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Prince Sahil poured the drink in his glass again and started drinking it going under the effect of intoxication when suddenly he heard the noise of a horse. It might be his slave. Smirking at his own thoughts, he whispered, “I am not going to leave you today, Princess!” he dropped his glass and stood up from his royal bed walking out of his room to the out of his castle with unsteady steps where slaves reside. The slaves cannot come inside the palace without permission, so Sanskar might be waiting for him. his smile or smirk didn’t leave his lips at the thought of imagining Princess Mithra tied in his slave’s chariot or unconscious or whatever. It is too late and all were asleep. And when he comes out of his palace, he stumbled but his guards caught him from falling, “Prince, You must take rest!” one of the guards said sensing him drunk. Sahil jerked them away, “don’t order me. I am the Prince here”. The guard looked down while he continued to walk unsteadily. He reached near the garden where Sanskar stays, he saw a man looking at the sky showing his back to him wearing an outfit of a Prince, looking just like a Prince. ‘JUST LIKE A PRINCE!’ he knew who it was, his smile grew wide as he walked to him, he stumbled again and this time Sanskar turned to him and immediately ran near him and caught him from falling. “Prince, are you fine?” Sanskar asked holding him and then noticing the sweat drowned on his face and his eyes so much red. It took him a second to realize that his master is drunk. Even his eyes were red, but not because of any drink, it was because of his pain, it was because of the tears he shed the whole day. “where is she?” Sahil asked smiling. Sanskar’s eyes became moist as he frowned hearing his question. “is she in the chariot?” he asked looking around for the horse he gave to him but then he noticed Sanskar staring down and nodding a no. “is she unconscious anywhere?” he again asked happily but he frowned seeing him nodding a no again. “Where is she?” he shouted angrily holding Sanskar’s face, though he raised his face, Sanskar’s eyes were just staring down with tears rolling down on his cheeks. “where is Princess Mithra? I am asking something to you!” Sahil again asked in a slow and a dangerous yet an unsteady voice. Sanskar closed his eyes taking a deep breathe as he whispered still closing his eyes, “I didn’t being her here, Prince!” a slow whisper that made Prince Sahil widen his eyes with fury and shock, his grip loosening from his face…
Sanskar still had his eyes closed and then suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his cheeks and nose and he have fallen on ground hurting his leg, he opened his eyes and touched his nose which had blood, his master had punched him and before he could react, his master slapped him again and has kicked on his stomach making him close his eyes in pain. He got all the slaps, kicks and the punches without complaining. He had his sword with him and his master was also drunk, if he wants, he can save himself. But who is he to go against a Prince? Smiling sadly at his reality, he beared all the frustrations of his master in the form of beatings and then his master stormed inside the castle again angrily. Sanskar looked at his retreating figure with his tears blurred vision, darkness consuming him as he thinks he is going to die. He looked at his right palm, his wound has again got hurt with the cloth she tied him no more there. It was somewhere thrown away when Prince Sahil was hurting him. he is unable to even move, he had lost all his strength. He smiled again sadly remembering Swara, death is going to come to him. not really wanting to struggle with his pain anymore, he just closed his eyes wincing in pain and crying. Until the tiredness reached to an extreme level making him see and think nothing but darkness…

King Mahendra came out of his tent confused seeing Princess Swara approaching to him at such a late time. “yes, Princess. What happened?” he asked still amused, she bowed herself and touched his legs and then looked at him. “I am sorry for disturbing you majesty. But I actually need to go somewhere, NOW!” she said with the sadness and pain evident in her voice. “now?” the King asked surprised. “do you know where is Prathap palace?” she asked slowly in a whisper but saw him gasping in shock. “do you know how women are treated there?” he asked still in shock, she just bowed her head down. “you want to go there, at this time?” he asked and she could see the way he was getting scared and tensed for her. She just sighed saying, “I have to go there, majesty. Please, help me”. The king was getting scared for her, it is a very dangerous place for a Princess like her. “what do you want me to do?” he asked helplessly, she moved a little near him and caught his palms asking, “please tell me the way. I have to go there!” he can see the depth of pain in her voice, she badly wanted to go there. “can you manage there, Princess? It’s very dangerous”. She nodded to him in confidence and then he told her about the way helplessly and still scared for her…

After finding the correct word LOVE for her feelings, she just kept staring at the lake crying missing him. she wanted to meet him, she needs to meet him. she felt so alone and empty without him, after crying for hours, she finally decided to meet him not caring that darkness has filled everywhere and also not caring about the bone chilling weather. After asking her father figure King Mahendra the way to Prathap palace, she got on her horse and rode it to the palace. She was riding her horse still crying miserably. Tieing her horse near a tree, she silently went inside the Prathap palace, she was yet a little scared as both King Mahendra and Sanskar had described this place as a hell. She managed to fool the guards, but she doesn’t have any idea where will be Sanskar. it was so dark, she was walking in the darkness with fear occupying her. A sudden familiar shiver ran over her spine, Sanskar is here! But where? She kept walking, she gets scared when she slips on a hard solid, she bent down and sat to discover that Sanskar was lying down. She gets happy to see him, she cupped his face when she felt something watery. Her eyes widened realizing that it is blood. “Sanskar!” she whispered barely touching his hands and face and hairs and sobbed realizing that he is badly beaten. She looked around, it is so much dark here. She pulled Sanskar by his hands still crying. A beautiful fountain was kept in the middle of the garden, getting a little water from it, she splashed it on his face. He didn’t react making her more scared, she kept splashing water on his face running to the fountain and coming to him again. She took the water in her hands that kept dropping before she could reach him. she cried seeing him not responding to her, no! she had to save him. she lifted his face and patted his face, “Sanskar. listen to me, please!” she shivered seeing more blood on his face. “open your eyes!” she barely whispered and joined her head with him and cried seeing him, feeling like dieing seeing him. she can never see him in pain and this vulnerable state of his was pushing her in a hell and was making her mad, she sobbed for sometime and tried to pull him, she tried lifting him with all her force as she dragged him from there to the out of the palace that is described as hell. She sighed putting him under a tree where her horse was tied. She bent down cupping his face, “nothing will happen to you”. She said in a choking whisper giving strength to herself before running from there, she knew nothing about this land. She was running here and there searching for all the medicines to treat his wounds. She is also not that much special doctor, she had to take him to a wise enough doctor, he had so much wounds on him, she cried remembering his blood. Her soul was crushed to the core as she was not getting all the things she needed, taking a deep breathe, she again started searching each and every plant there continuously wiping her tears to not lose her hope. .
Getting all the things, she needed, she smiled hopefully and ran to him, he was still lying unconscious under the tree near her horse. She ran to him and started treating his wound crying. “you have really gone mad!” she said angrily wiping out his blood and saw him wincing in pain even in his unconscious state, she burst out crying and smiled seeing him finally reacting. “forgot the promise you made to me in the forest? You promised me to take care of yourself!” she said stammering remembering the time they spent there. After wiping out his blood and applying medicines and the basic treatment whatever she know. She hugged him tightly resting her chin on his head and caressed his hairs softly. “how can you break your promise, Sanskar?” she whispered against his hairs slightly dropping a kiss. She took his palm without breaking the hug, even his palm had a lots of bruises, she interwined her fingers with him and said looking at their locked hands, “who told that you don’t have right to hold me, Sanskar?” she whispered sadly remembering the way he left her palms today morning and from that moment, she had became mad. She broke the hug and raised his head to her holding his cheeks, with her one hand while her other hand was in his back sustaining him. “I can’t even breathe properly if you get a small hurt!” she said remembering how angry and tensed she became when he punched a tree. “but today, you have hurt yourself this much? Who did this?” she asked whispering caressing his face and then touched her forehead with him drenching his face with her tears. already sweat has drenched her fully as she kept running fast everywhere and also because of not eating anything from the morning, she felt her eyelids very heavy and felt so much weak and suffocated. She got away from him and sat on the ground joining her back in the tree and pulling him in her hug placing his head near her neck. “do you even know what you mean to me?” she asked weakly caressing his hairs and then let the darkness consume her as she went in a deep sleep letting his warm breathe on her neck sooth her pain…

Sanskar’s closed eyelids didn’t fail to feel that he was somewhere in a really heavenly place, he inhaled a deep breathe feeling her fragrance, his lips curved as he opened his eyes slowly only to find him in her embrace, he looked at Princess Swara and his smile grew wide with sadness engulfing him. is this a dream? A beautiful dream which he wants that it should never end, he departed himself from her, the cols breeze were playing with her hair, he moved a strand of hair from her face and was astonished to see his hand that had some green colour substance. He touched his bruises which was all treated properly. He frowned and sighed looking at the Princess, “why did you save me, Princess?” he whispered sadly caressing her face. “why are you doing this to me?” his eyes became moist as he whispered, “you are this much close to me but I cannot be happy with you, then you should go away from me so that my wish of living with you disappears!” he pulled her to him holding the back of her head and hugged her tightly hiding her in his embrace while she snuggled more on to him in her sleep making him smile. His smile disappeared when he looked around, his eyes widened with shock. She came to this land! He broke the hug and looked at her with fear, anything can happen to her here. “why are you doing this Princess?” he asked sobbing scared for her. His fear grew more when he sensed someone coming. He looked back and saw the royal assistant of the king and also two guards with him. he gulped seeing them. The royal assistant saw them and went to them smirking. “what happened to you?” he asked sarcastically and not at all actually getting concern for Sanskar. he just asked seeing his wounds, Sanskar was just looking at him with fear holding Swara tightly. His eyes went to the girl whom he was holding who looked like a Princess. “you find her here? Nice! Come, lets take her to the palace!” Sanskar widened his eyes when the guards came forward to take her. He didn’t had his sword, maybe it fell down somewhere. He looked at Swara’s horse which was also sleeping peacefully but it had the sword of Swara’s. “we are not going to take her!” he whispered. That royal man got angry hearing him, “you are just a slave! Listen to me!” he roared angrily. Sanskar gets more tears hearing his reality but now more than a slave, he have to become her savior! He immediately took the sword from Swara’s horse. The horse woke up with a jerk as Sanskar fought with the three people stopping them from nearing Swara, he was unable to fight properly because of his wounds but he managed to cut the hand of the cheap royal man and he pushed the guards who got hurt on their heads. Swara slowly opened her eyes hearing the noises and was shocked seeing Sanskar fighting with them. She tried to get up but she was still feeling drowsy but after defeating them, Sanskar himself came to her and lifted her making her smile drowsily as he went to her horse and sat on it still hugging her assuming that she is still asleep. “who told you to come here?” he asked angrily thinking that she is sleeping, she smiled hearing his angry voice and then hugged him more tightly nuzzling her face in his neck. She didn’t had any idea where he was taking her, but she trusted him. she smiled letting the sleep consume her again with the fast cold breeze touching her face and also his presence that made her so much happy!…

Precap: ~Her dilemma~
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