SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 8 [by Raina]

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“Princess?” he called her seeing her lost somewhere, but she just frowned at him. She looked at him quietly for a very long time and then suddenly, tears brimmed in her eyes. Sanskar felt pain consuming him to see her like that, his hands reaching her cheeks without his knowledge as he wiped her tears moving so close to her. “what happened to you?” he whispered wiping her tears. but she was just looking at his eyes saying nothing. He frowned and caught her shoulders, “PRINCESS?” he shouted and jerked her. He saw her blinking her eyes, he didn’t realize how much tightly he was holding her. She then whispered sternly taking his hands from her shoulder, “call me Swara!” she then went from there making him frown more. Sadness covered him seeing her like this. He adored her smile so much that her tears made him feel sad to such an extent that it broke him. A king came near him, “Prince! It is getting late, go fast!” he turned to him and nodded unaware that Princess Swara’s gaze was fixed on him. He started going and went to the place where all the competitors were crowded. The announcement will be made soon and they all had to leave. He looked around but saw no sign of Princess Swara. His eyes searched her in the every corner as far as his vision went..
“all can go to the go down and take their horses and start their journey now!”

The announcement was finally made, all started moving to the go down. Sanskar frowned as Princess Swara was seen no where. He went back to the place where tents were set up, he went to Princess Swara’s tent. “Princess Swara?” he heard no sound. “are you inside?” he asked shouting and after few seconds, the cloth of the tent was pulled back and he was welcomed by Princess Swara Mithra…
She sat on her bed, wiping her tears. She was getting weak for no reason. She had came here for getting the sword of power. But the mysterious Prince.. Sanskar! he has done something really magical that she was unable to understand what was even happening to her. She was unable to know what was this indescribable feeling but she knew that.. “you mean to me a lot Sanskar!” and she don’t know why, but she wanted to know about him.. wanted to know about his pain and problem.. and at such a moment, when she is lost thinking about him. she heard his voice, she wiped her tears and then he shouted again, “are you inside?” she wiped her tears completely and went near the entrance. She found Sanskar standing there when she moved the cloth. Time passed with both just looking at each other.. trying to understand where this confusions and pain were leading.. “it’s getting late. All left to the forest!” he whispered looking down. She again went inside and took her belongings and moved out.. he followed her.. They both went to the go down and took their horse.. they both moved inside the forest, Sanskar kept looking at her, she said nothing.. absolutely nothing…
He was right! They both had to leave, after all she came here to get the powerful sword. Only that should be her mission, silence prevailed between the both of them when they took their horses and even now there was just silence. Princess Swara knew that he was staring at her, but she kept riding her horse… she was just looking straightly lost in her own thoughts, she finally looked at him only when his horse made a noise and stopped moving.. she stopped her horse, “what happened?” she asked. He got down from his horse and tied it to a tree. “it is tired!” he said caressing his horse. “you go Princess! I will come after some time!” but can she? She didn’t know but she didn’t feel like going. There is going to be no difference even if she goes alone because they were talking nothing anyway. But still the silence, his presence was enough to make her feel happy. Sanskar saw her looking at him, fighting with her own self. Asking herself the same question again and again. Should she stay or not? She closed her eyes and sighed, she turned from him and went from there riding her horse very fast. She was literally running from him.. running from her own feelings…

Sanskar sighed seeing her going and then caressed his horse and sat on a rock near by focusing on nothing. Thousands of thoughts running in his mind making him mad. He is brought back to his senses when he heard a noise of a horse coming. Princess Swara! His eyes shining with happiness, “Princess..” his voice stopped seeing someone he least expected. Prince Laksh Prathap! He was just a few feet away from him sitting on his horse. Sanskar saw him looking at him with anger, he then got off his horse and came near him. “may I know your name?” he asked sternly. His voice contained venom and anger. Sanskar stood from the rock and untied the thread of his horse from the tree. “I asked your name!” Prince Laksh shouted angrily. Sanskar caressed his horse and said calmly, “Prince Sanskar Nikanj!” Prince Laksh stared at him while Sanskar was caressing his horse. “I am trying to talk to you from yesterday, but I didn’t get time!” Sanskar looked at him and nodded to him giving him a sarcastic look. He looked so brisk and confident. He was a good actor or if he is not, then no would believe that he is a slave. “so, Prince Nikanj, what is your enemity with me?” he asked moving near him. Sanskar sighed, “I have no enemity with you!” he said concentrating on his horse. There was silence for few seconds and then Prince Laksh roared angrily, “then why do you want me to be out of this competition!” Sanskar’s face titled hearing him. he looked at him and said, “I am not thinking like that!” he tried to make his voice confident in which he almost succeded. Almost. “you were fighting only with me in the sword fight competition!” Prince Laksh said walking, Sanskar closed his eyes hearing him. “and I am not a fool to not understand that you dropped a stone intentionally yesterday to make me lose!” Prince laksh looked at him and whispered in a threatening voice, “I don’t care whoever you are, but don’t come in my way!” Sanskar just looked at him emotionlessly, it was his order to make him lose, he had no other go. He had to defeat him. “it is a competition!” Sanskar said coldly making Prince Laksh more angry. He moved near to him, “Prince Nikanj! Stop lieing, I really hate those people who lie. Why are you being a coward? Fight and defeat me directly, don’t use such cheap tricks in the name of competition!” hatred was evident in his voice. Yes! He hated him. he was a very much talented Prince and won’t he know if someone is trying to get him out of this competition? Laksh saw him just looking at him emotionlessly and coldly. Sanskar just got on his horse and said, “it is a competition!” Laksh closed his fist angrily hearing the same line again and again but he was damn sure that the Prince in front of him was lieing! Sanskar went from there, Laksh too got on his horse and started going from there…

Few more levels and then he would get the powerful sword and would make his father proud. His father had trusted him more than his elder brother. He knew that his brother would be hating him now, but even keeping that aside, he had came here to get this sword. He can’t let anyone make him lose like this, he didn’t wanted to return empty handed and disappoint his father… but he knew that this Prince had some intention which was not good for him.. but what?
Sanskar punched the tree angrily, his hand gets a wound with blood oozing continuously. Prince Laksh Prathap have started doubting him, so he had to be more careful. Already, Princess Swara’s different behavior was getting on his nerves and now. He punched the tree more hardly letting his tears flow from his red eyes. He was so weak, and he will admit it. He really didn’t wanted to do this, but he had to do. It was the command of his master! He punched the tree again more hardly when his horse shouted seeing him behaving like a mad. He just sighed, his memories going back to the previous night when Princess Swara asked him to call her as ‘Swara!’ that was the reason, he was so much confused and was crying the previous night, but now she was ignoring him like he was a stranger which he wanted but that was not giving him peace. It was just irritating him, angering him. he punched the tree again for the last time and then saw a lake nearby. A smile appeared on his lips remembering Princess Swara. Most of their talks were witnessed by a water source. He dragged his horse near the lake and sat there near the water closing his eyes and enjoying the darkness. His mind was blank and he thought really nothing, because if he starts to think about his twisted life, then he will just get pain…

Princess Swara was walking with her horse frowning. It was really so boring, she regretted for not staying with Sanskar and now she really had no idea where he will be now. She just kept walking with her horse, her heart and mind filled with his thoughts. His smile, his tears, his vulnerable figure which she saw today morning, his eyes. She sighed, “you are so special Sanskar!” she whispered continuing to walk. Her heart continuing to scold her for not staying with him with her eyes just searching him. she wanted to see him.. talk to him.. she was unable to bear this silence anymore.. she was unable to bear this confused emotions anymore…

She smiled seeing a lake, she went near it and tied her horse in a tree. She again started to stare the sky admiring the nature and playing with the water. But the truth was that, she missed him! she opened her bag, she took her fruits and started having it. She had it and drank water. It was like, she came in a forest with her horse and now she had her food. Time passed! She took a deep breathe whispering, “I admit that I am missing you!” her eyes became moist. She was really missing him so much. She wiped her tears and continued looking around when her gaze fell on a man sitting far from her.. so far from her.. she stood up and went near him, the same outfit, the same feel. A smile formed on her lips remembering the first time they met like this, when she went near him and was staring at him without her knowledge. She walked faster knowing for sure that it will be Sanskar. her happy tears ran over her cheeks as she saw his face clearly moving more and more near to her. She suddenly stopped walking, her eyes widening seeing his hand that looked red with his blood. “SANSKAR!” she shouted in horror. She saw his eyes suddenly shining, with a smile forming on his lips. He looked at her as she came near him running and knelt down near him holding his hand shivering. “how did you get this hurt?” she asked choking with tears. Sanskar looked at her, her tears pushed him in a misery pit. He wiped her tears with his other hand. she was crying seeing his hand, “what happened?” she asked whispering and then she looked around madly, she had no idea for what she was looking but she had to treat his wound. Sanskar gets tears seeing her concern for him. the way she was madly crying for his wound. “I punched a tree!” he whispered not realizing what he said but just concentrating on her tears that were for him. she looked at him shocked. And as soon his words got in her mind, anger consumed her as she shouted angrily, “are you mad?” she stood up and shouted loudly crying, “what is your problem Sanskar? you sleep on floor, you look like as if you cried for hours. You become sad suddenly when we both will be talking, And now!”… she blinked eyes crying looking at his wound. “punching a tree and hurting yourself like a mad!” her voice going a weak whisper as she gulped her tears with a heavy pain piercing her as blood oozed out from his wound. Sanskar became numb hearing her words. Tears flowed from his eyes.. “you have to answer me today Prince Sanskar Nikanj!”…

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