SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 15 [by Raina]

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“Father! Please listen to me!” Prince Sahil smirked seeing his father going inside his room paying no heed to the pleadings of his so much trusted younger son who was going behind him crying. He laughed seeing the scene in front of him, his jealousy, his frustration.. all were getting calmed by this. He walked to his room and stood in the large balcony smiling looking at the bright morning. His brother is saying that he had fell on a rock and that was the reason he fell unconscious and was no more a part of the competition. His devilish smile grew wide as he remembered what happened few minutes ago, when he saw his brother stepping inside the palace and his head was hung low. Who knows, maybe it was Sanskar, his slave who made him fall? Anyways, he was just waiting for his slave to bring Princess Mithra to him when he will fulfill his revenge…
Princess Swara was sitting near the lake and was staring at the sky with moist eyes. She had to win this sword now, only that must be in her mind. Only that. She kept chanting that in her heart trying to bring herself out of the flood of miseries in which Sanskar had pushed her. She closed her eyes crying more, she felt so much pain, she felt betrayed and completely empty. Sanskar came here to win her trust and take her somewhere which he describes as a hell? Was he really that much bad? And then suddenly her heart was beating a little abnormal with the known confused feeling occupying her, she knew that Sanskar was near to her. How much she didn’t wanted this power to actually feel him! “Swara!” her closed eyelids didn’t dare to open hearing the voice, she cried more hearing him and was wiping her tears. at that sudden closeness when she felt him near her, she opened her eyes and saw him sitting beside her looking at the sky. She turned away from him and wiped her tears. “I saw you crying anyway, Princess!” she sighed angrily hearing him. she turned to him, her eyes still looked so red as she whispered, “what do you want?” she saw him just looking at her saying absolutely nothing, she saw a veil of sadness and paleness covering him like always whenever he is talking with her. Her eyes softened seeing him, but even before sometime, she thought that maybe he always acts to be sad to gain her trust on him. sometimes she feels that he is really guilty, but all these things were making her mind burst. Still his pain effected her that she became extremely sad. She closed her eyes in defeat, why? Why this was happening to her? “what do you want?” she asked it a little loudly stressing her words so much supressing her pain. “your forgiveness!” that slow whisper were the last words for the next few minutes. She had her eyes just closed as she refused to even look at him. all the time they had spent passed in front of her even in the darkness. She opened her eyes feeling his cold palms on her cheeks, her tears blurred vision didn’t fail to see his concern for her but he wanted to betray her, didn’t he? He was wiping her tears, his own face was red with tears and she was surrounded by confusion. Should she get drowned in the soothing touch of his, his painful eyes? But she already took a decision to concentrate on this competition, getting tired of her thoughts, she just shoved away his hands from her cheeks and ran from there to her tent…
She was sitting there near the lake staring at the sky. There were tears in her eyes that made him sad. It was because of him, it is he who had broke her trust. At those most unexpected times he thought she will get angry with him, she has solved all their problems with her cute talks, but today she won’t come to him and solve the problems. He no more wanted to be here, his decision is final. He is going to go back to Prathap palace, he closed his eyes at the thought of it but without Swara. His master may even take his life for not doing his duty. But he is ready for that punishment but he can’t take Swara. He just can’t! but before going, he had to tell Swara the truth, he had to tell her about him before giving his life. Determined with his thoughts, he started moving towards her, but as the distance decreased, his pace grew slower. Tears brimmed in his eyes, his throat choking at the idea of telling her the truth. Taking a deep breathe, he finally called her, “Swara!” she didn’t turn to him. but he knew that she heard his voice, it was indeed loud enough. Sighing, he went more close to her, fear engulfing him thinking about her reaction as he sat down near the lake. His memories going back to the time when they played in the water. A sad smile came on his lips but his expressions turned into a frown when he saw her crying, she turned away and wiped her tears when he said whispering, “I saw you crying anyway, Princess!” and when she asked him what did he wanted, he just felt more weak by her frustrated voice. She was hating him, and her hatred was breaking every inch of him. will she ever forgive him? and that’s what he asked, her forgiveness but she didn’t reply to him. her eyes were still closed with tears flowing from her eyes. She remained silent for a very long time making him cry too with a sad smile again. She hates silence but today she preferred it.. his palms went to her cheeks to wipe her tears as she finally looked at him surprised. She was staring at him for sometime but then she stood and ran to her tent. His tears blurred vision didn’t leave her until she went so far that she faded away from his vision. He whispered sadly crying, “how am I going to tell you my truth?”…
She was lying on her royal bed staring at the top which had nothing but just her tent cloth. Her gaze just focused there with her mind and heart doing it’s own fight to believe him and not believe him. his tears were making her weak and numb to actually believe him but his broken confession that he actually wanted to betray her was also still echoing in her ears. She sat on the bed, her tears had dried out but still the pain inside her was so much indescribable. Her gaze was just moving around her tent when she stopped in a corner where a mud pot was kept with a beautiful flower which Sanskar gave her! She took care of it everyday pouring water, but today she didn’t pour water because of whatever had happened. these things were really so much difficult and complicated. She was hating this, she didn’t want this. Standing up from the bed, she moved towards the pot and knelt down caressing the soft flower. For the first time, when they both went for a horse riding near the river where they first met. She searched for flowers there, which she couldn’t get but after coming back, he remembered about it and plucked a flower for her. Her tears dropped on the flower, he had did so much for her, she is still unable to understand why was he doing this to her. “Princess!” she immediately blinked her eyes and wiped her tears hearing the voice of King Mahendra from outside the tent. She stood up and looked herself in the mirror, wiping her tears and sweat she went and opened the tent and touched his feet welcoming him. he just gave a smile to her and asked, “how are you Princess?” she knew why he was asking this question because she had got a news that her father is unwell, but what she was doing here? Crying only because Sanskar betrayed her, she felt like hating herself for this. Sighing, she just nodded a yes that she is fine. she can clearly see his concern for her and just smiled sadly at him. “did you told Prince Nikanj about your decision?” her eyes shrank because of her confusion but then she realized that she told King Mahendra about her decision of choosing Sanskar as her life partner. She could feel tears blurring her vision at the thoughts of it. She closed her eyes controlling her tears again cursing herself for the feelings she had on Sanskar. she just nodded a no, as even speaking a single word seemed too much difficult for her. “any idea, what happened to him?” she opened her eyes confused looking at him. what happened to him? On seeing her confused, the king just sighed and said, “Prince Nikanj is no more in the competition. He talked to all of us organizers and have clearly said that he don’t want to be here. Only four people in the next and last level which will be held day after tomorrow. I came here to tell you about the last level…” his suggestions and advices for the last level and his concern and love for her was never ending but only his first few words were echoing in her mind. Sanskar was leaving? He was really leaving. As the king bid bye to her, she just closed the tent and fell on the floor. But this was for her good, right? She will able to concentrate in her competition more if he is not there. But is she really that much egoistic to accept that she can live without him? even not exactly realizing what she felt for him, she decided that he will be her Prince just because of the one fact that she cannot imagine her life without him. but now, is this really so much easy? She didn’t cry, she didn’t even move from her place not really understanding the things. Everything was fine, why did such a drastic change appeared in her life where she was crying not even knowing the reason and the feelings she felt for him while her father was sick there in her palace. She had to fulfill her duty as a Princess but she just can’t concentrate in anything.. today and tomorrow there is no competition, the participants are free and are doing practice for the last important level but all she could think is Sanskar.. Sanskar.. Sanskar…
Sanskar had finally told all the kings that he didn’t wanted to be here. He had finally confessed that he didn’t want to be a part of this competition. A lots of questions were rised from their side but he finally managed to convince them and they have allowed him to go from here tomorrow. He sighed, this was the most horrible day from the time he came here, because he didn’t see her smiling today. From their last small conversation near the lake, he didn’t even see her coming out of the tent and even whenever he saw her, she was just crying except before he took her in his chariot. The fresh and the cute morning smile she gave to him as soon as she opened her tent for him on today’s early morning were still in front of his eyes. Her shocked widened eyes when he pointed the sword on her.. the way he had became selfish and hugged her tightly today until she herself broke the hug. He had crossed his limits today, he had forgot his reality today and now finally he was successful in making the decision that he was NOT going to take her. He was going to go back tomorrow to his master. His master will punish him and he will accept it. That punishment will be for not fulfilling his duty according to his master, But according to him, that punishment will not be for not taking the Princess there. It will be for the lies he told to Swara, it will be for his betrayals to her, it will be for the tears he gave to her. He sighed lying on the bed, the last day of his royal life. If this is going to be the last day, why don’t he meet her? He regretted so much for whatever he has done today. He could have taken this decision to bear the punishment before itself. It he would not kidnapped her and told her the half truth, she would not be angry on him and he could have spent his last day with her happily. He closed his eyes, he had become selfish for happiness. Standing up from the bed, he went out in the dark bone chilling night. He looked at her tent, he went near it, he touched and caressed her tent. He was unable to open it because she must have locked it by tieing a rope. “Princess!” He sighed whispering sadly and went back to his tent disappointed, he fell on his bed again muting his cries in the blanket. He is so scared to tell her the truth tomorrow which will be the last day he will meet her. Her hatred is something he can never bear. He whispered still crying, “will you ever forgive me, Princess?”…

Precap: ~The Truth!~
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