SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 14 [by Raina]

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“there is difference between both of us!” he said slowly. He said it in so much broken voice. “what difference?” she roared angrily, he was not telling her his problem and was also asking her to kill him. she saw him just staring at her sadly, even her anger filled gaze softened seeing him sad as she cupped his face and wiped his tears. “I can never hurt you!” she whispered still wiping his tears, she kept looking at him trying to find what was running inside him, but then suddenly her hands were no more on his cheeks, he had jerked her hands away as she stumbled back looking at him shocked. “why are you not understanding me, Princess?” she blinked her eyes shocked as he shouted at her in a tired way. She cried seeing him closing his face with his palms and sighing heavily. She went near him and tried to hold him whispering sobbing, “Sanskar!” but he just caught her wrists stopping her from cupping his face revealing his face from his palms. Her eyes widened seeing his red eyes and lots of tears. “please don’t do this! Either I have to take you or you have to kill me, did you get it? Are you getting my words Princess Swara Mithra?” she closed her palms in a fist trying to release her wrists from his strong grip still crying hardly not paying heed to his words. He had already gone so much mad, she was seeing him this much angry for the first time. “you yourself choose Princess! Just kill me or otherwise I will take you!” sweat and tears drowned her face seeing his red eyes so much close to her, so much focused and penetrated on her. “where?” a bare voice finally escaped her shivering lips. She closed her eyes tightly unable to see his gaze and then opened her eyes and again saw him just staring at her angrily, “where will you take me?” she asked whispering crying loudly by now. She felt his tight hold on her wrist loosening and felt his cold palms on her cheeks. “please Swara! It will be a hell, I can’t take you there. Please!” she kept staring at him registering his words in her mind. She no more found anger in his red eyes. She felt his hands wiping her tears, she closed her eyes and said, “if I have to choose only one, then I will definitely not hurt you! I will choose the other one”. She didn’t dare to lift her eyelids and see him but she finally opened her eyes when she no more felt his touch and then she saw him moving back looking at her shocked…

Anger consumed him as she kept telling that she can’t hurt him. and for the first time he didn’t think about his limits because of any confused feelings, he got furious and immediately caught her wrists pulling her closer to him when she tried to cup his face. He shouted at her making her understand the two ways, even if she doesn’t, he felt like killing himself because of whatever feeling she was creating in him. “where will you take me?” her voice sounded so much innocent making his anger vanish, she broke down after asking that question and he immediately cupped her face wiping her tears finally finding words to tell her that he was taking her to a hell. “I will choose the other one”. Does she even know the meaning of it? Does she even have any idea about what she was talking? she was agreeing to go with him just because she didn’t want to hurt him? his hands slid down her cheeks as he stumbled moving back and looked at her completely shocked. She opened her eyes and came near him but he moved away from her, he went back to his horse and sat on the chariot looking at his own feet with tears flowing from his eyes. What should he do now? Shall he kill himself? She was still standing in front of him, can he take her there? For few questions, how much ever time he think, he cannot find an answer that can satisfy him. at a moment, he feels to take her there thinking about his reality, but whenever he sees her taking care of him, showing her concern for him, showing her trust on him, he feels not to take her there. His mind was just blank not knowing what to do. Tears continued to flow from his red eyes and her words again and again echoing in his ears,
“I cannot hurt you!”
“you can call me Swara!”
“I hate silence!”
Again.. again.. again.. all her words kept repeating in his ears…

She stared at him as his gaze was so much interested and focused only on his feet. She can see his eyes shining with tears, she didn’t know what was running in his mind. She don’t know what has suddenly happened. everything was fine, it can be fine again if this mysterious Prince just accepts to go with her or if he at least tell her his problems which he will tell only ‘some other day!’ she sighed wiping her tears and went near him and sat on the chariot beside him. she kept looking at him, but he just remained unaffected by her gaze and was keep looking down. “what happened to you?” she asked slowly, but he was not looking at her, he just closed his eyes hearing her voice. She kept her hand on his shoulder and said, “Sanskar! if you don’t want to take me to the place wherever you are talking about, then why are you giving me that option?” she saw him finally looking at her, all his tears had dried out but still he looked so miserable. “why are you doing this if this is giving you pain?” she caught his palms and said, “listen to me Sanskar! come with me, we will be like before. We both will be happy!” she said it so much slowly trying to make him understand as if he was a kid. He didn’t answer her, nor took his gaze away from her, he didn’t even move an inch making her sigh. She squeezed his palms and whispered, “Sanskar!” she looked at her hand as she felt him releasing his hands from her grip. She looked at him sadly as he moved his gaze and looked away from her, “I didn’t came here to be happy. Happiness is not meant for me”. She frowned hearing his words. “I didn’t come here for this competition like you, Princess!” her hands which went to cup his face stopped on it’s way shocked listening to him. didn’t come for the competition? What does he mean by that? Her throat dried with shock but somewhere she was happy, he was finally going to tell her his pain..
“like you are doing the given tasks here, I am also given a task!” she shivered when he finally looked at her saying those words making her more and more shocked and curious. She saw him holding her palm and closing his eyes, “I..” she sensed his stammering and holded his shoulder patting it, he was finally going to tell her about his pain. “I should take you there!” she looked at him confused, her hand was still locked in between his hands. Tears flowed from her eyes too seeing him, but she didn’t stop him. he had to tell her today, “I came here for you!” he then closed his face again with his palms whispering, “I came here only to take you to that hell, but now I cannot!” she can hear his weeping sound, but she was just froze to react. Her hand reached her mouth unable to believe him. she was confused, she was angry, she was shocked.. she was so much happy that he was not betraying her when he gave his sword to her but.. he wanted to betray her? She stood up from the chariot and started dragging her numbed legs. The first meet when he asked her name.. the way he was always sad. Was it really because he was guilty that he was going to betray her or he tried to gain her sympathy. She stopped walking and looked back at him, his face was still covered by his palms making her gulp her tears. she can’t see him crying, should she go and pacify him, the one who wanted to betray her and was now breaking down drowning in the guilt. She cried seeing him, even she was not so much great to go near him and console him and forgive him just because he is guilty now. She trusted him to such an extent to choose him as her life partner. “this is not done Sanskar!” she murmured angrily and ran from there keeping an angry face with tears staining her face but she was breaking inside herself…

Princess Swara reached her tent wiping her tears. “Princess!” she stopped hearing the voice and took a deep breathe knowing the voice, she turned and tried to smile, “yes, your majesty!” King Mahendra looked at her shocked and went near her with slow steps, “you cried?” she smiled sadly hearing him, did she just cried? Can anyone understand her now? She bowed herself a little giving respect to him and then said still wiping her lone tear, “I was just sad as I am missing my family!” she said looking away but didn’t fail to see that the king sighed heavily as if even he was sad. “my news will sadden you more Princess!” at his slow whisper, she looked at him confused. “I got this news yesterday night itself, I waited for you in the dinner, but you didn’t come and from the time I woke up, I am searching you!” she looked down blinking her eyes still stopping her tears. she looked at him when his hand was forwaded to her showing a little roll of cloth. She got it confused, she was about to open it when the king said, “take care Princess!” and then he disappeared from her sight before giving her a sympathetic look. She looked at him confused and then walked inside her tent opening it. She knew it must be a message, but from whom? She started reading it which stated,
“To Princess Swara Mithra,
Written by the royal assistant on the wish of the Princess’s slave Ragini”.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe reading it controlling herself from getting angry. She hated it when Ragini is addressed as slave. Sighing with anger, she continued reading it,
“King Shekhar Mithra has suddenly fall ill, the doctors have strictly prohibited from even getting up from the bed. The doctors are trying their best but sometimes they say that they don’t have faith as they are unable to predict what exactly happened to him. This message is written to the Princess by the wish of King too who is asking the Princess to be brave whatever happens even if she doesn’t win the powerful sword. But he is asking her to prepare herself to rule the country and find a Prince for her! He is saying that he also lost his faith…
I request the organizers of the competition to forward this letter to the Princess soon”.
She was just looking at it, tears were already on her face but now on knowing about her father. She closed her eyes and cried loudly drenching the cloth with her tears as she stumbled and fell on the floor. She really wanted to win this competition, but her focus was gone somewhere else. King Mahendra wanted to give this to her the previous night, but yesterday a Princess didn’t had her food only because she was worried for her competitor! She was so much lost thinking what happened to Sanskar that she didn’t had food, even today in the early morning, she went with him not actually caring about anyone. If she would have stayed here, she would have got this message much before this. She remembered the oath she took when she joined in this competition, she had promised to win the sword of power at any cost, but today she was so much drowned about Sanskar. she again made a promise to herself when she came to know about the wish of the king Mahendra’s daughter that a Princess should win the sword, she got more courage when her competitor Prince Laksh praised her for her bravery, but today all she thought was Sanskar. guilt comsumed her as she didn’t do her duty properly. She again and again read the line, ‘king Shekhar Mithra has suddenly fall ill’. What has happened to her? She wanted to make her father proud of her but here she was worried for someone else? She holded the cloth tightly near to her heart missing her father, her Ragini, her palace.. all the ones whom she had selfishly forgot being with Sanskar. “what have I done?” she whispered sobbing…
Sanskar took his palms from his face and saw her running from his sight. She must be angry, she must be hating him.. only for this half truth. What will she do when she will come to know the truth of by whom he was sent to take her.. where he wants to take her.. for what he is going to take her.. the truth that he is a slave. Fear was choking his entire soul at the thought of she coming to know about everything.. the whole truth!…

Precap: ~His Decision~
A/N- hey guys!! few have asked me to bring out his truth soon.. please don’t worry my friends!!
Swara will come to about his truth soon.. maybe within next two to three chapters!!
hope you all liked this chapter..

i posted two shot this week.. Swasan two shot: The indescribable love of a pianist…
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thank you all.. love you all!!

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