Swasan – a symbol of pure love (Episode 1)


Hiii guys!!! im pallavi. I am a die hard fan of swasan. i have always been a silent reader. But seeing all the ffs i couldnt control myself from writing. I had this story in my mind from a long time. I wish that you guys like my ff. okkk enough of my bakwas and lets go to the story….

A big beautiful mansion is seen. On it is the name plate carrying the words “Maheshwari Mansion”. It was just like a palace. The people say that the people who live in it are really like kind and generous kings and queens. Everyone gives them respect.

A lady in her 50s is seen doing aarti. Soon after she started the aarti everyone joined. After she completed the aarti, she gave the prasad to everyone. Then a man in his late 50s said “Anu, where is he ?” and she just nodded her head in a no.Yes the lady was Annapurna and the man was Durga prasad. Both their eyes were showing great grief. All the others present there also became depressed thinking about the person DP was talking about.

A room is seen.A boy is standing facing towards the window of his room seeing the beautiful sun rise.Only his back is shown. He slowly turns towards the drawer and goes towards it. His eyes were showing great pain. As if he lost the most valuable thing without which he cannot live.He was about to open the drawer, he thought “what are you doing?? How can you fall weak?? You cannt do it!! If you will open this drawer nothing can stop you from breaking….pls control yourself Sanskar Maheshwari”. Yes the boy is Sanskar Maheshwari. Our hero.

He controlled himself like every day and went to freshen up. He joined everyone at the breakfast. Everyone was very quiet. Once there was a time when they used to chat a lot at the breakfast. But in these 2 years everything has changed. The charm of the house, their Sanskar has been just like a living dead body.

ap: sanskar….

sanky: …..

ap:(a bit loudly) sanskar??

saky:(came out from his thoughts)ha..ha ma you have to tell me anything?

ap:ha beta… wo….i wanted to ask u if u could….

sanky: come to see a girl right?

ap: pls sanskar dont tell no. just come once and see the girl..

sanky: (got up from his seat with full of anger) Ma.. how many times have i told u?? i dont wanna marry. just leave me. how could you think that i can marry someone other than her. never ever maa

ap: but sanskar..

sanky:no ma plss.. i thought that u will understand my pain. but no. no one can understand my pain.(He storms away from the breakfast leaving everyone devastated)

Ap is full of tears. they were not stopping from flowing. she couldnt see her son in soo much pain. Dp consoles her. Adarsh asks her to give him some time. pari also agrees with him. Laksh was just sitting like a statue with no expressions. He and sanskar were best buddies. He couldnt see him like that.

Sanskar went to his room and was thinking about the past… the most beutiful part of his life.

So guys this is my first episode. Plsss do comment if you like. Coz your comments are my energy.
The story till now was very sad.But i promise that the past will be very very beautiful and full of hope.

Credit to: pallavi

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