Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 10)


Hi guys!! Im back with another episode…hope you guys like it 

Precap: swahil emotional moments. Sahil leaves for Kashmir.

Swasan come home and rest. Swara is still tensed about sahil. Sanskar senses it…

Sanky: its ok swara. Don’t worry. Sahil wil be safe. (gives her an assuring smile)

Swara: (smiles sadly) ya I will try.

Sanky: (thinks to lighten her mood) swara, you and sahil get along very well na

Swara: (smiles) yes..he is the best person in my life

Sanky: how did you both become friends?

Swara: (tries to avoid the question) sanky im feeling hungry..lets eat na..

Sanky: (senses it, but does not asks her) ok. Lets eat

They both have their dinner and then go to their respective rooms..

Sanky’s room:

Sanky: why did she didn’t tell about sahil? She cant hide coz it is written on her face clearly that she was changing the topic. Its been 3 hours sahil has left. May be he has reached. Let me call him

Suddenly his phone rings.

Sanky: 100 years buddy! I was just thinking of you

Sahil: oh! You even think of me? I thought you only think of my shona

Sanky: sahil! You are impossible man

Sahil: I know. I know

Sanky: you know what? I asked swara about you both..and she just changed the topic. Why is she trying to avoid sahil?

Sahil: she asked me never to tell this to anyone. But I wanna tell you today. And ya..dont tell shona that I told you

Sanky: I promise. My mouth will be zipped

Sahil: actually sanky, I am an orphan

Sanky: what? You? Orphan? You didn’t tell me?

Sahil: sorry buddy. I didn’t tell you till now. But what to do? Shona warned me not to tell anyone

Sanky: not to tell anyone? Why?

Sahil: that’s my shona sanky. When I was 15 years old, me and my parents were going for a picnic. I was in the back seat of the car and my parents were in the front seats. Suddenly dad stopped the car. And due to the sudden brake, I fell in the gap between the back seat and the front seat. I heard some voices . They were asking mom amd dad to give money. I got frightened and just sat behind dad’s seat. They couldn’t see me. My parents gave all the money and jwellery they had. But still the devils killed them brutally. They shot them dead sanky! (sahil had tears in his eyes saying all this)

Sanky: (worried) sahil! Don’t cry. Pls yaar. If you cry your shona will feel so bad na?

Sahil: im ok buddy. Don’t worry. I had no clue what to do then. After I confirmed that those thieves went away, I leaned to see my parents’ dead bodies. I was crying and asking them to get up. And suddenly my dad spoke.

**************************************Flash back***************************************

Dad: sahil…take care of..yourself. N..never harm..innocent people. Be good.

Sahil: no dad. Pls don’t lose hope. Pls. I will take you to hospital.

Dad: its ok sahil. Mamma and papa love you a lot. We will always be there here.(points his heart) whenever you miss us, remember that we are always there with you and we hate your tears.

Sahil: dad..(cries)

Sahil gets out of the car to ask for help. But none of them stop to help. Then suddenly he heard some shouts, and when he turned to see who was that, he found the thieves. He immediately helped his dad to shift to the back seat and tried to start the car. But all his efforts went in vain.

Dad: sahil! Just leave!

Sahil: dad! How could you think that I will leave you guys and go? Just hang on. I will take us out of this mess

Dad: no sahil! You cannot and you too know this (sahil cries thinking that his dad is saying the truth) sahil, plss leave.

Sahil: but dad..

Dad: I don’t want your life to end today like us. You will have a bright future. We will always love you. (he says this and breathes his last breath)

Sahil: dad! No no no. you cant leave me pls..(he sees the thieves approaching)

Sahil thinks about his dad’s words and reluctantly leaves from the car and runs away. He runs and runs and finally reaches some unknown place. He sees a temple and enters it. He sits in a corner and cries thinking about all the incidents that happened. He remembers his dad’s words and how he had to leave them. Then a priest of that temple sees him and asks him who he was and why was he crying. Sahil tells his story to the priest. The priest felt very sorry for him. He took sahil to an orphanage and joined him there. Sahil didn’t talk to anyone in the orphanage. He just used to sit in corner and stare at the blank space thinking that he has the worst fate of all. But then one day, a 9 year old angel, came not only to the orphanage, but also into sahil’s life. She came to the orphanage to celebrate her 9th birthday. Everyone was very happy to see her. Every year she comes there to celebrate her birthday. She saw sahil sitting alone and comes near him…

Girl: hi. Im swara (smiles)

Sahil: (looks at her and then again looks away)

Swara: you know? Today is my happy wala birthday. And I want everyone to be happy like me

Sahil: (in mind) this girl is so small, but still is thinking of making people happy? Such a sweet girl (to swara) hi my name is sahil(smiles)

Swara: sahil? I like your name very much

Sahil: thank you. your name is not less than mine huh?

Swara: (giggles) thank you

Sahil: happy birthday swara.

Swara smiles and hugs him and says “thank you bhai”. Sahil becomes emotional coz, his mom was pregnant before she was killed.

Swara: why are you crying? Pls don’t cry (wipes his tears)

Sahil: ok I will not cry (smiles)

Swara’s parents see her talking to sahil and ask the authority there about sahil. They tell them about sahil’s parents’ murder. They feel very bad for him. On the other hand swara and sahil’s bond grew. And when it was time to go, swara refused to go.

Swara: I will not come. I will stay here only

Shekar: swara beta..shouldnt say like that. Come lets go home.

Swara: if you want me to come home, then we will take sahil also with us

All were shocked listening to swara.

Sahil: no no swara. I cant come with you. (to shekar) uncle, im sorry

Swara: why cant you come with me? You don’t like to be with me?

Sahil: no swara…its not like that. I just cant come

Swara: but why cant you come?

Sahil: (shouts) cause Im an orphan. My fate killed my parents. Im very unlucky. And I cant harm more people

Sahekar: how dare you say that?

Sahil: im sorry uncle, I shouldn’t have shouted at swara like that. Im sorry

Shekar: im not angry for that. Im angry coz you just called my son an orphan and unlucky!

Sahil: uncle, but when did I call your son..(realizes what shekar said) no uncle. You cannot adopt me

Shekar: its my decision I took for my son and im not gonna listen to you. Get it?

Sahil: but uncle..(looks at mishti. She gives him an assuring smile)

Shekar: I want to do all the formalities now only and take my son home. (side hugs sahil)

Sahil gets overwhelmed by the love they were showing. Swara comes running and hugs sahil.

Swara: you will come home with me? Yay!!

Sahil smiles seeing her happy. That day he was taken to his home, by his loving family. He started a new life. He thought he got only one angel in his life, but when he reached home, he found another 4 year old angel. And the other one was none other than our ragini. Swaragini loved him so much. They joined the same school. Sahil used to take care of swararagini. But then someone some how got to know that sahil was adopted. And everyone started to taunt him and called him manhoos. Sahil then became depressed. Swara then took a stand for him and warned everyone not to call him manhoos, coz he was the reason for her happiness. Shemish also come the very next day to the school very angry and complain…

Shekar: what the hell is going in this school?

Principal: calm down mr.shekar

Shekar: I should calm down? My son became depressed coz of the taunts by the students and even the staff god damn it! (bangs the table)

Princi calls the staff to the room.

Princi: there is a complain that some of the staff are taunting a child of Mr.shekar

A teacher: correction sir! he is not the child of Mr.shekar

Shekar: (enters the room furiously) who the hell are you to tell that he is not my son! And how dare you taunt my child!

Teacher: sir, im telling for your own profit. He ate his parents. Now his fate may harm you too. He is manhoos. (sahil who was in the room, ran out
with teary eyes, which made shekar more furious)

Shekar: I told you not to interfere in my family. And just remember that we are his parents. And for every relations, we shouldn’t see profit or loss. Relations are from heart and not from blood. Get this into your tiny little dumb brain. What kind of teacher are you? Teacher is said to be second mother. And you are…chii. I don’t even wanna talk. I don’t want my children to study in a school in which teachers themselves have no values.

Princi: shekar ji..

Shekar: I don’t want to talk anymore. I want my children’s TC immediately!


Sahil: like this uncle brought us 3 out of that school and joined us in a new school. But all this had an impact on swara. She was afraid that people may taunt me if they knew that im not her parents’ child. So, from then onwards, she asked not to tell anyone about my past. Swaragini, you and their parents are the only ones I have in this world.

Sanky: you never told all this to your buddy?

Sahil: I told you! Shona asked me

Sanky: but you call swara’s dad uncle. Why?

Sahil: I couldn’t sanky. I tried. But couldn’t.

Sanky: im glad that you shared it all with me atleast now

Sahil: ok buddy. Im sleepy. I will call you tomorrow. And don’t tell shona that I told you

Sanky: ok ok! Good night

Sahil: good night

sanky’s pov:

“swara! Today after what sahil has told me, my respect for you has increased a lot”. I then thought of checking on swara. I peeked into her room so that I don’t disturb her. And there I saw the most serene scene! There on the bed, was my angel sleeping. Wait…did I just say my angel? She is gonna drive me crazy! I smiled. She was sleeping like a small kid, cuddling her pillow. There is a beautiful smile on her face. I wish that this smile never fades from her face. I then slowly tip-toed out of her room. I then realized how sleepy I was. I just went to my room and fell on my bed. I didn’t knew when sleep took over me.

Precap: swara in danger!

I know that you guys are very angry on me. But I posted this episode last week. I didn’t check that this didn’t get posted. So I am posting it today again. Hope you like it. And due to my schedule, im gonna post once or twice a week. Pls comment and tell me your views.

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