Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 3)

hi guys. how are you? let’s start episode 4.

the episode start with devyani devyani shown sitting in sofa. she is reading a book. she realized there is no one.

devyani : damini! damini,!
damini : yes, ma’am.
devyani : where is sir?
damini : the security says that sir is gone to hospital.
devyani : hospital? why he didn’t inform,?

damini : he is gone with a girl. he says that her grandma had met a accident that made by sanskar.
devyani (shockingly): sanskar made a accident?

on the other side, sanskar is shown watching movie with mahima and Anitha. he gets a call.

sanskar : grandma. wait a second. I’m in theater. I’ll go it and talk.
sanskar to mahima : I’ll get go out side.

mahima looks at him. sanskar gets up and walks to the doors. he gets out

sanskar : tell me now, grandma. (after a sec) I’ve give money to the driver to finish the matter. why did grandpa gone there . ok, grandma. I’m sorry. I don’t know why the problem is getting long. OK, grandma.

sanskar put the phone in his pocket and looks on. the scene shift to the Theatre.

mahima : I’ll bust go and check, mom. he will answering to grandma. why he is so much have love for his grandpa and grandma.
Anitha : that are turned into old. that have Kyle time to dead .after that, all are will be yours.
mahima : they are dead then I’m not wait anymore .after marrying sanskar. I’ve get all.

scene shifts to hospital, where the doctor I’d checking Shoba. swara comes running too her.

swara : grandma ? doctor?
doctor : your grandma is sleeping. so don’t disturb her.

doctor goes from thre. swara also gets out. Deendayal longs at Shoba and gets shocker.

Deendayal : Shoba?

swara is with doctor asking some question.

swara : is my grandma is okey?
doctor : she is alright. she have to get rest for few days.

swara nodded. doctor goes out. swara turned around. Deendayal standing beat Shoba.

swara : sure, have you hear what doctor said. she want to rest. we wait outside so it’s better to her.
Deendayal : if okay. I’ll wait here till she wake up.

swara looks confused. Deendayal looks at her. swara nodded and goes. Deendayal looks at Shoba.

devyani looks impatient. she walks up and forth.

devyani : why did Deendayal still didn’t come? it’s getting late. where are you, Deendayal,?

Deendayal looks at Shoba. Shoba is sleeping. Shoba’s opened her eyes. Deendayal looks happy. Shoba sees him.

Deendayal : Shoba, thank did you’re okay .
Shoba : Deendayal?

a flashback of their adult hood is shown, where they are sitting in a bench.

Deendayal : I didn’t care of my parent accept you. I don’t want to leave you.
Shoba : Deendayal, you are already get engage with a girl.
Deendayal : in not love her. because, I love you.
Shoba : buy your father is sick. when he saw me first he want we to get separate. please listen to your father. it will better four us.
Deendayal : you cannot leave me and cannot talk to me like this.

the episode ends with Shoba’s crying face .

so guys did you like this.?

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