Swasan @ Swara’s Love (Episode 1)


hey guys… I’m already wrote a raglak ff… now im writing swasan one… .i hope you will like it….

swara and her grandmother, shoba is living in a
house that made by woods. swara is the one
who works for her family as a newspaper girl
(guys i dont know the name of the work so I
think you understand. she works as a paper
supply girl).

the episode starts with swara comes out from
her house with shoba. swara wears a t-shirt and
a half pant. they start their conversation.
Swara : i have to go , grandma.
Shoba :okay.

she hugged shoba and goes near her cycle.she
puts out the standby and turs towards shoba.
she smiled at her.

Swara(waving her hand) : bye, grandma.
Shoba(waving at her) : bye bye. remember my
advice. okay?
Swara : okay, grandma.

shoba smiled and goes into her house. opposite
to their house has children playing football. a boy
hit the ball and it hits swara on her head. swara
gets angry and looks at the childrens.

Swara : hey, who is the one hit me with this ball?
don’t act smart. tell me.
shoba gets out of the house, worriedly.
Shoba : swara?

swara turned around and looks at her. shoba looks at
her , caringly.

Shoba : have patient.
swara nodded at her, and smiled. she corrects
her hair and goes to take the ball. swara takes it
and goes near the childrens. the children looks
sad by her taunts. swara stands near the
childrens. she pretends smile.
Swara : another time, play football patiently, take
swara throws the ball at a child. the child takes
it and looks at swara.
Children(chorusly) : thank you, sister.
the children goes and swara nodded.

On the other side, a mansion is shown. in the
front, a name plate shown named “Gadodia
Mansion”. inside of the house, Deendayal and his
wife Devyani sitting in sofa. Sanskar is shown
walk to their side. deendayal and devyani stands

Sankar : good morning.
Dendayal and devyani : good morning.
Sanskar : the project is going to be mine. i have
Deendayal smiled and patted on sanskar’s cheek.
sanskar smiled.
Sanskar : i have to go , grandma and grandpa.
Devyani : okay.
sanskar goes. devyani smiled and looked at
Devyani : sanskar is grown up? like, yesterday
only you teach him to start the bicycle.
Deendayal : yes. now he is the one for girls will
fall for him in this city. like, me when i was in my

devyani’s smile turn into a jealous.

in a place, a wedding is shown. the girls and
boys are singing and dancing, joyfully. ranveer is
shown taking a sweet and eating it. swra patted
on his shoulder.

Swara : what is this? the sweets is for the
ranveer looks on. shoba is welcome the newly
Bride : thank you , grandma for helping us.
Shoba : it’s okay.i think you will help swara in
need of time.
Bride’s bro : thank you again.grandma.

shoba smiled. she hears swara shouting with

Swara ; don’t you know menarce. suppose you
want to dance, don’t dance here. you spoiled my
dining table.
Ranveer (comes runninh) : why are you getting
angry? it’s can clean up.
Shoba : swara.
singing woman : swara. she is again getting
the man: sorry. just…
swara : just what? you want find a solution. it’s
wrong. it will always a wrong.

shoba runs where swara is.

Shoba : swara. let’s go.
swara : but grandma.
Shoba : it’s a shy. come

Shoba leaves with swara. they walking in the road.

Shoba : you have to control your self. you are getting angry very fast. your angry is the reason for changing your work, you know?

swara looks at her grandmother.

Shoba : truly, your heart is absolutely good. but, you like to be angry the peoples are afraid. you know, that your anger change the people to hate you.

swara looks on. Shoba touched swara head. Shoba continued her conversation.

Shoba : you are changed, Swara. you are an adult now.
swara : forgive me, grandma.
Shoba : you should ask forgiveness to kokila because of you their daughter wedding function is ruined. I I have to get you a good life partner. because, when I’m dead. I’ll rest in peace.

swara looks at Shoba, Shoba. swara grabs Shoba’s hand.

swara : what are you saying, grandma? you are not going anywhere. you should be with me forever .
Shoba : grandma won’t live a long. I want to see your marriage.
swara : you do not speak like this anymore. I won’t marry. I’ll be with you forever, grandma.

swara hugged Shoba. she looks sad and worried.

swara : I’ll be the protector for my grandma. let’s go now. grandma, you do not speak like this anymore.

swara hugged Shoba and they walks.

so, guys. this is the first EP. comments on about how the

Credit to: Bindu

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