Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 7)

hi guys… how are you? okay, let’s starts the episode 7…

the episode starts with sanskar looks on. the shooting crew looks on.

director : hey, shut up you guys. we have shooting. always making noise.

the director starts to shoot again. swara looks on.

at hospital, deendayal and shoba are talking.

deendayal : when we can’t get together I make sure to get our grandchildren marry. swara is not your family member only. now she is going to become a member in my family also.

shoba wiped her tears and smiled.
the scene shifts to sanskar and mahima. they were in an a hotel. mahima is listening to sanskar.

sanskar : I had met the girl repeatedly. it’s my bad luck ever. first, my car got repair because of her. second, you know that she makes me shame around the people . because I’ve only met that mental girl.
mahima : I’m thinking about our relationship. we are knew each other for a long but you didn’t introduce you grandparents to me till now.

sanskar looks shocked. mahima waits for his answer.

the scene shifts to hospital.

deendayal : sanskar will marry swara.

the scene shifts again to sanskar and mahima.

mahima : if you don’t serious with my matter then we will break up. it’ll be better.
sanskar : isn’t it serious, right?
mahima : I’m tired of your careless.
sanskar : I’ll introduce you to my grandparents.

mahima looks disguise. sanskar takes her hand. mahima looks at him.

sanskar : I love you, mahima. I want to marry you. do you want to be my wife?
mahima looks at him. she smiles and sanskar also smiles.

the next morning, swara is down driving her bicycle on road. behind her sanskar ‘s car comes. he horns.

sanskar : she didn’t know to give up the way to the other vehicle too. she thinks that it’s her grandparents road.

sanskar horns aloud. swara gets panicked and control the bicycle. she stopped the bicycle. she accidently put her leg on mud. sanskar drives. when drives the muds are goes on swara. swara gets angry m

swara : hey you stupid, millionaire.

some children’s comes in between the road. sanskar stops the car. he looks back and noticed swara.

sanskar : the mental girl again.

sanskar tries to get the car started but not because of the children fighting. swara drives her bicycle and come to sanskar car. she knocks on the window.

swara : hey you guy, come out.

sanskar looks trapped. he hits on the handle Bar. swara stands in the front of the car. sanskar gets out and looks at her. swara looks at him. sanskar comes to swara.

swara : don’t you look that my dress is full of dirt.
sanskar : how do I know. why are drive on the mud water.
swara : hey, if you don’t drive on the water then my won’t be like this.
sanskar : it’s your fault. you know that there is dirty water then why you drives beside that?
swara : to you want to search a reason for me ?
sanskar : why I? you are trying to fight and you the one searching for a reason.
swara : I’m not fighting with you if you don’t done this. you make sure say sorry but you don’t.
sanskar : how much you want?

swara looks on and shocked. sanskar takes out some money.

sanskar : it’s okay for you?

swara slapped in his chest.

swara : don’t do like this with you are a millionaire. you won’t buy the poor and honest people.

the episode ends with swara’s angry face.

so guys did you like it?

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