SWASAN: The Sword of Love… Chapter 10 [by Raina]

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He heard her breathing very deep and her silent sobs echoed loudly in his ear in the silent environment. He felt the fragrance of her long open hairs when it flew on his face. He closed his eyes feeling her closeness, both of her hands that were holding him tightly. He felt her so much fragile and soft, he moved her hairs from his face and caressed it feeling the softness of her hairs and just when his other hand was about to wrap her to hug her, his mind finally started working as he immediately caught her shoulders and pushed her lightly from him. she was still looking at him with moist innocent eyes. The brave Princess Swara Mithra had so many shades! “I am fine! I just went to drink water!” he whispered making her gulp her own tears as she looked down. She just hugged him! her red teary eyes softened with heat engulfing her and making her shiver that resulted in the redness of her cheeks. She was blushing.

“we should reach there fast!” she nodded to him still looking down and then ran near the lake and bent down. She took a handful of water and smashed it on her face. What she had just done? A curvy smile occupied her lips, she kept washing her face wiping her tears, the redness never leaving her cheeks and her beautiful smile fixed on her lips. She looked at her own reflection in the water. What has happened to her? She stood up and turned still smiling. Her smile faded away seeing Sanskar un tieing his horse getting ready to go back. His expression was unreadable making her angry on herself. It really didn’t affect him in anyway then why was she this much happy? Brushing away her thoughts, she took all her things, they both went back with silence. Her mind was filled with the thoughts of their hug, HER hug. He didn’t hug her. She looked at him, he was just riding his horse keeping a cold face. Why? Why it was not affecting him? why was she this much happy? “are you angry at me?” she whispered but saw him just looking at front paying no attention to her words as if he didn’t hear her or maybe her voice was a bare whisper that it went inaudible to him…

Yesterday he decided that he will live this mirage of happiness filled life as long as it lasts. But whenever he lives it, at the very next moment only guilt engulfs him. the reality keeps haunting him that he doesn’t deserve this, he doesn’t even have right to stand near a Princess but today! He continued to wipe his tears before they could come out of his eyes. It was so difficult for him keep an expressionless and a cold face, he knew that she was staring at him but he kept riding his horse. This journey seemed to be the longest journey with their silence and her heated gaze on him. when will they reach their destination? “are you angry at me?” he heard her soft whisper. Who was he to get angry on her? Her fragrance was still left imprinted on his clothes, his eyes gets moist with the usual fear engulfing him. and before he could wipe his tears and look at her, she was concentrating in front of her. He smiled sadly, he got late to prepare himself to answer her. He again started riding his horse, because he really didn’t wanted any conversation right now. Their journey continued and indeed it proved to be their longest journey with the silence and confusions…
Princess Swara came out of her tent freshly wetting her hair. She smiled looking at the bright morning sun, so she was a one more step ahead to the sword of power! She looked at Sanskar’s tent and frowned. They both are going to be in this uncomfortable silence again. She hated it…
Sanskar was just pacing inside his tent keeping his hand on his forehead. What should he do now? He had no idea, he was so much confused, he felt like he was a mad and he badly wanted to really disappear somewhere.. where no one can find him. and then suddenly the cloth of his tent was pushed back and someone stood at the entrance looking at him angrily. Someone whom he least expected, “Princess!” he whispered as she came inside still looking at him angrily. “what happened?” she asked. He looked at her confused, he turned and saw himself in the mirror. His tears had not betrayed him, he was not crying then why was she talking like this? “Sanskar!” he turned to her hearing her angry voice.

“what happened to you?” she asked. He sighed whispering, “I am fine Swara!” she smiled hearing him. he had started calling her Swara freely now. “then why are you not talking with me?” he was shocked hearing the question and also seeing her frown and her innocent eyes. Yes! She was frowning, because she hated this. Whatever happens, she clearly understood one thing that he means to her.. a lot! Their talks, his laughs.. all these small things had made her so much happy and always something really uncomfortable happens and they both fall in silence for some time. But at the end, she had always realized one thing, the one same thing that it was impossible for her to be away from him. they always had few normal talks and then their problems, confused emotions, slience..

they just ran away! “I hate if we both are together and we talk nothing!” she said going near his bed and sitting on it. The bed which he didn’t use till the day he came here. “tell me, why are you not talking with me?” she asked raising her eyebrows, crossing her legs and resting both her palms on the bed ordering like a Princess she is! He smiled seeing her, at a moment he feels that there are so many things to be solved but then just her cute behavior and their few talks solves their problems! “I am sorry for that. I will talk with you now!” he said looking down like a slave he is! “I asked the reason Prince!” she asked in a more ordering tone that sounded really cute making him chuckle as he looked up at her. But what will he say? Tell her that she had pushed him in a confused pit by hugging him like that? Tell her that she had embarrassed him? “I will tell you some other day!” she rolled her eyes hearing him. this mysterious Prince never gives her a proper answer.

She looked at him for a moment and then tapped the bed gesturing him to sit near her. He went and sat near her awkwardly, he really didn’t even touched the bed till now as far as he remembered. There was silence again until she shouted again, “why are you silent again?” he widened his eyes still smiling as she shouted at him. “because I don’t know what to talk!” he whispered still smiling making her turn her angry face from him. she didn’t turn to him for some time but then she smiled realizing that everything was normal between them now. She turned to him smiling as he looked at her confused. “talk whatever you want, but just talk!” he blinked his eyes confused hearing her, “because I hate the silence between us!” she whispered. He saw her eyes sparkling with an unknown happiness, those mesmerizing eyes were making him drown. “why don’t you talk?” he asked whispering still looking in her eyes.

She looked up and shrinked her eyes thinking what to talk which made him smile. “ha!” she looked at him excitedly finally getting a topic to talk making his smile grow wide seeing her cute antics. “why you didn’t wake me up yesterday? You said that when you will feel sleepy, you will wake me up. But you never woke me up!” she gets confused seeing him just looking at her still smiling. How to tell her that he was admiring her? The way the cold breeze of the night made her hairs fly, the way her lips were curved. Her beautiful eyes that were covered by her large eyelids with her innocent face shining in the moon light. He was so much busy in admiring her each feature that time, he really didn’t feel to disturb her peaceful sleep. “tell na?” she asked seeing him lost. But did she know that he was lost imagining her sleeping posture last night?

“I didn’t feel sleepy. So I didn’t wake you up!” he said and she smiled. “thank you!” she whispered softly. “for what?” he asked confused. “for guarding me all night!” she whispered still smiling. But he knew she was lieing, she was thanking him for some other reason. He brushed away his thoughts and looked away from her, she continued to look at him smiling. She thanked him for talking with her again, he had started becoming so much important to her. She can’t even think of being away from him. he looked back at her again and smiled seeing her happy. “shall we go out?” she asked. He nodded to her and then they both walked out…
Sanskar smiled seeing Swara riding her horse happily with a lot of excitement, “look Sanskar, I will definitely win!” she shouted happily riding her horse and then she went forward making him smile more. He is ready to lose all his life to just make her smile. But this was a competition! He rode his horse more fast reaching near her. “what will I get if I win?” Sanskar shouted because the cool air was so much loud in his ears because of their speed. “whatever you wish!” Princess Swara shouted back happily. “and what will I get?” she asked and before he could say anything, she went ahead of him. he smiled, “what do you want?” he asked riding his horse more fast to reach near her. “I want lots of flowers!” she said without looking back at him concentrating on her horse. He smiled hearing her, he adored her love for flowers.

She was a Princess and what she demanded? Just flowers. This simplicity of hers was something he respected and adored a lot. And as he was lost in this thoughts, he was brought back to the world by the exciting shout of the Princess, “I WON!” he stopped his horse shocked and looked at Swara who was near the tree, that was the finish line according to their race. He sighed in defeat and went near her smiling as she exclaimed coming near him, “I won! I want..” she was interrupted by him. “you will get your flowers, I will go and get them!” he said smiling and went from there riding his horse. She smiled looking at his retreating figure, “listen!” he stopped hearing her voice and turned to her. “I want lots of flowers!” he smiled hearing her. He nodded to her and then he rode the horse from there… she smiled seeing him, wanting to keep looking at him. she stood there with her horse until his image completely faded away from her view…
Princess Swara came out of the go down after tieing her horse. She walked to her tent happily. “congratulations Princess!” she stopped and turned to find King Mahendra. She smiled looking at him and went near him. she bent down and touched his toes getting his blessings. “you are in the next level now!” his words made her smile more in pride. She nodded to him, “has everyone returned safely?” she asked looking around. “some came just now. It is too late, so they are out. Few are missing, we have sent the soldiers!” the King said hoping that everyone should be fine. She again nodded to him, she too prayed silently that everyone should be fine. Someone came and the King started talking with him. she looked around, her eyes gleamed as her vision caught Sanskar talking with someone holding numerous flowers.

She smiled seeing him, he was standing very much far, but she knew that it was him. and those flowers were for her. King Mahendra looked at Princess Swara looking somewhere and followed her gaze. “what happened Princess?” he asked and she looked at him. “how is my name?” she asked. He gets confused hearing her. “Princess Swara Mithra? You have a beautiful name!” he was still looking at her confused and then he saw her gaze again moving. She stared at Sanskar and whispered smiling, “how will it sound if it is changed as Princess Swara Nikanj?”…

Precap: ~The ending of the happiness!~
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