SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 11 [by Raina]

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“how will it sound if it is changed as Princess Swara Nikanj?”…
A wide smile conquered King Mahendra’s lips hearing Princess Swara. “Prince Nikanj?” he asked, he was the organizer and he knew about all the participants. She turned to him and nodded, with the fascinating smile still on her lips. “did you tell him that you love him?” Swara jerked because of the question. Love? She really didn’t think like that. Her father had told to find a Prince for her and with the time she spent with Prince Sanskar, she knew that she can’t be away from him. she wanted to be with him all her life and he can be an ideal husband for her. He knew about her, he was talented, he understood her. Instead of choosing a Prince over his looks and the pride of his kingdom, she would love to choose Prince Sanskar with whom she was really comfortable, for whom she cares a lot. And she had seen care and concern for her in his eyes too, they can be happy together. She is really selfish and she will admit the fact that she wants to be with him forever. The thought that she cannot meet him after this competition was horrible. She don’t know why but she felt Prince Sanskar was perfect for her! “I don’t know if this is love!” Princess Swara said looking at Sanskar who was standing far away, “but I know that he is perfect!” King Mahendra smiled hearing her and caressed her hairs lovingly as she looked at him. “never do something lately. If you like him, tell him fast!” she nodded to him, with the smile disappearing from her face. Don’t know how he will react to this. “and also concentrate on your competition!” he said in a joking way making her smile. He smiled to her and then turned to go. “you didn’t answer my question!” he stopped hearing Swara. He turned to her confused as she asked, “how will my name sound if it is changed?” he smiled at her. No doubt that he really loved the bravery and the innocence of this Princess. She is more than a daughter to him. he smiled replying her, “Princess Swara Nikanj is really a perfect name!” her smile grew wide hearing him and then he went from there. And then when Princess Swara turned to the direction where she first saw Sanskar, she frowned. He was not there, where did he go?…

Prince Laksh could only see darkness, he slowly opened his eyes. His face drowned with sweat, as he finally gets into conscious. He saw himself being lifted by the soldiers. The soldiers looked at his opened eyes and gets happy, “what happened to you Prince? How did you get hurt?” one of the soldiers asked, he was still not in a state to understand everything clearly and then suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head. He touched his head with his hand, he looked at his fingers, his head was badly hurt. he gets tears, not by seeing the blood on his fingers because the soldiers were here! Which means… he closed his eyes. He didn’t reach in time and they have came here to search him. and at the next moment, his knees were touching the ground. He had lost! The proud face of his father came in front of him when he was bidding bye to him. he was no more in this competition, but what happened to him? he really doesn’t remember anything about how did he get this hurt!…

Sanskar smiled seeing his handful of flowers. The fragrance of the flowers made him feel so much fresh. But he remembered the words she stressed, ‘lots of flowers!’ his smile grew wide remembering her exciting face when she shouted that she won. He went few more distance and plucked more flowers to reach up to the expectation of the Princess who expected ‘lots’ of flowers from him. After getting the flowers, he went back…
Sanskar saw the soldiers and slaves treating the wounds of the Princes. He sighed, even he should be treating their wounds now, but his fate has turned upside down. All were badly injured by the animals. He closed his eyes taking a deep breathe. He remembered Princess Swara and instantly a smile formed on his lips and then he went ahead to give the flowers to her. “only five people are in this competition now!” the organizers were talking, Sanskar was passing them. He heard their conversation unintentionally. The five people included him and Princess Swara. He went a few more distance, when his legs suddenly failed to move realizing that the five people didn’t include Prince Laksh Prathap! He immediately ran back to the King who was talking about the participants. “you said, right? Only five people. May I know those people!” the King looked at him a little weird seeing the way he was coming and asking like this directly. Doesn’t a Prince have a knowledge to first wish or get blessings from a King? Brushing away his thoughts, he read their names. Sanskar was looking at him keenly as he said the names, he waited till the last name and when it was also not Prince Laksh’s name, his hands closed into a fist holding the flowers tightly. The thorns pierced his already wounded palm. He blinked his eyes stopping his tears and then walked from there slowly, he felt his legs going very much weak, as if his legs was no more able to sustain his weight, sustain his wounded soul. Getting inside his tent, he tied the rope locking his tent. Throwing the flowers on the bed, he falls on the floor not paying heed to the blood oozing from his hand. if Prince Laksh was no more in the competition, then he also had no need to stay here anymore. The time has arrived when he will have to take Princess Swara to Prince Sahil. Tears made its way through his eyes, his eyes turning red with pain and anger. Why? Why did these days have to end soon?…

He kept his blood filled palm on his forehead closing his eyes sobbing hardly remembering her words. She will hate him now, she will hate him for what he was going to do. She will hate him when she will come to know that he is a slave. And now he was regretting, why didn’t he hug her today morning? Why didn’t he became selfish and a greedy man, after all she was going to hate him after this. Why didn’t he get comfortable with her from the starting? Why did he took this decision of enjoying his life only yesterday? Why these happy days were ending this much soon? Something was piercing the depth of his heart, maybe the pain. How will he face her hatred? He gets exhausted by the thoughts running up in his mind, the tears flowing endless failing to sooth and describe his pain. Sorrows and darkness engulfed him as he punched the royal bed putting his palm in a more worse condition remembering the words of his master…
He laid on the floor closing his eyes tightly sobbing silently. “I am going to lose you Swara and you are going to hate me”. He whispered barely still unable to believe that the day was here, the day was finally here when he had to complete his mission. At starting, he was wishing for this day, he wanted to complete his mission as soon as possible and then live the reality of his life. Slave. But now, he didn’t wanted this. Can’t he go back to time? He had became selfish now, his master kept repeating the words to him…

He had really started living the life of a Prince, which he never wanted. He didn’t wanted this life at all, but Swara! He knew what will happen to her if he takes her there…
The reality of his life.. Prince Laksh’s failure in this competition.. Princess Swara’s trust on him.. the command of his master..
Remembering all the things were making him mad as he clutched his head tightly suffocating at the thoughts of taking her to the Prathap Palace feeling like dieing as her beautiful face and her hug played in front of him again and again. “Sanskar!” his gaze fell on the shadow that his tent was showing, he knew the source of the voice. “Sanskar!” Princess Swara shouted again from outside the tent. He stood up from the floor and walked to her shadow dragging his numbed legs. He touched her shadow which was displayed on the tent cloth. He clutched the tent tightly touching her shadow with both of his hands and joining his forehead on her shadow muting his cries in the cloth of the tent paying no heed to the continuous shouts of the Princess. “SANSKAR! Do you have any plans of opening this tent? Or shall I come in tearing this by my sword?” he sobbed more trying to hug her shadow, a sad smile formed on his lips hearing her cute angry voice. He again fell on the floor touching the foot of her shadow asking a forgiveness before closing his eyes tightly taking a deep breathe. He stood up and untied the rope opening the tent…

Princess Swara was ready to pounce inside the tent angrily, but her legs got numb seeing Sanskar. she frowned seeing tears drowning his red pale face, red blood marks on his forehead because of his wounded hand.. her eyes gets moist seeing him so much vulnerable as she immediately came inside the tent cupping his face reducing their distance. Her teary eyes widened as she took his palm in her hands. “are you mad?” she shouted angrily before dragging him near the bed as she made him sit on it. He followed her movement, she kept roaming around his tent. His eyes just staring at her, her button nose red because of her continuous tears. her big eyes looked so much irritated and frustrated. She came near him after sometime. She took his palm and started treating it. “you are really a mad. Can’t you take care?” tears continued to flow from his eyes, her words didn’t reach his ears. He saw her lips moving but he was just numb to hear anything.
Their first meet.. their sword fights.. her childishness..
He cried more pressing his lips in a thin line remembering all their moments. He will be cherishing this memories for his whole life. She is someone who is so much mesmerizing and kind whom he can never forget. He didn’t react even when she was treating his wound, but he finally looked at his wrist feeling it watery, a drop of tear by Princess Swara. He blinked his eyes and then looked at her. Her lips were still moving probably scolding him, tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. A Princess was crying for a slave. He looked at his bed, the flowers he brought for her with so many dreams to see a smiling face of the Princess were now lying scattered everywhere. He kept looking at them, how happily he plucked them for her. Even before sometime, everything was fine. But now, in a nick of time, everything was spoiled, everything was over. He would no longer be here, he would no longer be the first person whom Swara meets every morning. Everything was going to change, their life, their relation, their feelings, their habits.. everything! He kept staring at the flowers, his mind and heart flooded by so many thoughts, her breathe which he was able to hear in the calm tent, his silent sobs and the physical pain of his hand.. making him feel horrible. He felt the touch of her warm palm on his chin. His face was turned to her with her soft effort as he looked straight in her moist eyes. “what happened Sanskar?” she whispered. Her other hand going to his cheeks wiping his tears, he kept staring at her moist eyes feeling her palms all over his face wiping his sweat, tears and the blood marks. And then her hand roam over his hairs as she caressed it. Silence engulfed them. “you know, right? I hate silence!” he blinked his eyes hearing her. He then no more felt her hands, he saw her wiping her own tears as she asked, “sanskar? what’s wrong with you?” her voice came out as a bare whisper. He looked at her for sometime, and then he grabbed the flowers from the bed keeping a cold face and then he gave it to her. She was not getting it from him but was just looking at him confused. He gave her a sad smile and said choking with his tears, “forgive me Princess!”…

Precap: ~the shocking transformation of HER mysterious prince!~
A/N- so now.. pain started..
i hope you all liked this chapter and will also love the story after this..
thank you all..
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