SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 6 [by Raina]

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That indescribable magic wrapped him again, as she stood close to him. she smiled after whispering him, she took her face away from his ear, but she still stood close to him. she saw him staring at her smilingly. She blinked her eyes confused, what was there to smile for him? but the beautiful smile she had also didn’t leave her lips. “what happened?” she asked, and she saw his smile disappearing suddenly, as he started walking back still looking at her. She looked at him confused. “going away, because you remembered your words?” she asked teasing, but she saw him looking at her in horror, then he turned back and went to his tent making her frown…
He was just staring at her, he was doing the same mistake again and again, he wanted to be away from her but then unable to bear her avoiding him, he asked her the reason and have become a fool in front of her. Yes! It was he who told her, and he himself forgot it. He wanted that she should be away from him, but.. that hurt him. and when she asked ‘what happened’ her voice that made him come back to his senses as he walked away from there to his tent. He just clutched his forehead. Why was this so difficult?…
Sanskar came out of his tent and saw few Princes sitting together in a circle having fun. He sighed, he felt so lonely in this place. He didn’t belonged to this place and no one was going to understand his pain. He looked around, his gaze going everywhere to find everything except Princess Swara! He was confused, where did she go? He went a little ahead, he kept walking until he came out of the place where the competition was being held. He sighed seeing Princess Swara caressing her horse lovingly. He saw her then sitting on the horse, as she rode it. Princess Swara saw Sanskar staring at her and smiled, she went near him turning her horse. “a ride?” she asked and he looked at her. “take your horse and come if you want!” she said and then rode the horse slowly. The most un understandable creature she had ever met. She had always seen him staring at something thinking something very deeply, she had seen his eyes suddenly getting moist when he used to be talking to her, or suddenly his face will be so pale and sad. Once he will tell to be away from him and then he himself will ask her why she is talking to him coldly? She had seen something really different in him, his eyes was like an open book where she had always seen pain.. but she knew that he was not any ordinary prince, but a really special one! She smiled at the thought of him and then suddenly she heard a noise and stopped her horse looking back only to find Prince Sanskar following her with a horse…
He didn’t tried to understand why he was following her instructions and was really taking his horse now. He untied the horse and took it out of the go down where all the horses were tied. He sat on it, indeed everything in his life was so much unpredictable. But with his few meets and few time spent with Princess Swara. He understood one thing, she was the only one who was able to make him feel peaceful for some time, but that also scared him.. he should not feel this indescribable feeling for a Princess but he had no control over his emotions and how much ever he try, he can’t deny the fact that he wanted to be with Princess Swara! He followed her and then he saw her stopping and turning back and looking at him. he rode the horse more fast and went near her and stopped near her. She passed a smile to him and then they both went together, not with any quickness, their horses were just walking and they both enjoyed the comfortable silence and the fresh evening environment…
They kept travelling not realizing the passage of time. They both stopped near the same river they met for the first time. Swara smiled remembering their meet when she stood like a mad girl in front of him admiring him not even knowing why she was standing before him. she got off her horse and went near the river staring it. He too went near her getting off from the horse smiling at the memories of their first meet. He sat near the river, she smiled and sat near him. again the peaceful silence prevailed between them which Sanskar really loved, just her presence itself soothed his pain, some times he admitted it, but some times he do not!.. “why did you told me to be away from you?” Princess Swara started the conversation making him frown, he looked at her but saw her just staring the river. “I am sorry for saying like that!” he said and turned, Swara looked at him. “I don’t need your apologize. I just wanted to know the reason Prince!” she said and saw him closing his eyes in a tired and a painful way. He opened his eyes and looked at her, “please call me Sanskar!” he felt relief. He finally said to someone at least indirectly how much it hurt him to be called by a name which doesn’t belong to him, which he doesn’t deserve. While Swara just blinked her eyes, she had never seen a Prince who loves to be called by his name. with each and every second passing, Prince Sanskar Nikanj was becoming a mystery to her. “umm.. okay Sanskar!” she said stressing his name looking down and then looked at him, “now answer me!” he just frowned. How to tell her, why he wanted her to be away from him. no! he can’t. he just can’t! “I can’t tell you now”. He said looking down, Princess Swara looked at him keenly noticing the sadness consuming him. “I will tell you some other day!” he said still looking down. “I will wait!” he raised his head and looked at Princess Mithra who was smiling at him as if she understood him. A smile that really soothed and made him feel fresh. “why did we come here?” Sanskar asked looking around and admiring the nature. Princess Swara smiled, “I don’t know! I just wanted to roam for some time and I got your company too! And co incidentally even my horse got tired and correctly stopped in this place…” she said dipping her hand in the river and playing with water, “where we first met!” she completed her sentence still playing with the water. Silence again prevailed between them, but Swara spoke after some time, “it was written in fate that we should come here today!” she said smiling still making her hand wet. Sanskar frowned hearing it, whether it was really written in fate that he should take her to his master. Fear, sadness, millions of emotions occupied him thinking what will happen in few days. He looked at the beautiful princess near him who was smiling happily, she believed him so much. His eyes turned moist, what will be her reaction when he will take her to his master? What she will feel for him? Disgusted? Hatred? He looked away wiping his tears, the thought that she will hate him made him feel so broken that he wanted to cry so loud right now, he had no one to share his feelings. Absolutely no one! He kept on wiping his tears until he felt his cloth suddenly getting wet, he heard a laughter sound, he turned and saw Princess Swara splashing water on him. a smile formed on his face seeing the innocent angel who was making him smile. She was also a brave Princess!..
Princess Swara saw him suddenly turning away and he talked nothing which was annoying her. She immediately splashed the water on him, he turned and looked at her startled that made her laugh like anything. “where did you get lost suddenly?” she asked in between her laughs and again splashed water on him. he smiled seeing her laughing whole heartedly and said, “it’s getting late! Shall we go?” he saw her laugh finally stopped as she said, “you go! I want to be here for some more time!” she said and again started playing with the water. Sanskar sighed, such a kid! He didn’t get up and stayed there for her, he didn’t wanted to leave her alone and so he stayed there. But Princess Mithra had no intention to move from there. “you know? There is a big water falls in my land. Near the Palace! The time I spend there with Ragini is much more than I spend in Palace!” she said standing up. “who is Ragini?” he asked getting up with her. “she is like my sister. My best friend!” she said walking around. Sanskar walked with her, “she is living with me from my childhood. I am missing her the most here!” Sanskar noticed the sadness hearing her voice. But her words struck him, living with her? Like her sister? “is she a Princess?” he asked doubtfully. “for me, she is an angel who solves all my problems!” Princess Swara said smiling. “we have our own loved ones!” Swara looked at him hearing him. “our loved ones always mean so much to us! I asked whether she is a Princess?” Sanskar asked and saw her nodding a no, they both kept walking. Sanskar realized who Ragini must be, if she is not a Princess then how can she live with a Princess? “she is a slave!” Swara stopped walking hearing him. “right?” he asked and he saw Swara looking at him angrily. “I don’t like it when someone calls her like that! She means so much to me!” he saw Princess Swara going to her horse and sitting on it angrily. He just smiled, not all slaves were like him. some had a good fate too who had such nice masters, but he had no one! He went near Princess Mithra. “I am sorry!” she looked at him. “I don’t know about it, I will never talk anything about her after this!” he apologized genuinely. Swara nodded to him, he doesn’t know about her. So, fine. She can forgive him. she looked around again, Sanskar stared at her as she looked everywhere, he saw her frowning after she looked everywhere. “let’s go!” he heard her disappointed voice. “what happened?” he asked. “I love flowers, I thought of plucking few, but I can’t see any flowers here!” she looked at him and said, “let’s go now!” Sanskar nodded to her and got on his horse and they both went from there. The sky was dark by now, it was night time with the beautiful moon light. Their journey remained silent, both talked nothing while going back…
They tied their horses back in the go down, they both were coming out together, their silence still continuing. Sanskar saw a beautiful flower near a tree. He smiled and went near it, Swara stopped walking looking him going in the other direction. He plucked the flower and came near her, she smiled seeing the beautiful flower. Sanskar gave it to her, she got it happily. Sanskar saw her eyes closing and her smile growing more wide when she inhaled the fragrance of the flower. A smile formed on his lips seeing her happy. “Thank you!” she whispered, and then they both again started walking speaking nothing. They came inside, now they both had to go in different directions to their tent. Sanskar started walking when Swara stopped him, “Sanskar!” he stopped and turned back to look at her. She passed a smile to him and said, “you can call me Swara!” she said and went from there still smiling..
Sanskar just blinked his eyes, remembering their first meet. The answer she said when he asked her name,
And now she asked him to call her Swara, that means..
Was he added in the list of her dear ones now?…

Precap: ~Her questions and confusions~
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thank you all! love you all..

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