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After telling her about his reality, he expected her to shout at him angrily, or cry. But she showed no emotion, she was just staring at him with her tears, closing his eyes and sighing he continued, “I am a slave, Princess!” he said choking, his closed eyelids still felt her heated gaze on him. “Prince Sahil wants you in his palace, and I am just a slave who had to follow his orders”. He opened his eyes still scared to look at her but she was still staring at him with no emotions. “but I can’t take you there. I will not take you to that hell!” he said it sadly and slowly still looking at her staring at him. he gets more tears. “please say something, Princess!” he said holding her palms. “I know I have no rights to hold your hand!” he immediately took his hands away from her. “Princess, I am sorry!” he said shivering. “shout at me or do something, please”. But still she said nothing, it was then when the reality hit him. how can a slave ask something from a Princess? Standing up from the ground, he wiped his tears and turned his back to her. He started moving towards the go down, he looked back at her, she was still sitting on her knees near that lake and was staring at the ground with her tears. he wanted to bid bye to her, he wanted to hold her hand, he wanted to wipe her tears, but he never had that right and now she will definitely not give that right to him. he looked at her for a very long time, the last time he is seeing her.. her image that will be imprinted in his heart forever and ever. He turned and went towards the go down, he came out with his horse sadly. He sat on his horse and started riding it, each and every time he spent here repeated in his mind making him more sad and cry. He kept riding his horse, he stopped near the river, the river where he met Princess Swara for the first time. He smiled sadly getting off from his horse and dragged his horse near the river. He caressed his black horse sadly, “I will lose you also when I will reach there!” the horse made a loud sound making his sad smile grow wide. Tieing his horse near a tree, he sits near the river and keeps looking at the flow of water, keeps looking at his reflection. This is the place where he first met her, his happiness. He was looking like this at his own reflection before reaching that place. He was very scared to do it, he was confused between his own feelings whether to follow the orders of his master or not spoil the life of a girl, a Princess. He was more scared to become a Prince, but today he felt he could have been a Prince. He is feeling like this for the first time in his life. He is a slave and he accepted his reality and have always lived this life in a very much loyal way to the King he was working before, and as Prince Sahil knew him very well, after the death of that king, he became his slave now. He had did whatever tasks had been given to him till today, this was the first time when he was asked to act like a Prince. When his master again and again remembered him in a dangerous voice that he is just going to act like a Prince, he really felt inside himself that why his master was telling this again and again? He was so confident that he will not change, that no one can change him, but he was wrong. A brave but also an innocent Princess had changed his thoughts and have made him crave for her touch, crave for her talks, crave for happiness! He kept betraying Prince Laksh and tried his level best to make him lose but when he didn’t even tried anything and actually wanted to live happily, Prince Laksh got hurt and then he was no more a part of the competition. And if Prince Laksh is here, then he must be here, and if Prince Laksh is not here and he also should not be here. His destiny, his life is always connected with someone. He is not completing his task for the first time, he really can’t do this. Maybe if it would have been any other Princess also, he would have saved her which he can call as ‘humanity’. But no, at starting, he really wished to end his task as soon as possible, but as the time passed, he was not ready for this. He didn’t wanted to do this to Princess Swara, he already broke her trust anyway. He closed his eyes crying more, don’t know what must be running in her mind. He looked at his right palm which was covered with a cloth treated properly by the Princess. He caressed it, he shivered with tears. he kept his right palm on his cheeks near his nose, trying to inhale.. trying to find out if it is having the fragrance of her..
“I hate silence!”
He lay on that ground remembering her words, his wounded hand on his cheeks while he dipped his other hand in the water moving his hand inside the water like she always does. He remembered how they both played in the water when she first time hugged him in the forest when she cried miserably seeing him missing. “I have only silence now, Swara!” he whispered moving his hands in the water. “I don’t even have right to call your name!” his voice went in a more slow whisper as his tears drowned his face. “you hate silence, but I am going to live in silence and darkness now, Princess!” he took his hand from the water, it had a number of droplets, how did this droplets managed to make her smile but he made her cry? “please come here and talk with me, Princess. I have no one here”. He said looking around, “it is so silent here Princess!” he whispered again keeping his palm inside the water splashing it. His tears flowing endless as he whispered, “I want to be happy Princess”. He had no more control on his voice as it started cracking as he sobbed hardly. “why did I am became a slave?” he asked whispering hating his reality for the first time. His left hand was no more in the water. He was crying hardly by now, his wounded hand still pressing his cheeks and his wet hands clutching his forehead tightly. He closed his eyes admitting, “you have became my wish, Princess! My biggest wish which can never be true”. He opened his eyes and stared at the sky, he was still lying on the ground, how he wish she comes here now and hugs him which is never going to happen. “I can’t live without her”. He whispered crying again dipping his hand in the river. “I am sorry, Princess!” he whispered more weakly and then he sat keeping both his hands on his face crying slowly. The bitterness of reality choking him as he whispered, “I am sorry for betraying you Princess!” he took his hands and looked up staring at the sky, his tears still flowing as he whispered sadly gulping his tears, “forgive me god! But a slave has fallen in love…” he closed his eyes and cried loudly. His cries echoing in that silent environment as he whispered, “fallen in love with a Princess!”…

“I am a slave!”
She was unable to understand anything, his words kept repeating in her mind, she was just completely numb not understanding anything, she was unable to move even an inch. He kept asking her with his tears to shout at him or do something. She has always respected everyone as a human being, she never cares about these things but she have always believed him as a Prince, it is just too shocking. His identity is revealed to her today. She looked at her hands with tears when he locked his palms in hers but then he suddenly released her hands from her grip. This is the reason he is always sad, this is the reason he keeps crying. He stood up from the ground and then went from there, she was just looking at her hand which no more had his touch. She felt his gaze on her but she didn’t dare to look at him but just kept staring at her palms. He then moved from there, and she heard the sound of horse. She finally looked up and saw him riding his horse, her blurred vision and her confused and numbed mind didn’t fail to understand that he was riding in the direction of out of this place. She breathed heavily and finally came to her senses, she finally stood up, she was unable to even run, she walked with her heavy steps, her hands stretched towards his direction, but she cannot stop him. “Sanskar!” she whispered but he was gone. Her legs finally got strength as she walked more fast but she lost him, she fell on the ground with a thud. She remembered their horse race in which she won, that time he didn’t rode his horse like this, she won in it. But today, he went so fast.. so fast that she couldn’t reach him. she stood up from the ground and went inside her tent, her gaze fell on the flower..
“can I hug you?”
His voice echoed in her ears as she looked at the flower. Why did he leave that hug so soon? She didn’t hug him back, he should have waited for her. He did all this because his master asked him to? His master wanted her, such a cheap minded master really made his slave act like a Prince?..
“Please call me Sanskar!”
He told this to her in a tired way long ago indirectly telling her that he didn’t liked to be called as a Prince. She caressed her flower and then looked at her palms remembering how he caught it before sometime but then said he doesn’t have any right to touch her, her other hand caressed her right hand trying to feel him, trying to find him.. she was just so shocked to tell anything and by the time, she was back to her senses, he vanished from her sight..
“I don’t want to take you to that hell!”
“kill me and escape from here, Princess!”
She cried remembering his words, all his words were choking her, just because he don’t want to take her there, he asked her to kill him? she just kept looking at her palm, she needed him now beside her, she wanted to do horse race with him, she wanted to get flowers from him, she wanted to play with him in the water, she wants him to be with her.. “I am so much selfish to not let you go away from me. I want to be with you and already choosed you as my life partner!” she whispered those words looking at her palm, she kept her palm on her lips trying to kiss him, trying to feel him. why did he just go like this?..
“don’t make me get used to you, because when I go from here, nobody will take care of me!”
She cried loudly remembering his words. His reality is something which the world will not accept, but he is so much pure at heart. Even before few seconds, she doubted how could Sahil allow his slave to act like a Prince, but.. “I cannot doubt you”. She whispered still looking at her palm. “why did you leave me Sanskar?” she asked caressing her palm remembering the way he left it, remembering how he hugged her and broke down in her embrace. “I..” she stammered whispering, “I cannot hate you, whatever happens!” she whispered it so slowly, she sat near the flower pot, it is still fresh with her care for it. She again closed her mouth with her hand controlling her loud sobs and also still trying to kiss him. her tears flowed endlessly as she kept remembering all his words, his each word.. whatever he has spoke till today always contained a hidden pain in it. She closed her eyes and just kept crying not really noticing the passage of time just letting the extreme pain and sadness consume her…
She walked out of her tent, the whole day was lost with her tears. she felt so empty without him, she moved towards the lake and stood at the exact place where he told her the truth today. She looked at the water, still all their moments kept running in her mind. She is so much used to him, her happiness lies in him. she can’t even think to live a life without him, she was getting obsessed for him. she was getting mad without him, crying the whole day, her tears didn’t stop as she again closed her eyes and cried and then wiped her tears. his reality is not going affect her, yes! SHE IS SHOCKED but she is not going to change her decision. Obsession, madness, pain, happiness, frustration.. all those millions of emotions was connected with him in her destiny. Standing in an opened place, she still felt so much suffocating without him, she sobbed remembering him.. she is missing him.. “I hate this silence between us!” she said slowly in a whisper before bending down and touching the water with her hands. She really thought for a moment that he betrayed her. She closed her eyes more tightly crying, “I am sorry”. She whispered for not trusting him and then remembered her decision of choosing him as her life partner.. who has now became her reason to breathe and to sum up all her emotions with a one word, she smiled with tears realizing that LOVE is the correct word!…

Precap: ~Slave or Savior?~
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