Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 3)


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the episode starts with sanskar look shocked.
the driver also shocked. the people gather
around Shoba.

the people : come and help her to get her to
sanskar : driver, help the grandma. gather the
people to to hospital.

the driver looks on. he didn’t get out of the car.

sanskar : take this money.
the driver : okay, sir.
a boy comes into the group. he looks at Shoba.
the boy get shocked.
the boy : Shoba, grandma.
A girl : do you know this woman.
the boy : yes, I know her.

sanskar gets out of his car. he looks at the
people. after a while, he runs from the.

the people : hey man.
the driver (runs towards Shoba): wait, I take the

the scene shifts to swara. swara is cooking a
dish in road side stall.

The owner : uncle is feeling shy. everytime, the
boy is not coming to work. everyday, you and
Ranveer are helping me.
swara : it’s OK uncle. we are helping the needy
and honest people like you.
Ranveer looks smiled. swara is cooking. the
owner smiled.
Ranveer : uncle is speaking to swara that you
just now only know swara.
the owner : she is best in work.
Ranveer : if you want to give money for work. if
don’t want, don’t want to give.
Ranveer smiled. swara is sweating. she wiped
her sweaty. the owner sees that.
the owner : are you feeling heat there?
swara : it’s okay. its also a exercise like the
the boy who sees Shoba runs towards swara.
swara looks at the boy.
the boy : swara sister. grandma had met with An

swara gets shocked. she runs from there.

in the goal hospital, the doctor comes from the
ICU room. the driver is waiting there to see the
doctor. the doctor comes to him.
the driver : how is the woman, doctor. is she
doctor : she is fine now. don’t worry
the driver : thank god.
doctor : the police will come in a minutes and
ask you some question.
the driver : what? police? who report a complaint
to police, doctor?
doctor : I’m also don’t know. the people
discusses To put you behind bar.
the driver : if it’s like that then I’m going, doctor.
The driver turns to go. swara comes there with
Ranveer and the boy.
the boy : he is the one who hit grandma, sister.
swara grabs the driver by his shirt collar. agree
is agree.
swara : how dare you to hit my grandma?
doctor : please be patient. it’s hospital.
Ranveer : control your anger swara. be patient.
swara : how can I be patient? if anything is
happened to my grandma. then, you can’t sees
the sun anymore.
the driver : sister, there is nothing to worry about
grandma. even I’m already settled the hospital
bills. if you want money. then I Wikill tell to my

swara sighed. she pushed the driver. the driver
hit the seat. he looks done shocked.

swara : you are thinking that with your boss’s
money you will buy anything? where is him? why
did he run away?
the driver : but, he …
swara : I want to teach him something. feel him
that I’ll be there where he is leaving.
The driver : play, sister.
swara : feel him, quicker.
there driver : play.
swara : if you are not tell him. I will kill you now.
the driver : okay.

after an hour, swara comes to sanskar House. sh
stand in front of the main door.

swara : hey, the millionaire. open the door.
the security comes there. he tries to stop her
security : madam, just stop. don’t shout here. if
you continuesly doing the. then I’ll …
swara : What? do you want to call the police? if
you want then, call the police here.
security : but, madam …
swara : shut up, sir. do you want your eyes
security : don’t want.

swara makes her hand like to going too kick him. the security gets scared. swara Taj takes her hand back. she goes back ans into three door again.

swara : I know. you are in. get get out. don’t be in til in break your door. greet out .

Deendayal opened three door. swara goes back from three house.

Deendayal : that so you want? why are you shouting at by house?
swara : its easy for you roame around after hitting ny grandma buy you car.

Deendayal looks shocked.

swara : remember sir. your driver has made a accident on my grandma. cannot a animal can do thing will itself .
Deendayal : your grandma has met a accident?
swara : are you forgot this in these hours? my grandma is a poor person, you are thinking too so worth your driver.
Deendayal : you are wrong, daughter .why person who is in this case is not me. its my grandson.im sorry for my grandson deed. node, you come with me to thee hospital.

Deendayal goes to his car. swara looks on. the episode ends with swara’s confused face.

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Credit to: Bindu

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