Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 5)

hi guys… I’m saying again that I’m sad with your comment and reading .okay ,let’s start the episode…

the episode starts with swara ignores shoba’s words.

swara : grandma, I just think of publish your story as novel. and then we make a film of your love story. it will work out.
shoba : you think this only.

swara smiles at shoba and shoba smiles at swara.

the scene shifts to ranveer. ranveer have swara’s photo. he looks at her photo.

ranveer : swara, how many days I have to be quiet.

ranveer talks to her photo. his mother, tapur looks at him beside. ranveer didn’t realized.

ranveer : when will you know that you are not a friend to me but more than that.
tapur : ranveer, don’t show brave infront of a photo only. tell your love to her.
ranveer : when you came here, mom.
tapur : the time that you don’t realize your mom was here.

ranveer looks on shy.

tapur : if a train is infront of you , you will definitely get injury.

tapur comes to ranveer and sat at the table.

tapur : you just tell her the feeling you have for her. if you don’t tell then she will never know your love.

tapur didn’t know that the girl his son is in love with is none other than swara.

ranveer : you didn’t get it mom. it’s wrong to ask love. it’s wrong to ask a good friend.
tapur : your father is the guard for this whole village. even then you’re his son, you’re getting scared for this matter also. I’m so shy of you.

ranveer gets up from the resting table and stands infront of his mother.

ranveer : you are right, mom. I have to confess my feeling for swara. I’m a brave man.

ranveer hugged tapur. he sighed.

ranveer : pray for me, mom.

ranveer runs to swara’s place.

the scene shifts to the hospital. doctor checks Shoba. deendayal stands at the corner in the room.

doctor : tomorrow you can go to house.
Shoba : thanks, doctor.
doctor : no mention. I’m going.
deendayal : I’m so happy for you because you can can go now.
shoba : it’s making me scared. because, in any time my soul will go out of me. then, where swara will live? she have no one rather than me. I don’t want her to live lonely.

deendayal looks at her. he comes to her and get her hand.

deendayal : you don’t have to worry. I have thinked yesterday. swara is a good girl. I thinked she will be best partner to my grandso…

shoba gets shocked.

deendayal : sanskar.
shoba : I didn’t get it.
deendayal : I want swara to marry sanskar.
shoba : thank you, deendayal.

shoba and deendayal smiles at each other.

the scene shifts to a stall where swara is speaking to the people. ranveer comes there and looks at swara.

ranveer (to himself): I have to tell her that I’m in love with her. I have to be brave.

ranveer closed his eyes fur a few seconds. he sighed deeply. he then looks at swara and goes to her. swara is speaking to a man.

swara : it’s the change.

ranveer stopped to go to her. he gets scared.

ranveer : I cannot tell her.

swara sees ranveer. but ranveer didn’t realize and see her.

how it’s the episode. need comment

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