Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 6)

? hi guys how are you thank you for appreciating my ff….. let’s start episode 6…

the episode starts with swara sees ranveer there looking him confuses. swara smiles.

ranveer : I cannot say to her.
swara : ranveer…. ranveer…. why are you there?

ranveer was scared to talk. he stands there. swara comes to him running.

swara : ranveer, why are you standing here? you want become a doll that to say welcome to the guests?
ranveer : not that, swara. I want to say…

ranveer puts his hand in on his mouth.

swara : what?
ranveer : I mean I want to say that I like you.

swara smiles. ranveer looks shocked and shy.

swara : I know. you don’t know what to do. because, you don’t have work in this time like me. you want to disturb me. it’s okay. ranveer, I’m also like you.

ranveer looks so happy. swara laughed.

swara : you are looking stress? so I played with you.

swara goes back to work. ranveer looks frustrated.

ranveer : always run away. it’s my role in the end. she always think that I’m disturbing her.

the scene shifts to sanskar, mahima and anitha. sanskar stands in the corner. while mahima and anitha were sitting in a bench. sanskar is taking in phone with someone.

sanskar (in phone): sorry, why? oh, how?

sanskar walks from there. mahima looks frustrated.

mahima : why he didn’t bothering me, mom? I can’t live a life full of tough.
anitha : he didn’t bothered when you didn’t bother him. force him to meet his grandparents. because, if you take their likes to you. then it’ll be easy to marry sanskar. and sanskar is favorite for them.

mahima thinks about that. anitha stands up. mahima sees her.

anitha : sweet heart, we have to play strategy if we want what we want. did you understand what I’m saying.
mahima : yes mom, I will force sanskar.

anitha is happy.

anitha : good girl.

anitha laughs. mahima laughs and thinks crooks.

the scene shifts to the hospital. Shiva may shoba is in bed. while deendayal is with her.

shoba : deendayal, I have to tell you one more thing. swara is a fast angry and stubborn.
deendayal : I don’t know her fully but I can can see her honest in herself. she is became the best partner for my grandson, sanskar.

sanskar is shown.

sanskar (in phone): okay, I’ll wait.

someone bumped on sanskar. sanskar falls on ground. it’s none other than swara.

swara : sorry, sir.

swara looks at sanskar and gets shocked.

swara : you are again.
sanskar : you rowdy girl.
swara : why are you talking to me like this?

ranveer jumps behind them and comes to swara.

ranveer : are you okay?
sanskar : I’m in pain only. because, she falls on me.
swara : it’s your fault. why are you walking here?
sanskar : yes it’s my fault. if I’d know that this Tarzan here and practicing to jump then I won’t be here.

swara grabbed his shirts collar.

swara : what did you say just now?

ranveer tries his strength to stop their fight.

ranveer : just stop you fight. we came here in searching of work.
swara : I don’t like his talking nature. I won’t let him.

sanskar and swara accidently pushed ranveer. ranveer falls on ground.

mahima and the crew member hear their fighting sound and looks on. swara stops fight and looks. sanskar glared at her.

mahima : sanskar?

the episode ends with mahima’s face.

do you guys like it? okay bye. let’s meet tomorrow.

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