Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 2)

hi guys….. did u like my ff? okay let’s start the
episode 2…

the episode start with sanskar driving car in the
road. swara is shown driving her bicycle. sanskar
puts them music on and looks at the road. he
sees swara is driving and abound to hit her.
sanskar drives and turned the wheel right. but,
sanskar car hit a little bit on swara’s bicycle
back. swara slips from cycle and collapsed on
the grass floor. sanskar stopped his car and
comes out. he sees swara. swara sees going
angrily. sanskar sees swara and sighed. swara
gets up and remember.

Swara(in her mind): remember grandma’s words.
I have to be control from anger and always

swara and sanskar comes to each other. swara
pretends smile in her face.

Sanskar : sorry, I’m wrong. are you okay?
swara : I’m okay.
sanskar :are you sure?
swara : yeah. I’m okay.
sanskar : your bicycle issue okay?
swara : yes. that is okay.
sanskar : are you have any pain.
sanskar touched her one hero shoulder. swara
jerked it’s off. she smiles.
sanskar :why are you like this. is there any
mental problem to you?
swara gets angry.
swara : you stupid. you made me met with an
accident. now, you are saying that I’m a mental.
sanskar : sorry, I’m not saying in that means.
swara : I have no injures. if I had then I can
getting you to the court.
sanskar : okay let’s go too hospital.
swara : how can I think that you will get me
there. I don’t wants. if you want then go and
check your eyes. I think you need a spectacle.
after then, you will sees the road clearly when
you are driving.
sanskar sees her bicycle and started too laugh.
swara sees him mad looks on. swara sees her
bicycle and turns.
sanskar : sorry, I want to control my laughness.
but, I cant.
swara : can I stop your laugh.
sanskar looks at her. swara slapped him tightly.
sanskar looks shocked.
swara : gave no menace. you don’t need to say
sorry but don’t laugh at anyone.

sanskar touched his cheek and looks at swara,
angry. swara turns and goes to her bicycle. she
check it off bad gets angry. they looks at each
other. sanskar how’s from there. swara sat in
the road side.

after few minutes later, Ranveer comes there.
behind him some children. Ranveer gives some
bananas to the children.

the children : thank you, brother.
swara : are you mental. evaryday you are
stealing the bananas from Mr. Kanha.
Ranveer : who says it’s stealing? the banana
tree is mine. whenever the the banana starts to
bloom. Mr. Kanha pinch his side of banana.
Ranveer gives the banana to swara. swara looks
at him
swara : it’s not right?
sanskar : who says it’s wrongs. if Mr. Kanha
pinch it then only its wrong. take it.
Swara takes the banana from Ranveer.
Ranveer : what work we have to do, today?
swara : any works that gave us money

Ranveer sees swara and smiled. swara also

on the other side, mahima is shown in a party.

mahima : sanskar us on busy till now, mother.
the movie is about to start
Anitha : okay then movie start then. you should
remember that you are not going to see the
movie. you are only 21.

mahima hears some sound and turned around
she sees a model giving interview to the media.

the model : I have here in the acting industry
now is bacause some people helped me.

mahima looks on and turned to her mother.

mahima : mother, don’t worry. I’ll promise that I’ll
be like her one day
Anitha : when, mahima? you are saying this a
1000 times. where are the evidence?
Mahima : that will change, mother. not now only.
because now I have sanskar. when I’m close to
him enough then my dream come alive. when we
are married, he will definitely make a movie for
Anitha : you are thinking that he will fall for you?
I don’t think so
mahima : sanskar will listen my words. you want

mahima takes out her mobile from her purse.
she makes a call to sanskar. Anitha look on.

sanskar is shown going in a car.

sanskar :be fast, brother.
the driver : okay

sanskar attends the call.

sanskar : hello.
mahima : sanskar, you know that this movie is
important to me. I wants you to come here on time. okey.

mahima says. Anitha looks unsatisfied.

Sanskar : why are you driving in a changed road with this slow speed? cannot drive in the fast road? if it like this. then I had driven it.

the driver didn’t speak anything.

Sanskar : in front … don’t drive right. drive left.

Shoba crossing the road. sanskar is driving left. sanskar’s car hit Shoba. Shoba fell unconscious. she used having a head injury. the driver looks panicked. he stopped the car.

sanskar : what happened?
The driver : I hit a woman, sir.

the people around are gathers around Shoba. sanskar looks.

Sanskar : oh my god.!

the episode ends with Shoba and sanskar’s face.

how is the episode guys???

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