Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 4)

hi guys… sorry for late update. let’s start episode 4.

the episode starts with Deendayal putting his hand on Shoba’s.

Deendayal : I love you. you have to be with me forever.
Shoba : the problem arises to separate us. it’s will be so pain for us. but we just do it. you just to know to live a life without me. bye, Deendayal.

she tries to take her hands. the flashback ends there. Deendayal and Shoba were locked their hands together.

Deendayal : in dead by The time where you left me, Shoba. I have searched you everywhere but not to be found .
Shoba : note, the fate has been united we.

they cried to each other. swara comes there. Shoba wiped her tears.

swara : grandma!
Shoba : swara!
swara : I was scared, grandma. I know what to do. if I lost you then I…
Shoba : grandma is fine, swara. Deendayal, thus is my granddaughter, swara. she is the reason to live.
Deendayal : we have met, the time she comes to meet me and scolded me.

swara looks confused with their talk.

Shoba : meet Deendayal grandpa.
swara : have the know him before, grandma?
Shoba : Deendayal grandpa is my old friend.

swara looks at them both and smiled happily.

on the other side, devyani is waiting restlessly. sanskar comes in. devyani goes to him.

devyani : tour grandpa is not home till now and didn’t call either. in worried.
sanskar : nothing happened to grandpa.
devyani : you make me more scared.
sanskar : don’t worry, grandma .I I’ll go ans search him.

sanskar turned and Walks to the main door. there Deendayal comes in. they goes near him.

devyani : where are you? why didn’t you inform me? I’m worried for you whole day.
sanskar : are you fine, grandpa ? I’m worried for you.
Deendayal : I’m fine.
devyani : but you are make me worry.
Deendayal : sorry for making you worried. I’m gone to see the woman hit by sanskar.
sanskar : is she fine. is she have any injury?
Deendayal : age is fine. but you have to get her too hospital not by the driver.the good he is not arrested.
sanskar : yes, in convict a wrong. buy, I want to go fast.
Deendayal : blew onwards, you have to take responsibilities and have to choose three right path.
devyani : now onwards, I’ve missed have any problem, call home. so no one get worried.

The scene shifts to swara ans Shoba. swara gets stocked.

swara : your first love?
Shoba : don’t scream loudly.
swara : sorry. your story is a little bit scared. why are you don’t feel your story to me before.
Shoba : I thinked, that I never meet him.

swara smiled by his love story.

Shoba : after so many years, I met him.
swara : so romantic. I’m amazed by your love story.
swara : hey, grandma.

swara again said loudly. Shoba makes get shut up. they smiled at each other. there episode ends with swara’s face.

so guys did you like thus episode?

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