SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 7 [by Raina]

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Princess Swara went inside her tent, she took a tiny mud pot and came outside again. She saw Prince Sanskar still standing at the place, his gaze focused on nothing but she saw him thinking something very deeply. His eyes were moist with a smile fixed on his lips which suddenly disappeared and he widened his eyes. And then he went from there to his tent slapping his forehead hardly and wiping his tears. She just sighed, he was indeed a mystery whom she can never understand. She fills that small pot with water from the lake, she went inside and kept the flower inside the pot which Sanskar gave her. She smiled remembering how he gave it to her. Keeping the small flower vase in the corner of a tent, she went to her bed and curled up in a deep peaceful sleep with the smile not leaving her lips…

Sanskar looked at the retreating figure of Princess Swara, her words repeating in his ears again and again..


The way she smiled saying it. Tears formed in his eyes to know that he meant to her now. She considered him as her dear one. His lips curved making him feel very happy. He never felt like this, his eyes shined with his happy tears that was ready to flow when the reality strike him.. his hand going to his forehead as he slapped himself hard. He turned to go to his tent, her words still making him feel something really different. He wiped his tears and walked fast to control his own emotions that were making him feel so broken and weak…
Princess Swara was sitting near the lake like every other morning looking at the beautiful view when the sun is about to rise. She kept looking at the direction of Sanskar’s tent. He was the unique Prince here whom she had always seen waking up first. It’s Sanskar who she meets the first in the morning in this place. She looked at sun rising, he never took so much time. Was he even fine? She keeps looking at the sky, she didn’t realize that she had again started playing with water which she loves to do. Her gaze keeps moving staring everything when her eyes fell on her hand. She smiled and splashed the water playing with it. She smiled remembering how she played with Sanskar with water the previous day.

She again looks back at the direction of his tent, she frowned seeing no sign of him. she stood up and went near his tent and stopped in front of his tent. She blinked her eyes, can she go in like this? Her voice choking and stopping her throat with her hands literally shivering. She closed her eyes and sighed, she is a Princess! She should not be scared for such things. Right? She opened her eyes, “Sanskar!” she called him from outside the tent. She heard no sound from inside. “Sa.. Sanskar!” she stammered with shivering voice. God! Why was she scared? She touched the tent and pushed it a little. She blinked her eyes shocked as the cloth went back. He didn’t tie the thread? Which means he didn’t lock the tent. “Sanskar! this is the last time!” she shouted loud enough this time but still she heard no sound. “PRINCE SANSKAR NIKANJ!” she shouted angrily and then suddenly closed her mouth with her hand. god! She was shouting, she looked around. What if someone wakes up? “are you fine?” she whispered scared. She then sighed and pushed the cloth going inside the tent. She widened her eyes.. “SANSKAR!”

she whispered seeing him lying on the floor. Redness surrounding his eyelids and below his eyes, tear marks on his cheeks, her eyes gets moist seeing him. He looked so vulnerable, she went near him and knelt down near him. she touched his forehead, he was so cold. She looked at the thick blanket on the bed that was neatly folded and looked as if it is untouched for long time. She cupped his cold cheeks with her palms, she blinked her eyes as tears flowed from her eyes. She caressed his face, her tears touching his face, “what is your problem Sanskar?” she whispered sadly. She had never seen him mingling and talking with everyone here except her. He had always been a mystery to her but today, she caressed his soft hairs continuing to cry. She saw his hands moving, her one hand was still on his cheeks.

She wiped her own tears with her other hand. she took her hand back shivering. She turned to go when he caught her hand. His hand was so cold, she closed her eyes tightly. She tried to free her hand when she heard his bare whisper, “I can’t do this!” the intensity of pain in his voice brought her more tears. she immediately freed her hand and ran from there crying…
It was really a very different morning, he blinked his eyes. He had no idea when he slept after fighting his own emotions and tears. he sat on the floor. He caught his head getting few flashes..
Soft caresses on his hair..
Warm touch on his cold cheeks..
He closed his eyes and sighed, it must be a dream. As he slept so late, he can’t even realize how much late it must be now…
“The dangerous level has started as all the competitors had to go inside the dense forest now. They had to return by only tomorrow morning. Spending a whole night in a thick forest is very much dangerous. Those who don’t return by the time will no more be a part of the competition, but guards will be sent to search them and if they goes missing, then we will not be responsible. Those who are ready can go! Others can back off!”
No one said anything when the announcement was done. All were just looking really very confident, no one was ready to be out of the competition. Few time span were given to everybody to take whatever they wanted to take to the forests.

Sanskar after packing his things came out of his tent and simply stood there waiting for another announcement which will be made soon indicating them to start their journey. Sanskar looked around, he saw Princess Swara when everyone was gathered for the announcement of the next level but that time, he saw her completely lost somewhere. He had always seen her so much enthusiastic in the competition but today.. she looked different, her head was not high like every other time. Her eyes which used to shine with happiness and excitement looked very much unfocused today and the absence of her pretty smile making him feel so low. He looked at Princess Swara coming out of the tent with her things and went near her..

“Princess!” Swara stopped moving hearing him. “are you fine?” he asked genuinely concerned. He saw Princess Swara staring at him, her emotionless face making him worried for her and before he could say anything, “I hope you remember what I said yesterday!” she said raising her eyebrows. Sanskar frowned, this Princess has never answered his question properly. He rolled his eyes and asked, “what?” she looked down for a second and then said, “I asked you to call me Swara!” she looked at his eyes straightly raising her head. Her eyes didn’t failed to see the way he suddenly flinched. There comes the topic.. AGAIN! This was the reason he was unable to sleep the previous night. Fighting with his inner soul, thinking what will happen after few days..

he closed his eyes sighing before nodding to her telling that he remembered it. “then why are you calling me Princess? I am calling you as Sanskar listening to you, then why don’t you listen to me?” for the first time ever, Sanskar first time sensed something different in her voice. She asked it in a sarcastic tone, her eyes were not ready to look anywhere except him. something was definitely wrong with her.

He cleared his throat and said, “Swara!” his voice almost cracking and shivering, after all he had never called royal people by their name. “are you fine?” he asked the same question to her trying to avoid her penetrating gaze. “what happened to me?” she asked still looking at him. “you were looking so different today, I mean you didn’t look happy!” he said still trying to understand why was she looking at him so differently. “I don’t think I am sad!” she whispered and he saw her eyes not even blinking for even once, but just staring at him. “you were not sad, but something was wrong. You were not smiling, you looked like you were lost somewhere!” he said remembering the moment before few minutes when she looked so lost. “you notice me very keenly!” he heard her sharp whisper and looked at her. She was not the same Princess who always makes him feel happy and peaceful, she was so much different today.

“you first asked me to be away from you!” he frowned hearing her. “and when I asked the reason yesterday, you told me you will tell it some other day!” she said stressing each word looking down, her voice contained anger and then looked at him continuing, “so is that day is today? Will you tell me the reason today?” she asked. Sanskar blinked his eyes shocked, why was this topic going somewhere else? He pressed his lips in a thin line, his words stopping in his throat. He sighed before whispering, “I can’t tell you about it even today!” he saw her staring at him.. staring at him as if he was a criminal. She looked at him for a very long time and then replied, “the day when you will tell me about it,

I will tell you what happened to me today!” he frowned hearing her and then he finally found the anger in her eyes which she was hiding till now. But what did he do to make her angry? Well, what he doesn’t do? He sleeps on floor, he is sad, he seems broken, he is crying inside himself every minute. There was paleness in his face, she has seen him smiling whole heartedly very rarely. Something was there which was breaking him and whenever she tried to ask any question about it, he never replied her properly. Did he? But she didn’t realized! She didn’t realize that only thing breaking him was.. Reality! The reality of his life, the reality that whatever is going to happen in few days! She turned her back to him and started going when she heard his whisper, “you are angry with me!” she stopped and turned to him. “and why should I be angry?” she asked. He moved near to her and said, “it should be me who have to ask this. Why are you angry Princess?” he asked, but saw her looking at him angrily.

It was unique that she was angry just because he was hiding his pain to her. But why should she? He will have his own life, why should he share those things with her? Her eyes softened at that moment she realized it. Yes! Why should she care? Why did she care? She blinked her eyes and saw him looking at her confused. Why did she wanted this? Why she is unable to see him sad? Why she wants to know about him? why she wants to heal his pain? Her confused emotions making her feel irritated. “Princess?” he called her seeing her again lost somewhere. She looked at him frowning, what was he doing to her? And for the first ever time, she felt the same magic which used to wrap Sanskar every time when he moved close to her and wiped her tears. tears? why was she crying? He opened his mouth, he was saying something, she heard nothing but was just lost in his huge and deep black eyes. “PRINCESS?” his shout brings her back to the world. She was unable to understand anything, she whispered freeing herself from his tight grip on his shoulders, “call me Swara!” her whisper was stern and before he could say anything, she left from there..

She was a brave Princess, she was scared of nothing and nothing had made her weak except her own confused emotions. She looked at Sanskar standing at far talking with a King. She whispered looking at him, “what are you doing to me Sanskar?”…

Precap: ~Everyone needs their own answers!~
A/N- hey guys!! i am really very glad to know that you people are loving this story.. it means a lot..
thank you so much.. hope you all liked this chapter too..
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    I’m impressed again and again

    1. Raina

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    Amazing dear…
    Swara have some feelings to sanskar ??

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    Awesome yaar. U just nailed it. So sad of sanskar. How much guilty is he in this. And swara she is confused on her own thoughts. So our love birds are falling for each other. Not bad.post next one asap

    1. Raina

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    Hey sweetheart!!!! I’m here again to disturb u???
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    Now coming to the story… a complicated phase full of queries… Poor Swara… Sanskar is making her crazy???
    Mr. At last you’ll come to her embrace for rescue… I’m telling u… I have this writer’s mind… she is gonna bound u two together at the end but u know she loves making you both suffer…
    But you’ll have to adjust with her tortures coz I have full faith in her…
    So Prince Sanskar Nikanj have patience???
    And u Miss Author? give next update soon… and I’m flattered to know that my comment is worth??

    1. Raina

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