Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 8)

hi guys … I hope you looking my ff.. okay, let’s start episode 8….

the episode start with ranveer comes. he looks at swara and smiled.

ranveer : swara!

swara and sanskar were fighting. ranveer realized there is some kind of problem.

sanskar : what do you want?
swara : I want you to study about signs polite a little bit.

ranveer comes there. he controls swara.

ranveer : what are you doing with my friend?
sanskar : ask your friend.
swara : you make the problem worst. why are making it more worse? ranveer, because he accelerate my shirt got dirty. because of that dirt water.
ranveer : don’t you see the ” do not speed because there are children and visible lol bicycle.” sign board?
sanskar : I don’t want to fight with you both because I have so many work than two of you. if you don’t want any many. then go away. I want to go.

swara gets so angry that she couldn’t control.

swara : you can’t do like this.

ranveer controls her. sanskar goes to his car.

ranveer : leave it.

swara listens to ranveer words. she gets her cycle from there. she stands the cycle on road side ranveer takes out some nails from his bag and drops it on road. when sanskar stars the car and drives his car get puncture. swara and ranveer looks at the car and laughed. while, sanskar gets out and checked and sees the nails.

swara : why, bro? Tyre got puncture?
ranveer : don’t worry! there is a puncture shop. go and get your car repaired.

swara and ranveer laugh out loud. sanskar looks at them angrily.

the scene shifts to deendayal.

deendayal : I don’t think sanskar will choose a girl like this.

there is a flashback that sanskar told to his grandparents about mahima.

deendayal : she have no polite to elders.

again a flashback where mahima…

mahima : why are you looking at me, uncle? the older will be like this always looking at girls. don’t act, uncle!

flashback ends. deendayal is thinking. he sat there. again a flashback comes where swara is speaking to deendayal before on the very first meeting.

deendayal : swara also a short temper but she never talk like the girl. I have listen both girls side.

devyani comes there. she sat near deendayal and smiled.

devyani : today night you have to wear the chocolate color shirt.
deendayal : why?
devyani : because today I want to surprise sanskar.

devyani goes while deendayal calls her. devyani turned.

deendayal : sanskar comes ready?
devyani : his car is not in home. wait for a while.

devyani goes from there. deendayal puts his hand on his forehead and sights.

the episode ends with deendayal’s face.

so guys how us it?

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