SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 19 [by Raina]

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Princess Swara opened her eyes feeling her being lifted and looked at Sanskar who was taking her out of the go down.. go down? They had reached the place of competition. “Sanskar!” she whispered and at the next moment her legs were on the ground as he placed her down carefully. “I am sorry, Princess. But you were asleep, so I had to bring you like this!” he said looking away making her surprised. She said nothing to him, why was he giving her explanation? And before she could say anything, he said, “why did you come there, Princess?” he asked looking at her sadly. Anger consumed her listening him as she whispered angrily, “how are your wounds now?” Sanskar couldn’t get the anger in her voice, he sighed and said,

“Princess. Why did you come there? And about my wounds, no need to worry about them!” she felt tears brimming in her eyes blurring her vision. No need to worry? He had snatched her soul from her when she saw him completely immersed in blood. “how did you get hurt?” she asked whispering still looking at him and then he looked at her, she saw his eyes getting softening and getting sad for some time but he soon controlled himself and told, “Princess! I am asking you why did you come there! But you are going on about my wounds? Who cares about it? Do you have any idea what could have happened to you yesterday?” more tears flowed from her eyes seeing him shouting at her angrily and madly. His red eyes showing nothing but pain and anger. “and do you have any idea what would have happened if I didn’t come and see you?”

she asked whispering controlling her tears. his unconscious state and he was immersed in bruises and wounds making her feel like dieing for a second instead of seeing him. “what would have happened to me? I would have been dead!” he said looking away making her shocked and shiver to the core. The depth of his words getting registered in her mind and making her scared and angry. She closed her hands in a tight fist controlling her anger as she whispered sarcastically, “what would have happened to me also? Even I would have been dead!” she saw his gaze suddenly looking at her with horror. His red eyes were widened and have became moist as he immediately caught her shoulders tightly roaring at her angrily, “PRINCESS!” she just kept looking at his heated angry gaze and whispered, “IT’S SWARA!”…
As soon as she whispered, he knew she was awake and he immediately put her down carefully and said awkwardly the reason for lifting her looking away. After all she know that he is a slave, why will she allow him to touch her? And when he said that no need to worry about his wounds, he saw her eyes becoming moist making him go back to their old days. Did she still cared for him? but her tears gave him so much pain. While he kept asking her the reason for coming to Prathap palace, she just kept asking him about the wounds making him angry as he said, “I would have been dead!” it is true. He indeed wanted it, but she saved him. “Even I would have been dead!” her words came like a terrible storm hitting him and making him lose himself. Her words making him completely numb as he caught her shoulders and shouted at her angrily, “PRINCESS!” he was so much angry on her for saying those words but her next words shocked him. “IT’S SWARA!” his hands left the grip on her shoulders as he moved back looking at her with wide eyes. Was this all dream? Or he told her about his reality yesterday. Whether that is a dream? She is still telling him to call her by her name even after knowing that he is a slave? “do you know what you are talking?”

a bare whisper escaped his lips as he cried looking at her. She came near him and cupped his face and wiped his tears crying herself making him shocked. “I asked you to call me by my name because you are not a stranger to me!” at her slow whisper, he could do nothing but cry more. His legs were no more able to sustain his weight as he slowly slid down from her grip and knelt down on the ground as he said whispering looking down, “I may not be a stranger to you. But I am a slave!” he whispered and raised his head only to see her staring at him crying. Her eyes depicting her pain. “please don’t give me these rights, Princess! I am a slave!” he again looked down sobbing and covering his face with his palms hating himself whispering, “A SLAVE!” he closed his eyes tightly and wetted his palms with his tears until he felt her touch on his hands. He opened his eyes and saw her looking at him with lots of tears, her face was so much red.

She looked so much painful and at the next moment her hands was wrapping him tightly shocking him again. She was making things more difficult for him, his acceptance of his reality was slowly decreasing and he have started loving her the most and hating himself the most. He didn’t even move an inch but just cry and let her also cry in his embrace and then she broke the hug and wiped his tears. he closed his eyes feeling her touch. “if you are really thinking yourself as a slave..” he opened his eyes hearing her while she looked determined and whispered, “then follow the orders of this Princess too!”…
Sanskar had his head hung low standing outside the tent of the organizers while Princess Swara was inside having a serious discussion with them to take him back in the competition. He closed his eyes taking a deep breathe controlling his tears. why? What was the need for this? HE IS NOT A PRINCE! Then why should he take part in this competition? To participate and try his level best to win the sword of power is the order given to him by Princess Swara. Why were all forcing him to act like a Prince bringing him out of the reality? Why were all making him quench for happiness? His chain of thoughts were broken when he saw Princess Swara stepping outside of the tent looking at him coldly.

She just gave him a look and went from there while he followed her. “Princess!” he whispered and that’s when she stopped walking and turned and looked at him and before he could say anything, she said, “I have talked. The competition will start in few minutes and you are in. I have spoke so much for you inside so don’t let my head down!” he frowned hearing her angry voice and just looked down feeling like crying as all these situations were making him weak. She started going and he looked at her going, feeling like she is going so much far from him but she suddenly stopped at a distance and turned back to him making him curious while she said, “and it’s not Princess for you! It’s Swara!” he sighed with tears as she again started going. He whispered sadly controlling himself from breaking down, “why are you doing this, Swara?”…
She choked hearing his words as he closed his face with his palms and was sobbing hardly making her feel so much pain as she bent in front of him. she had to do something. This reality of his is choking him, it is really not making him even care about his own life. She had to do something to get his love, she had to do something to live with him, she had to do something to make him know about his own potential.

She took his hands from his face and saw his red pale and moist face drenched with his tears. she remembered how he hugged her yesterday and hugged him tightly bursting out crying remembering how he got hurt. she cried in his embrace, she didn’t feel him hugging her back and cried more making her hold on him tight and then suddenly getting an idea, she broke the hug and wiped his tears..

“if you are really thinking yourself as a slave, then follow the orders of this Princess too!”..

After having a long talk with the organizers about involving Sanskar in the competition, she came outside of the tent only to look at his crying face again making her more weak but she managed to say coldly that she wanted him to win and call her Swara, but not Princess!..
Swara came inside her tent and wiped her lone tear. She have to be strong, she looked at the flower pot and smiled, everything is going to be fine soon. Very soon…
As the remaining and last five tough competitors started fighting with swords and arrows, that scene was not less than any war. Princess Swara saw Sanskar also fighting bravely in spite of his wounds making her happy. She smiled with her tears and continued her fight too. When she was fighting, the other competitor tried to attack her from behind but Sanskar saved her making her smile grow wide. He was not any slave as he thinks, he is her life.. he is her savior!..
Two competitors were badly hurt and were now out of the competition. The remaining three competitors who also included Princess Swara and Sanskar had to go to the top of a mountain to get the sword keeping a race between themselves. All the three started running towards the mountain, climbing and going on in their own ways they know..

“do you know how to climb a mountain?” Sanskar asked breathing heavily as they came running here, their other competitor had already started his journey. They both were left behind. “I do know a little!” Swara said smiling looking at the mountain that looked so huge enough. “I will help you! First I will go, okay?” Sanskar said with a little fear as she said that she knows only a little. What if something happens to her? Swara smiled at his concern as he started climbing and after going few distance, he tied a rope and threw it down for her. Her smile grew wide seeing the rope and she got on it climbing the mountain easily now. And at each step she took, she remembered Sanskar and his care for her. She continued to climb up and at the end of the rope, she was astonished to see Sanskar waiting for her. He took her hand in him and then started climbing making her cry with happiness for his care. They both continued to climb the mountain…
Sanskar still didn’t knew why Swara told him take part in this competition again, but if this is her wish, he will do this for her! He had made her cry a lot and can do this for her. He doesn’t know much about this sword and he is also least interested but he didn’t fail to see the smile that came on Swara’s lips when he was fighting with the competitors just before few minutes. He can do anything for her smile. Don’t know what is going to happen after this in his life. But he is just right now living this moment with her as he has become so much greedy for happiness!…


She was climbing the mountain with his help slowly, they had almost reached and she could see something shining at the top. It must be the sword, but then her smile suddenly disappeared remembering about her father, about her nation..

It is true that she loves Sanskar. she loves him so much to give him anything, but she is also a Princess! She had to make her nation proud, she had to make her father proud. The daughter of King Mahendra.. even that young girl wants her to win! She wants Sanskar to win this, to bring him out of the darkness. She is so much selfish, he is her everything. She wants to live with him but what about her duties and responsibilities? What about her dream? What about the dream of her well wishers who wants her to win? Tears brim in her eyes as she keeps walking with Sanskar..

What should she do now? To make such a situation where she can live with Sanskar happily and make him get this sword? For that Sanskar whom she can even give her life? Or fulfill her dreams and duties for her father and her subjects?…
Precap: ~The Announcement~
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