SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 16 [by Raina]

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Princess Swara was sitting on her bed. She looked towards her tent and saw a shadow approaching, she had locked it anyway. She went near that shadow, a slight guess coming in her mind that who it could be. She remained silent until she heard a choking whisper, “Princess!” she closed her eyes tightly, her guess was correct. It is Sanskar, she closed her mouth with her hand and sobbed looking at the shadow. She closed her eyes again and cried, and when she opened her eyes, the shadow was not there. She opened her tent and saw Sanskar just entering his tent. She immediately closed her tent a little and hid not wanting him to see her and when he went inside his tent, she sighed. She was really hating this so much. She lay on her bed and closed her eyes, all the times they had spent together appeared in the darkness she felt because of her closed eyes. Those tears flow from her eyes uncontrollably until she fell in the arms of sleep but even that was filled with the dreams about him…
Her worry for her father grew more, her hands shivered when she asked about his health and about everyone in the message she was going to send them. Coming out of the tent, she looked at the sky and also at Sanskar’s tent. If all those things didn’t happen in the previous day then by now, she would have pounced inside his tent and would be waking him up in this early morning. Her feet unknowingly made her way towards his tent but she stopped at the entrance not going inside. She closed her eyes tightly, feeling so much helpless and weak. She again ran inside her tent and cried looking at the flower. She sat on her bed, she looked at the cloth, she had written her message but it needs to dry. She kept staring at it with tears blurring her vision. Her heart drowning with the worry for her father. The message which Ragini sent is still in front of her eyes, the lines which she is again and again remembering sadly.
‘King Shekhar Mithra has suddenly fall ill!’
While she was also very much broken because of Sanskar. she was unable to concentrate on anything because of the agonies she was facing…
Indeed it is going to be an unique morning, as the biggest hidden truth is finally going to be revealed. Sanskar opened his red eyes and clutched the blanket close to his face, the last day. He sighed getting up, as the moment keeps nearing, he is just falling more weak. Why is time running this much fast? He blinked his eyes stopping his tears from flowing and then walked out of his tent taking his things. Today, he was wearing the same outfit which he wore the first day he came here, this was his first costly cloth and also going to be the last. The memories he spent here with Swara was coming in front of him again and again. He saw Princess Swara coming out of the biggest tent in this place which is actually for the kings, the organizers. She kept going making her way and he kept staring at her. And then she suddenly stopped walking, her face slowly turned and her gaze fell on him. their eyes locked with each other for a very long time, until he started moving towards her, she turned her face away making him sad and just when she was about to go. “Princess!” his voice managed to come out and reach her ears stopping her. She turned back and looked at him. “I need to talk to you!” he could feel his dried tears again forming in his eyes to realize that the moment of revealing the truth is much more near. He saw her looking at him with a lots of emotions and then she again turned her back to him making him actually widen his eyes as he breathed heavily feeling suffocated to see her hatred. He had to tell her the truth, but how? “please, Princess!” he whispered very sadly and weekly. She turned to him again after a minute. His throat choking to say the next words, “for a last time!” his lips shivered when those words escaped his lips, indeed the last time! He saw her eyes suddenly turning moist and they kept looking at each other with no words to be shared. How he wish, she shouts loudly and angrily that she hates silence. How he wish, she just immediately hugs him and the time stops right there. This Princess had made him so much selfish for happiness, he just didn’t feel like going anywhere without her. “okay!” tears flow from his eyes as she looked down wiping her tears. “after all the last time!” and when she said it looking straight in his eyes, his whole world fell apart. It is the last time, THE LAST TIME! And that thought was making him so much mad. It was spinning his head, and she became sad when he said it is the last time but then she sounded confident and angry. He could see her fury for him in her eyes, hatred! He was hating the fact that she hated him. Princess Swara looked at him for a longer time and then went and stood near the lake which was far from them. He sighed wiping his tears and then went near her she didn’t tell him today “it’s Swara!” when he called her Princess, sadness consumed as each of her small actions depicted that she hated him, each of his steps were so much heavy as he finally went near her. The longest distance between them finally vanished, but he will again go away from her.. so much far or otherwise she herself will push him so far and they can never meet again…
After giving the roll of cloth to King Mahendra to send it to her palace, she started walking out of that tent and moved towards her tent lost in her own thoughts and her unique power of sensing Sanskar was again back, she stopped walking and looked around, her gaze stopped moving when her eyes caught Sanskar staring at her. She kept looking at him, she really wished to stop this silence and be like before with him but it was he who spoiled their smoothly going unnamed relationship. He came towards her but she just turned her face away unable to look at him but then when he pleaded saying that it is the last time, her eyes turned watery hearing him. last time. He was right, he was going from here to day and she will never meet him again, she tried to deny him not wanting to get lost in his big pained eyes, not wanting herself to fall more weak, not wanting to again and again feel betrayed but that words last time, it had just made her so much numb to react. She gave him permission and went near the lake wiping her tears, she heard his slow and heavy footsteps behind her. She cried thinking his words again and again. ‘last time!’ she sighed wiping her tears when he was finally near her. She was anxious for this talk, fear for this talk, she actually didn’t want this conversation to end however it goes because the last time after all!
“I have to say you something important”. She moved her gaze from the lake to him hearing him, he was looking straight in her eyes with a lots of fear. She nodded her head to him but he started crying as he whispered, “something very important!” she became curious hearing him, her hands itching to touch his face and wipe his tears but she badly controlled herself. He closed his eyes and said, “I should actually take you there”. At his shivering and choking voice, she just frowns, what place is he talking about? And why is he so scared? “look at me Sanskar!” she whispered feeling like crying seeing him but she was stopping herself and cursing herself, why should she care for his tears? he opened his eyes and looked at her, she was also staring at him. her red eyes showed her anger but she is sure that her tears would have betrayed her and will also be showing her pain to him. “Prathap palace!” she looked at him confused, she don’t know about this palace anyway. Maybe it is his palace, but his name is Nikanj. She blinked her eyes and then thought to listen to him fully who was struggling with his tears and his words making her sad for him. “I was given a task to take you there, and that palace is not less than a hell at least for a woman!” she frowned with tears slightly guessing the meaning of his words. “King Prasad’s son Prince Sahil’s order!” her eyes suddenly gleamed hearing the name ‘Prasad’, yes! Prathap Palace is King Prasad’s, her land and his land are having many businesses. How could she forget it? But his son? She do know that he has two sons but she is unaware about their names and have never even met them. But brushing away his thoughts, she let the anger consume her. If that Prince Sahil told him to take her there, will he just take her when he himself is describing that palace as a hell? Doesn’t he have humanity? “Sanskar?” she said angrily and saw him looking at her with a lots of pain. “he told you and you just agreed?” she asked, her voice went so much low seeing him crying but she was sure that it sounded angry. They both kept staring at each other, her gaze moved down with him. he was slowly going down and was now sitting on his knees. “I have to listen to him because…” she pressed her lips in a thin line seeing him opening his mouth and breathing heavily, his face itself have became red and he looked so scared.. just too scared making her also cry with fear. Wiping her tears, she knelt down and sat in front of him. “because?” she asked whispering, she saw him closing his eyes tightly sobbing uncontrollably, she badly wanted to wipe his tears. she closed her hands in a fist controlling herself. “Sanskar?” she said angrily making him open his eyes. “tell me, why you have to listen to him?” she asked angrily with her tears, growing curious and also scared seeing him crying. What is that which is making him feel pain for every second. What is that which he is hiding from her? “because..” he again closed his eyes and breathed heavily sobbing. She cupped his face bursting out crying unable to see him this much miserable. “what is it Sanskar?” she asked whispering and wiped his tears. he opened his eyes, “Princess!” she nodded to him gesturing him to continue. “can I hug you?” at his innocent whisper, she just looked at him shocked. What is happening to him? “for the last time, please!” and she said nothing but his hands wrapped her and pulled her close to him possessively, she gets more shocked feeling him crying more and more and he was holding her like he won’t breathe if he leaves her. And just when her hands were about to wrap him and hug him, he pulled back making her frown. “I have to listen to whatever Prince Sahil says because..” he again closed his eyes, she just looked at him crying saying nothing, his state was scaring her. She felt like just stopping him and take him in her arms telling him that there was no need to tell it if he don’t wants to but she was also curious, she badly wanted to know what was his pain and today she was going to know about it. He finally opened his eyes and looked straight in her eyes, she didn’t fail to see the way his whole body and his voice shivered when he said the next words and that words shocked her to the core, “because I am his slave!”…
“because..” he closed his eyes sighing with his tears unable to tell her the truth when he felt her touch on his face and brushing away his tears. he opened his eyes and looked at her, he was going to tell her.. tell her in just a few seconds and then his life will change, he will never be able to taste happiness again, so shall he become selfish for the one last time. He wants to hug her, to feel her close to him, will that ever happen again? “can I hug you?” he asked slowly but she said nothing. “for the last time, please?” saying this not even waiting for her reply he just hugged her tightly crying in her embrace. He knew she was not hugging him but he just cried in her embrace. He pulled back from the hug and after a lots of attempts, he finally closed his eyes ready to tell her but then, NO! he was going to tell her the truth. He had already broke her trust and he was going to tell the truth now facing her. He opened his eyes and said looking straight in her eyes which seemed like the most difficult task as he shiveringly whispered the reality of his life, “because I am his slave!”…

Precap: ~Realization!~
A/N- he finally said it..
and now do guess who is going to realize first???
hope you all liked this chapter..
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  1. Yippee truth is revealed finally…but it was again too emotional
    Loved it…who is going to realize first maybe swara ….lemme see in the next part….. Post sooon

    1. Raina

      next is on the way vanisha!!
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      hmm.. yes!! you see in the next part..
      thank you!!

  2. Simi

    Finally truth is revealed…
    Loved it… Though Swara is angry, she can’t see sanskar in pain.. ??
    Sanskar’s innocence ????

    1. Raina

      am really glad you loved it dear..
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  3. Kanha

    Finally the truth is revealed. Mere dil ko tasalli ho gayi. Sanskar ko ab Swara ke saamne Prince banne is acting nahi karni padegi. Uski aadhi problem solve bhi ho gayi??? Mujhe lagta hai ki Swara ko pehle realization hoga. Uske baad Sanskar ko. Aur uske baad Swasan, Swasan and only Swasan???? Haaye, main kahaan se kahaan pahunch gayi?? Awesome Raina. Jaldi post karna☺️☺️

    1. Raina

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  4. Nice but y are giving so much pain to swasan update soon dear

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      thank you pravee and next in on the way..
      it’s just that i am showing this like an ancient one, i thought to show their struggle warna tho i love my swasan so much.. but just wanted to write this painful story..

  5. Sumayyah

    thanks for posting soon Rainuuuu
    truth is out and now let’s see what will happen.
    eagerly waiting for next part
    love it
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    1. Raina

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  8. Loved it..loved d way u described their emotions..I could feel their pain..waiting for the next part..tc..

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  9. At last the truth is out. I’m very glad my dhosth. Good job. But this was also pain ful. Plss bring back the old swara and the happiness.
    About the question my best frnd*Raina* will tell it to u ok. ?
    Take care dosth

    1. Raina

      thank you so much pooja!!
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  10. Phoniex

    it was too emotional dear. finally, truth is out. now there is no barrier of the lie between them.

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    1. Raina

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    1. Raina

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  12. Prashasti7

    Phewww uk diiii I was actually holding my breath my heart was beating so loudly
    Finally he told ……may b he will get peace now n stop feeling guilty
    BT I really hope that this truth bring them more closer n I think that’s what gonna happen
    Awsm part diiiii n diii I think swara will realize first bz sanskar actually need lots of time to accept his feeling due to the differences between them
    Love u dii tc????
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    1. Raina

      thank you so much prashu!!
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      he doesn’t need anymore time.. he have always controlled but he could no longer supress his feelings.. but yes!! he will really take some time to unite with her…
      love you more dear..
      i hope i didn’t disappoint you by making him realize too!!
      and about wattpad.. okay.. i will try to!

  13. Shifa96

    It’s awesome and emotional dear.
    You have written it so well.
    I think u have posted the next one too, will try to read it soon.

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