SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 2 [by Raina]

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Crossing the range of mountains, Princess Swara was making her way to the forest where the competition was held. The cold air touched her and she smiled riding the horse more faster. She had always loved riding horses. They were like her friends. She smiled more welcoming the bone chilling breeze and the drops of rain to touch her. It was drizzling. Her happiness didn’t last long as her horse suddenly stopped. She pulled the rope but the horse refused to move making her frown, she got off from the horse and started caressing it, she then saw it’s leg. She immediately knelt and saw that a thorn has pierced it. Blood was oozing making her worried. She blew air on the horse leg and carefully took the thorn. The horse moved and made a loud shout wincing in pain. She stood up and started caressing to calm the horse. She took a small cloth from her cloth bag and tied it around the leg of her horse. She dragged the horse from there holding it’s rope, “I am taking you to a river. You will get water there!” the horse walked with great difficulty to the river with Princess Swara…

The horse was drinking the water, while the Princess took turmeric from her bag and mixed it with water. She removed the cloth from her horse’ leg and applied the turmeric gently giving relief to the wounded horse. She tied her horse to a nearby tree and started looking around the beautiful mountains which were making her feel so pleasant. Her gaze continued to move everywhere admiring the nature but she suddenly stopped her gaze.. at someone! Someone was sitting near the bank of the river with a black royal horse, that ‘someone’ was far from her. But she can tell seeing the outfits that he was a Prince! She started going near, why should she care? It was just someone, a stranger, an unknown prince whom she never met. She didn’t know why she was so much curious to see him. she walked.. she continued to walk, the distance decreased with his face becoming clear to her…

Sanskar was sitting staring at the river, looking at his own reflection. The new phase of his life where he is going to be called as Prince by everyone, he was going to live the life of a Prince. He was going to fight, do all sorts of cunning things to make Prince Laksh Prathap fail in this fight.. the fight which is going to be held between a number of princes for a sword and even a princess was going to take part. While defeating Prince Laksh, he also had to get the Princess Mithra to his master Sahil! He closed his eyes, he had heard about Princess Mithra, she was so good in all fights, he had heard that whatever wars had happened in that country, it’s Princess Swara Mithra who had always lead all the wars. Well, it was true that when he heard such things, he really didn’t care about these things. Being a slave, he respected all the royal people with all his heart but being a man, he definitely thought for at least a second, was she really that much powerful. But he also respects women, so this was going to be hard for him to follow his master’s orders. He took a deep breathe, his eyes remained close enjoying the darkness, he loved darkness! He wished that the moment stops just with his closed eyes. He wanted to hide, he wanted to be away from everyone. He was surely brave, he can fight, he will not get scared even if the enemy he is going to fight is so much stronger than him. he had always tried his best but no one can change the fact that he was a slave and he really didn’t like to live this lifeless life which is spent for others…

Princess saw the Prince’s face. His deep black eyes was focused on the fast flow of the river, she didn’t understand that he was actually staring at his own reflection but then suddenly he closed his eyes, his few strands of hair were on his forehead. She didn’t know why she was standing there, why she was staring him, why she was noting his every feature, his eyes, his sharp nose and then suddenly his face turned to her. His eyes straightly looking at her eyes. “who are you?” he asked. She kept staring at him, her eyes didn’t fail to notice the drop of tear on his cheeks. “what are you doing here?” he asked. It was then when she realized that she had no answer for his questions. What was she doing here?

Sanskar felt a gaze, his face first slowly turned and saw a shadow, and then his face raised only to see someone staring at him with a smile. That ‘someone’ was beautiful. So beautiful he had ever seen. Beautiful would be so underestimating, but he didn’t knew any other words to describe her and he didn’t wanted to know! “who are you?” he asked even after looking at her keenly, she was dressed in a royal dress with beautiful jewels adoring her and her long black hair that came till her waist flew in air perfectly. He definitely knew that she must be a Princess! But what is a princess doing in such a forest area? And that was what he asked her, “what are you doing here?” but she remained silent making him frown. He stood up…

She saw his movement, he got up and somewhere she finally realized she had nothing to do here, she had to go.. somewhere very important. She immediately turned to go but stopped hearing a voice. “you must be a Princess!” her lips curved without her knowledge as she turned to him. “and you must be a Prince!” she said and realized that her voice sounded so low, what happened to her? But her attention was drawn to him when saw his face going pale..
“you must be a prince!” No! he was not a Prince! He was not! His face turned pale hearing her, bitterness engulfed his heart realizing that he is going to get a mirage of respect in his deserted life for a few days. “and what a princess has to do here? In this forest?” he asked forwarding their conversation not to make himself a fool in front of her by making her realize that something was wrong in him but she just frowned making him confused..

Men! What she has to do here? Can’t girls come to forest? She hated this. “I am a princess! Don’t I have the right to go anywhere Prince?” she asked making him shocked. At first, her voice was so low, just like a sweet, calm and a shy princess but now her voice was filled with anger. Her voice was high, with a lots of confidence. “then why were you staring at me Princess?” he asked. She can answer him only if she knows the reason! She still didn’t understand why her legs failed to move after seeing him and her eyes failed to blink. “I am sorry for that Prince!” she said putting an end to their conversation not realizing how rude it sounded, she turned around in a swift making her hairs jump in the air. She looked more beautiful… “there is no use of asking sorry when you really don’t regret!” she stopped hearing his voice and turned to him angrily. “yes! I don’t regret! And why should i? my eyes, I will see whoever, whatever I want!” she said, she was getting irritated. “then why did you ask sorry?” she opened her mouth and again stopped realizing she had no answer, she said sorry because she wanted to end their conversation, she was not ready to admit that his presence affected her so much. She just stood there not knowing what to answer but just staring at him angrily..

Sanskar was not like this. This was definitely not him, but he didn’t had idea that how did he suddenly started talking so freely with someone like this. That too with a Princess! She had no answer and so she started walking again but he again stopped her, maybe with the fear that if she goes, he will again starts to think about his life which will just give him pain or maybe, JUST maybe he didn’t wanted her to go. “you are talking so much about rights!” she stopped hearing him and turned to him. “if I ask, why you came, you tell that you have the right! If I ask, why are you seeing me, then you tell that your eyes have the rights!” he said but saw her just staring at him angrily. “I don’t want to talk with you!” she said. “it’s you who came here, but why are you getting so angry for such small things?” he asked moving near to her. She then realized, how silly it was. There was nobody’s fault and she was fighting with him like a kid. She closed her eyes and sighed, she opened her eyes and saw him near to her and said, “I am sorry!” he gets confused hearing her calm voice. “this is going very silly!” she said, she planned to go, she would have gone if he didn’t ask her, “but why did you get angry suddenly?” he asked and she frowned. “why do you keep asking questions?” swara asked. “why do you never answer my questions?” he asked and her frown grew more, this was just irritating her and all these things were so silly. She took a deep breathe and said, “listen! You asked me what a princess has to do in a forest, that’s the reason I got angry! I hate people who considers someone less than them! Can’t princesses come to forest? Even they are strong enough, at least I am!” he just blinked his eyes seeing her shouting so angrily, somehow he found her so cute. And before he could say anything, he saw her taking the sword from the holder that was wrapped around her waist. “shall I prove how strong I am?” she asked showing her sword, he took his sword smiling at her and then they both got indulged in the sword fight that lasted so long with nobody giving up and nobody losing. Sanskar was surprised seeing her braveness and he really didn’t feel sad that she proved him wrong!
Suddenly swara’s horse which she left near a tree started shouting making her stop for just a second worrying about the wound of her horse but that second became an advantage for him and he defeated her and her sword fell down. She gets shocked realizing that she actually lost! She looks up to him seeing him smiling at her, she just takes her sword angrily, even she had ego, she was unable to believe that she actually lost. She left from there to her horse, sanskar followed her confused, he saw her caressing her horse calming it and then got on the horse angrily. She untied the rope from the tree, she was all set to go when Sanskar came near her. “your horse has got hurt!” he said looking at it’s leg, he was about to touch the horse when she caught his wrist. “my horse is fine!” she said slowly not letting herself burst in anger which she wanted to. He touched her wrist with his another hand and released his hand from her grip. He was about to kneel down to look at the wound when she said, “I am getting late!” she said moving back with the horse. She turned the horse when he asked, “I still don’t know your name!” he said. “it’s Swara for my dear ones and for strangers like YOU, it’s Princess Mithra!” she said and went from there riding her horse, it’s wound was better now..

“Princess Mithra!” he whispered. Tears form in his eyes realizing whom he actually met now. This was the princess whom he had to take to his master.
The words of his master Prince Sahil echoed in his ears. He looked at his left hand, with which he just now touched Princess Swara’s wrist. Tears rolled down in his eyes, for few seconds he forgot whom he was, he forgot that he was a slave, he forgot that he was acting like a prince! Happiness consumed him when he was with the princess he is going to kidnap soon. But when he realized that all these were wrong, that all these were just a mirage which is not going to last for a long time, he just felt pain.. only pain…

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