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Her head started spinning because of her confusion. She also had to fulfill her duties, and she also wanted to live with Sanskar. yes! She is selfish and greedy and she will admit it. They were near the sword now, don’t know what happened to their other competitor and just when they were near the shining powerful sword, Swara was still lost in the conflict between herself. “should I really take this sword and win the competition, Princess?” at his slow whisper, her trance broke as she looked at him with tears. she closed her eyes sighing remembering their times spent together and the pride her father had for her and the smiling faces of her people who bid her bye happily when she was going from her palace. “Princess?” she opened her eyes and saw him standing close to her, his hands were about to wipe her tears, but she herself wiped her tears and then looked at him determined, don’t know why he was frowning and looked sad but she just continued, “we both are going to win this! Take this sword out with me!” she said and again few tears started flowing from her eyes feeling guilty, why was she unable to choose anyone? She loved both her nation and him equally? But still, isn’t this wrong that she is unable to choose him alone or maybe she was being wise fulfilling her responsibilities and also getting her love? Sanskar didn’t do his duty as a slave only for her. He choose her over his master but why is she unable to do it when she loves him so much. Or maybe she should not compare both of their situations. She was getting so much confused when she heard his voice, “you told that we will take it together!” she looked at him hearing his voice and he was standing near the sword now. Giving a smile to him and brushing away her thoughts, she went near him and they both took the sword from the ground at the same time. The sword shined in the sun light, the Kings who were down were astonished to see that two people were holding but they can’t properly see who it was, maybe really two people won it?…
She suddenly closed her eyes and started crying making him sad. What happened to her? He went near her and was about to wipe her tears but she herself wiped it, but that small act of hers pained him. maybe she really didn’t notice him approaching her to wipe her tears, but deep inside himself, he was also thinking that if she is not letting him touch her because he is a slave. He rubbed his eyes stopping the tears from flowing while she was lost in her own thoughts. And then she suddenly said that they both are going to win this, he just smiled sadly. They both are going to be proved equal? But why? Why is she again and again forgetting his reality, but he has told her that he is a slave, she is not caring about it. Sighing, he went near the sword waiting for her but she didn’t come. And after calling her and remembering her, she came to him and they both took the sword at the same time.. they both went back again, Sanskar was just lost in his thoughts. He still doesn’t understand what Princess Swara was planning. What is the need to do all this? Why is she making a slave win a competition that is meant for royal people?…
The Kings were surprised seeing Prince Sanskar and Princess Swara coming together with the ‘sword of power’. They were happy that the competition was completed but how can there be two winners? “I think we should keep one more level!” one of the kings suggested and all agreed to him. “no need of that!” they all turned and looked at Princess Mithra, while she walked towards them determined keeping her head high in proud. She clasped her hands giving respect to them and said, “I respect you all so much! Forgive me that I am not obeying you, but no need of other level! We both will share this sword!” at her words, all the Kings looked amused at her, even Sanskar was unable to understand what was going in her mind. “but Princess, how can two nations own this sword? It is meant only for the superior!” a King said and all agreed with him except King Mahendra who was just looking at Swara. He knew she is so much brave and something was running in her mind. For few minutes, all the Kings kept telling something until they realized that Princess was not answering him, so they all kept quiet. Swara sighed and said, “you all said correct, we both belong to different lands but will soon be belonging only to one land!” all looked at her curiously including Sanskar. she gives all of them a slight smile before telling, “we both are going to marry soon! And then we can obviously share this sword, right?”…
It was just a few words which had numbed his soul. After her announcement, all the kings actually looked happy and congratulated her and then left the topic of keeping another level, but her words is something which is again and again repeating in his mind. The prestigious kings has given a golden chariot as a gift for them in which he is sitting while she is riding the horse in front of him. This is not his place, it must be he who should be riding this horse now, not her. He keeps staring at her from back. They spoke nothing after her announcement, they both just packed their things and is now going.. he don’t know! He doesn’t know what is their destination now, he is just staring at her, not blinking his moist eyes. Did she know what she just talked there? Marriage? She said that they were going to marry? How many times does he have to tell her that he is a slave. A SLAVE! How can he marry a Princess? He wanted to argue with her, ask her whether she have gone mad. But no words came out of his mouth, only her words kept repeating in his mind. Should he be happy that he was going to get his love? Or maybe she said lie there, maybe she had some plans! Or is he must be the one who should be stopping her from playing with him? does she even know that she is killing him? she is giving the biggest pain to him, he is neither being able to be close to her nor she is also letting him go far from her. He clutched his forehead tightly as tears flowed from his eyes, he closed his eyes and joined his head with the chariot feeling like he is living in the darkness but tears still managed to move from his closed eyelids. His eyes remained close, his mind completely blank and his ears unable to hear anything except her words that kept echoing to him..
“we both are going to marry soon!”
He finally opened his eyes when he no more felt the chariot moving, Princess Swara was not sitting in the front, where did she go? He came out of the chariot and discovered that he was in the same place, near that river when he first time met Princess Swara! Looking around, he sighed seeing Swara sitting near the river and playing with the water like always. He went and sat near her, but she said nothing and kept playing with the water. He looked up and kept staring at the sky, he still didn’t come out of the effect of her words, he is still so numb. He was just looking at the sky praying that a conversation starts and she tells him that why did she tell like that in front of everyone.. he kept thinking, there was silence for some time until she whispered, “you clearly know that I hate silence!” a sad smile came on his lips hearing her, he sighed closing his eyes and then looked at her with moist eyes but she was still so much interested in playing with the water. “I just don’t know what to talk!” he said in a choking whisper making her stop the activity of playing with water. “I am still not getting why you said like that!” he whispered and then she looked at him, her gaze was still now cold but now it softened seeing him crying, her hands went to wipe his tears when he stopped her holding her wrist. “no Princess! First answer me!” he whispered holding her wrist tightly, and then she freed her hand from her grip and cupped his face moving close to him and wiped his tears making him shiver with their closeness, “I have told you a lot of times that you should call me Swara!” she whispered sadly and he saw her eyes brimming with tears too. “I didn’t tell you a lot of times, I told you only a few times, but why are you not understanding that I am a slave?” he asked in a tired way still crying while she continued to wipe his tears. he closed his hands in a fist controlling himself from touching her face and wiping her tears. “I asked you something, Princess!” he asked again whispering as she just kept staring at him with tears and wiping his tears and said really nothing. She smiled sadly, “I do understood what you said!” he frowned hearing her. “you understood that I am a slave? Then why are you doing this? Why did you announce like that?” he asked finally losing control on himself as his hands went to her cheeks and wiped her tears. “I announced because I wanted it!” he keeps looking at her sadly, her hands were resting on his cheeks while his hands were on her cheeks. He just keeps staring at her. He knew that this is wrong, then why is she not listening to him? how to make her understand that she was behaving childishly? How to make her understand that she was giving him pain by doing such things? And then Princess Swara’s face was so much close to him, her lips were almost touching his ears, “I hate silence! Speak something!” he sighed hearing her and then her hands were around him hugging him. “this is wrong Princess, we both should be away from each other!” he said stammering closing his eyes, all these things were so much difficult for him she broke the hug and cupped his face, “you really want to be away from me, Sanskar?” he shivered at the way she called his name with so much love and longing. What if she? No! what he was thinking? How can a Princess love a slave? “what do you want Princess? What are you planning?” he asked slowly feeling her hands brushing away his tears. he saw her closing her eyes and sighing looking down. She was silent for some time and then looked up at him, tears were flowing from her eyes as she whispered, “I really want to marry you, Sanskar!” he blinked his eyes in shock, and then her hands were holding his palms. “Do you know how much I missed you yesterday? Do you know how much scared I was when I saw you lying lifelessly in the pool of blood?” he gets shocked seeing the way she was shouting at him angrily while her eyes were so much red and her tears seemed endless. Bitterness formed in his soul to think why was his life going like this, he looked at his hand in which she was tightening her grip. “do you know how I felt when you left my palm yesterday? And today morning also you just said no need to worry about your wounds!” he looked at her shocked and numbed as she stood up and was shouting angrily, “what do you think of yourself? However it happened Sanskar, whoever beat you! You are fighting nicely only, right? Can’t you fight back? Before this also, you have hurted yourself like mad. Do you think losing blood is a common thing, Sanskar?” he too stood up silently seeing her shouting like anything. “Swara!” he tried to hold her hands but she just jerked him making him more shocked. “now you remember my name is Swara?” his shocked eyes softened as her voice cracked and she closed her eyes sobbing hardly. He tried to cup her face but his eyes widened when she hid herself in his embrace muting her cries. “why are you telling that we should be away from each other? Do you know, how much I miss you if you are not with me even for a second!” his hand went to her hairs as he caressed it softly struggling with his own tears. and after some time, she took herself a little away from him wiping her tears making him just keep staring at her shocked, he is unable to understand anything. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply and opened her eyes, her eyes were so red making him go so weak by her pain. “I want to marry you Sanskar! if you don’t like me, then tell it in front of everyone and reject me. I don’t care!” she whispered angrily and turned her back to him and started going towards the chariot making him more shocked and numb. Don’t like her? Does she know that she is his only wish? She is the one whom he loves like anything but he doesn’t deserve her which she is not understanding. And reject her? Does a slave even have this right? Who is he to reject her? “why will I reject you, Princess?” he whispered and then she stopped walking and looked back at him. he was looking at her teary eyed and then she whispered slowly, “then marry me!”…

Precap: ~A Promise Again!~
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  1. Beautiful epi..loving this bold swara..
    I didn’t expect swara to announce their marriage infornt of all the people..after reading that line I was like??
    And i wanna ask sanskar why is he feeling so guilty ??
    Being a salve doesn’t mean u can’t get ur
    own share of happiness..hope soon swara would make sanskar realise that he too deserves happiness..
    Swara is a brave and strong princess ??
    Thank you for portraying swara this way??

    1. Raina

      aww.. i am very happy that you are loving the story and swara!!!
      hmm.. sanskar.. he is living this reality from his childhood, he cannot suddenly transform himself.. and he thinks swara doesn’t love him and has some other motive behind for doing this..
      he thinks himself as unfit for her.. but don’t worry!!
      i will soon settle everything!! you too take care..
      thank you kumu!

    1. Raina

      thank you S!!
      glad you loved it..

    1. Raina

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  2. Prashasti7

    Omggggg this was superb diiii
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    BT I’ll not listen u this tym
    Love u diii ???

    1. Raina

      haha.. lol..
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  3. Well here I’m reciprocating ur hug more tightly than u…
    Ah!!! Sweetheart don’t talk about exams they are just troublesome…
    Huh inspite of knowing everything I do the silliest mistake one can ever think of… leave this shit now…
    Let’s com to our topic of interest…
    Finally the Feelings are outpoured??
    This Sanskar na… huh!!!! I’m already telling u that after the I union give us a blockbuster update where Swara takes revenge of all this bravery… Our Swara is really praiseworthy.. she is proposing and kidnapping her love and doing all sorts of tactics to save her love… So atleast she deserve grand proposal…
    Coming to this update it was magical…
    Swara’s outburst was worth reading…
    And the last line????
    God!!!!! I’m deeply in love with it…
    Marvellous babe…
    Keep writing…
    Stay blessed☺☺☺

    1. Raina

      Savanshi! well, i can’t promise a grand proposal as it is not easy for sanskar to come out of his shell.. he thinks he doesn’t deserve her, while she thinks that he doesn’t love her…
      things are bit complicated right now but nothing will stop them when they realize that they both love each other!!
      and those chapters are on the way..
      i cannot promise the proposal because he is not so romantic but will give them happiness for sure..
      i am very happy you are loving it..
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  4. Beautiful

    1. Raina

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  5. AbrahamEzra

    Chunke(heart. Used to call bff) it was awesome. I just loved it. Swara had announced their and that too in front of other kings. *dancing like mad* woah
    I will beat sanskar if he say no to her. He loves her then y is he denying her.He is not forcing her. She is doing it in her own wish na then y is he behaving like this. Plss make them marry soon. At least after that they will get some happiness.
    Post soon dear
    With lots of love

    1. Raina

      sanskar is unable to forget his reality dear.. and he also thinks swara is doing this for some purpose!! he can’t understand that she loves him but when he will then no will dare to separate them!!
      am very happy you loved it..
      thank you so much pooja!! next is on the way..
      love you!

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  8. Awesome part di..swara is so brave
    Loved it…

    1. Raina

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  9. Simi

    Amazing dear.. Swara’s marriage announcement was unexpected… Haye how much they both care for eachother ??

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      the 21st chapter is already online..

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