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She got furious as she heard no response from him inside. “Sanskar!” she continued to shout his name but frowned seeing him not telling anything and he was not opening the tent. “Do you have any plans of opening this tent? Or shall I come in tearing this by my sword?” she shouted angrily keeping her hand on her sword and finally after few seconds, the cloth of the tent was pulled back, she was ready to pounce inside but she stopped seeing him. she gets scared seeing his blood filled palm. She immediately locked his palm in between her hands. “are you mad?” she asked crying seeing him so much miserable. She dragged him to the bed, she roamed in his tent searching if there were any herbs, the organizers would have kept it for safety. She then treated his wound, she was badly stopping herself from crying loudly, she said choking with her tears, “you are really a mad. Can’t you take care?” she looked at him angrily, he was just crying, don’t know whether he was even listening to her. “see, how blood is coming! Sanskar, your wound is not totally fine, what did you do?” she shouted more angrily treating his wound, she herself was wincing seeing so much blood but he remained unaffected because the pain inside himself was more deep. She looked at him lost somewhere, “Sanskar! do you have any idea how much scared I was when I saw you?” she said looking at his red face crying seeing him in so much pain. She saw him looking at his wrist which was drenched with her tears. he blinked his eyes, “what? Are you going to answer me?” she shouted angrily. She saw him looking at the bed and then he said nothing, whatever she asked, he just kept crying. She pressed her lips in a thin line crying seeing him so much broken. She knew from the starting that he had some pain inside him, whenever she asked it, he never answered her properly. “Sanskar!” she whispered but he was just looking at the bed not reacting to her words but behaving like a lifeless soul making her cry more. She holded his chin gently making him look at her, “what happened Sanskar?” she asked whispering, but his tears were just increasing. What if she was hurting him by asking him what happened? she wiped his face which was drowned with tears and sweat. “you know right? I hate silence!” she said trying to change the topic, trying to smile in which she failed. How can she smile seeing him like this? Taking a deep breathe, she wiped her tears and asked, “Sanskar? what’s wrong with you?” she asked it in a slow whisper still fearing that she might hurt him by such questions. He grabbed the flowers for her, her confused gaze didn’t leave him for a second when he was collecting the flowers keeping a cold face and then he gave it to her whispering sadly choking with tears, “forgive me Princess!” she looked at him still confused, she was unable to understand anything. “it’s Swara!” she whispered still looking at him with tears. He smiled sadly hearing her, his one hand was holding the flowers, his another hand went to her cheeks wiping her tears. “SWARA!” she shivered at the way he called her. Stressing it so much, saying it in a broken voice and in a gentle tone, he was saying it with so much anxiety with a hidden happiness and also a hidden sorrow. He called her like that, because he knew that these moments were going to be the last time when he is going to call her Swara, after knowing the truth, he sighed. Why will she allow a slave to call her by her name? he turned his face from her and closed his eyes, “I want to be alone. I will talk to you after some time!” he released his grip on the flowers unknowingly as it fall on his bed. Few more fresh tears flowed from his eyes. Swara caught his hand, “Sanskar! what happened to you?” he turned to her hearing her and before he could say anything she said, “please don’t tell me that you will tell it some other day!” she whispered. It was clearly evident in her voice that she was really tired of this line of his. “PLEASE!” she gets shocked and jerked back at the way he shouted. “please, leave me alone!” he said whispering looking down crying. She gets sad seeing him and stood up from the bed. She starts walking, but was unable to stop her cries. She stopped at the entrance and turned back to look at him, he was looking down and was sobbing breathing heavily. She cried seeing him, she keeps staring at him until he himself felt her gaze and opened his eyes and looked at her. They both were staring at each other for some time and then suddenly he stood up from his bed and came to her walking fast, she smiled sadly seeing him. she thought he will talk to her but he just closed the tent making her more sad and shocked… Swara ran from there to her tent. What has happened to him? she cried whispering, “why are you doing this Sanskar?”…
Sanskar closed the tent and looked back at the bed, the flowers were still lying there. He cried looking at them, the last day with her, the last day in this royal tent. By tomorrow, he will not see the care and concern for him in her eyes. There will be only hatred, which he deserves! He went near the bed and sat on it holding the flowers and then lay on the bed. This is the first time he is lying on this bed, he kept looking at the flowers. Numerous thoughts engulfed him making him mad, but he was just staring at the flowers with tears continuously flowing from his eyes…
The sun has set and has spread the darkness everywhere, including his life. He didn’t light the lattern in his tent. He was still lying on the bed in the same position staring at the flowers in the darkness. He knew it. He knew it will pain when this happy mirage will be over, but still he lived it. It is his fault, it is all his fault!…
Swara sighed staring at his tent, he didn’t come out from the noon. She just felt like storming in his tent and solve the problems and talk about what she felt for him. she don’t know if this was love but she knew that they can be happy together. His smile made her smile and his tears made her cry, the royal dinner was being served, but she didn’t go there, she was waiting for him. she didn’t feel hungry, she didn’t feel thirsty. She felt so empty without him, closing her eyes and taking a deep breathe she walked towards his tent…
He knew it was her, it was completely dark because of which she was not able to see whether he was sleeping or not. But he immediately wiped his tears and closed his eyes pretending to sleep as she lit the latterns. She came near him and sat beside him on the bed looking at the flowers which he was holding tightly. She took those spoiled flowers from him, yes! They were no more fresh and were spoiled by now. His cheeks still had tear stains and she wiped them, “my mysterious Prince!” she whispered sadly caressing his hairs. She knew that he was suffering a lot. But he never told her the reason, “when will that ‘some other day’ come for you Prince Nikanj?” she asked still wiping his sweat and tears gently. “I will come tomorrow and listen, I will solve this problem and you won’t say that..” she gets tears as she continued whispering, “you won’t say that you want to be alone!” she closed her eyes tightly stopping her tears and then opened them and smiled saying, “you will definitely talk to me. I will make you talk to me!” she laughed slightly continuing, “because I hate silence!” she smiled at his sleeping posture, she kept staring at him for some time which was like eternity for Sanskar. the time she took to finally get up from his bed with the flowers and walk out of the tent proved to be the longest moment in his life…
They both didn’t sleep that night as they had their own doubts. Swara stared at the flowers, she remembered how he asked forgiveness to her giving the flowers. Why did he ask forgiveness? What did he do? While in Sanskar’s mind, only her words were repeating. What did she mean by ‘MY mysterious Prince?’…
Sanskar was looking at himself in the mirror. He was going to do it, the moment was here. The minute was here! He walked out of the tent before wiping his fresh lone tear. His tears were not tired even when he shed them all night…
“Princess!” he shouted from outside trying to control the way his heart was beating so fast. This is the third time he is calling her and it finally came as a shout. For the first two times, his throat was dried with his tears and he barely whispered her name. he sighed before calling her again, “Princess!”…
She slept very lately after asking her the same question again and again that why did he ask forgiveness, but when she slept, she gave hope to herself that she will solve this problem tomorrow. Her large and heavy eyelids were covering her red eyes, her breathe so much deep as she was in a deep sleep. At that time, suddenly she sees herself in her own Palace with her family and then suddenly, “Princess!” “Princess!” she finally opened her eyes tiredly realizing it is a dream and then again, “Princess!” she knew the source of the voice. She got up from her bed smiling and immediately opened her tent. Her smile grew wide seeing him but he was just looking at her seriously. “Sanskar!” she said excitedly. “Princess! We have to go somewhere!” she rubbed her eyes still feeling a little sleepy. “where Sanskar?” she asked lazily. He looked at her sadly, “I am going, are you coming?” he asked coldly while she smiled lazily not noticing the pain in his eyes. “you go, I will come now!” he nodded to her and then went somewhere, she looked at him, he was going in the direction of the go down. She thinks he must be going to take the horse. So she doesn’t stop him, a smile formed on her lips realizing that everything was normal again…
Sanskar saw Swara coming towards him, her face and her smile shining in the sun light. She was actually coming running to him in excitement. “where are we going?” she asked smiling. He just looked away coldly, she frowned seeing him. “okay! You don’t tell me, I will go and bring my horse!” she said ready to go to the go down when his voice stopped her. “no need of your horse!” she stopped and looked at him. he pointed his index finger somewhere, she followed his gaze and the direction his index finger was showing. She was surprised seeing his own horse and a chariot was attached to it. He started going towards his horse, “where are we going?” she asked unable to control her excitement, she saw him looking at her teary eyes. She was shocked seeing his tears, and before she could even move near him. Sanskar took his sword and pointed it on her neck. She looked at him shocked, “Sanskar!” she whispered and then suddenly, his hand was twisting hers making her wince in pain, her teary eyes widened seeing him in shock. Her hands were tied by the cloth and then she fell in the chariot, not fell, he pushed her. Sanskar cried riding his horse. He didn’t tie her mouth, she can shout. But she didn’t, only tears were flowing from her eyes. The chariot was moving very much fast. The cold morning breeze shivered her as she closed her eyes sobbing. She can’t believe that Sanskar can do like this. All the time they had spent came running in front of her, “Sanskar!” she whispered sobbing still unable to believe anything. Is he the one with whom she wanted to spend her whole life? How can he do this to her? There must be a reason, there has to be a reason. She trusted him so much that she readily agreed to go with him in such an early morning. She suddenly started crying loudly as she doesn’t know whether she should believe him or not, she was not crying because he was taking her. She was crying because she was so much confused and if it’s true that he had betrayed her.. she closed her eyes more tightly crying loudly feeling herself completely broken. And then the chariot which was till now travelling so fast suddenly stopped with a force making her jerk. And after few seconds she saw Sanskar standing in front of her. Her watery eyes were just staring at him with anger and confusion. Sanskar untied the cloth and her hands were free now. She wanted to shout at him, cry loudly and ask him what was running in his mind but then she looked towards the surrounding and then got off the chariot. They were in a forest. “this is not our destination!” she looked at him hearing him, she really wanted to ask so many questions but she was choking with tears. “and I don’t want to take you to our destination!” he whispered looking down while she looked at him confused and now his knees were touching the ground, he was kneeling in front of her and finally looked up and stared her eyes. She saw him also crying and then he closed his eyes taking his sword from his holder that was around his waist. He then placed the sword on her feet making her more confused. “Sanskar?” her voice finally came out in a whisper while he continued closing his eyes,
“Kill me and just go from here Princess!”…

Precap: ~It is impossible to hurt him!~
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