SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 9 [by Raina]

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“You have to answer me today Prince Sanskar Nikanj!”
Her words were still echoing to him, he looked at her. Tears were still flowing from her eyes, she was blowing air on his wound and was treating it. As soon as she shouted at him, she just ran somewhere to bring the materials to treat his wound, he was just looking at her retreating figure still numb to her words. She knew that something was wrong with him, she knew that he sleeps on floor, she knew that he cry for hours. He thought she was not going to return, but he saw her coming to him.. again.. she came to him running and was now treating his wound carefully continuing to cry. “don’t pamper me like this, Princess!” she stopped her treatment and looked at him with moist eyes. He wiped her tears with his other hand, “don’t make me get used to you, because when I go from here, nobody will take care of me!” he said continuing to wipe her tears that flowed endlessly. “and then I will start to miss you!” he whispered sadly. Tears blurred his vision, she stared at his tears for some time, but then again started concentrating on his wound blinking her eyes to stop her own tears. His cold hand was still on her cheeks making her shiver to the core, but she continued to blow air on his wound. His words were running in her mind,
He was a Prince! Everyone will take care of him, then why was he talking like this? After treating his wound, she looked everywhere except him and whispered, “you will miss me only if you go from here?” she asked. He looked at her for some time and then wiped his tears and asked, “what do you mean?” and then she finally looked at him giving him a small smile, “I was missing you even before some time!” he gets shocked hearing her. He had no idea what to talk to her, there were just silence between them for few minutes until she looked away from him and started talking, “you didn’t wake up early today!” he blinked his eyes, what was running in the mind of this Princess? “so I came to your tent today morning” the memories of today morning played in front of her, he looked so miserable that even imagining his face that time brought her more tears. she sighed and continued, “you were sleeping on the floor!” Sanskar looked down at the lake hearing her. He didn’t wanted this conversation, he just felt like disappearing somewhere. “and you looked like you cried for hours!” he closed his eyes hearing her broken whisper. Swara looked at him, his eyes were closed which failed to stop his tears. “I got angry on you that why were you not sharing your problems with me!” he closed his eyes more tightly, his tears were brushed away by her soft palms making him open his eyes in surprise. He looked at her as she cupped his face, “I am sorry for shouting on you Prince!” she whispered. Sanskar could only cry hearing her. There was no need for her to ask sorry to a slave like him. what will be her reaction when she will come to know that he was just a slave? “I am sorry for expecting from you!” he looked at her confused as she closed her eyes and took a deep breathe taking her hands back from his face. She opened her eyes and looked down whispering, “I am your competitor, a stranger! Why will you share your problems with me? Why should you share it?” she asked pouring out her confused emotions. “I am sorry!” she whispered again for the last time, and then stood and started walking from there. “where are you going?” his voice suddenly escaped his lips in a nick of time making himself surprised to realize that he didn’t wanted her to go! She stopped and turned back to him hearing him. “why do you care?” she whispered with her moist eyes. He sighed standing up and moving near her. “you told me to call you Swara. Do you consider me as a stranger?” she nodded a no to him still crying. “if you would have considered me as a stranger, then you would not told about your life and family to me!” he said. She again saw sadness consuming him as he looked away and started walking. “it’s just that, it is not easy for me to tell anyone about my life. But that doesn’t mean…” he stopped walking and turned back looking straight in her eyes, “that doesn’t mean I consider you as a stranger! I just need time!” she looked at him, his eyes silently pleading to her to give him time and not to walk away from him. he can’t let her go from him, he wanted her to be near him. she went near him, “what should I do?” she asked wiping her tears. “why are you giving explanations to me now?” she asked continuing. “I am telling you that I need time to tell about myself to you and…” he sighed. “I don’t like this! Can’t we be like before, Swara?” her lips curved hearing him while he was just surprised. He finally called her Swara without she remembering him? She looked at his hand, “I don’t want to know your problems then!” she said taking his wounded hand and locking it in between her hands. “just promise me to never hurt you!” a smile appeared on his lips filling her heart with happiness. She cared for him so much! “I told you to not pamper me Princess!” he said, she tightened her hold on his hand making him wince in pain as she whispered angrily. “it’s Swara!” he chuckled seeing her anger. “okay SWARA! Forgot what I told you? You should not…” he was interrupted by her, “this is not pampering, okay? Just a promise!” he smiled and nodded to her promising to take care of himself. Releasing his hand from her grip, she went near the lake and started to splash the water playing with it. He smiled seeing her, he knew that whatever life he is living now is just a mirage which will last for only few days. But this mirage was giving him immense happiness and he had decided, until this mirage lasts, he is going to live it. He went near Swara and sat near her splashing the water on her. She gets shocked, he never got playful till today. She gets happy seeing him laughing whole heartedly and they both jumped inside the lake and played with the water like kids…
“I wish I had got one more dress here!” Swara said rubbing her palms and closing her eyes hugging herself tightly sitting near the fire. Sanskar chuckled at her, while she rolled her eyes, he was not at all cold and have changed his dress. “from where did you get it?” she asked. “I got it for safety!” he said teasingly making her jealous and angry. God! She could have also got a dress for her. “we have to go early morning there, so I thought there will be no need of dress!” she whispered taking a thick blanket from her bag and wrapped it around her. “or otherwise you should have not played in water!” Sanskar said and saw her glaring at him. “just shut up Sanskar!” she shouted angrily shivering with cold, the blanket was surely not enough for her. Sanskar took his blanket which he actually didn’t use from the day he came here. He was not wet, but still the weather here was so much bone chilling. He wrapped himself with the blanket and sat near her. “I don’t know what sort of level is this? Spending a night in forest? How are we going to prove ourselves in this?” she asked confused though she knew the answer, she hated the silence between them and also when he was sitting so much close to her, she really didn’t wanted to make herself mad in front of him just getting lost in his eyes. He just smiled seeing her angry face and again the comfortable silence prevailed between them. The sun has set and have spreaded darkness everywhere. Roar of lions started coming from everywhere. Princess Swara took her sword and kept it ready still shivering with cold. “will you fight with a lion?” Sanskar asked curiously. She turned to him and smiled, “even I have went for hunting many times!” time passed. Her eyelids started becoming heavy. “you sleep Princess!” Sanskar said seeing her tired face. “but..” she was interrupted by him. “I will guard you! And when I will feel sleepy, I will wake you up and then you will guard. Okay?” she smiled hearing him and laid on the mud curling herself in the blanket and whispered, “don’t forget your promise! Take care of yourself!” he smiled hearing her sleepy whisper and then she closed her eyes sleeping peacefully. Hours passed. But Sanskar didn’t wake her up, he was just sitting near her with a sword and was admiring her beautiful face and thankfully no animals disturbed them! It was almost dawn, he saw Princess Swara shivering more, that blanket was not enough for her. He un wrapped his blanket from him and wrapped her. Two blankets made her feel somewhat warm and she stopped shivering making him smile…
She smiled in sleep as the sunrays touched her, she opened her eyes happily inhaling the fragrance of Prince Sanskar’s blanket. She knew it was his! She closed her eyes again holding his blanket more tightly and close to her. She then opened her eyes, why did he never wake her up? She sat and looked around. She blinked her eyes, where was he? She stood up, “Sanskar!” she shouted. She heard no sound. She starts to walk, “Sa.. Sanskar!” she stammered in fear. What if something happened to him? how can she sleep peacefully like that putting him in danger. Tears rolled down her eyes, her eyes going everywhere to find everything except him. “Sanskar!” she whispered choking with tears. she clutched her forehead and closed her eyes tightly getting angry on herself. “where are you Sanskar?” she shouted, she cried seeing no sign of him. she started walking and went near the tree where Sanskar tied his horse. His horse was still there, sleeping peacefully. She blinked her eyes continuously. She went near her bag and took her sword. Fear engulfing her at the thought of something happening to him. “you should keep up your promise Sanskar!” she whispered struggling with her tears. pleading him in her heart to take care of himself, pleading him to come back to her. She started walking stumbling, her hand had the sword but she was just crying like a loser not understanding anything and then suddenly, “Princess!” her teary eyes widened hearing the voice. She turned back and saw Sanskar looking at her confused, but then he frowned and looked at her worried seeing her crying. She closed her eyes and smiled crying loudly. She opened her eyes and saw him still standing at the same place looking at her shocked. She dropped her sword and ran to him. she slipped when she came near him as Sanskar caught her. “Swara!” he shouted angrily seeing her running carelessly. But she was just crying with her smile. She thought she lost him forever. His hands were tightly holding her arms stopping her from falling. She released her hands from his grip only to wrap it around his neck as she jumped on him hugging him tightly muting her cries in his neck. “where were you?” she whispered hugging him tightly. She broke the hug and cupped his shocked face. She smiled looking at him fine, she again hugged him tightly laughing with happy tears feeling as if her soul was snatched away for a second and she got it back just now! “I was so scared!” she whispered closing her eyes tightly letting her tears drown his neck. Time just stopped for her. Her hands were holding him tightly and possessively not letting him go from her. Her cries became silent sobs but she was not ready to leave him not realizing that Sanskar was not hugging her back. He was just too shocked to hug her. “Swara!” he whispered, but she didn’t paid heed to him and continued to sob silently and hugging him more and more tightly…

Precap: ~how will it sound if the name of the princess is changed?~
A/N- i know the precap is weird but you will surely understand it in the next chapter..
hope you all liked this chapter.. thank you all..
love you all!!

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