easy going. But due to that incident, everything has been destroyed.

officer1:yaar really i dont know how sir is handling himself from breaking.If i were in his place…no no i cant even imagine..

officer2:okk lets go to work or sanskar sir will not leave us

officer1:ya ya lets go

Laksh goes back of sanskar. He goes to sanskar’s cabin.Sankar’s cabin was a mess. It was looking as if he was searching for something. he threw all the papers here and there. laksh went to him and said..

L:bhai what r u doing??


L:bhai im talking to u!!!

S:go away lucky! cant u see im doing something important??

L:no bhai today u have to tell me what happened 2 years back. Only some people know about this and the one who no also dont open their mouth coz they are afraid of you!!

S:(he couldnt find it. He falls on the floor on his knees)

L:(gets woried seeing him like that)Bhai!! what happened?? pls tell me!! i will help u. plss bhai

S:sorry lucky. i have made you to suffer a lot.(he cries. lucky hugs him)

L:no bhai dont say that

S:ok lucky i will tell u everything. All this started 4 years before….

PRECAP: Flashback

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