SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter -9)

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Recap: Sanskar shifted to Pune due to project arrangement.

Chapter – 9

Sanskar’s POV

It’s been around 15 days I am engaged to Swara. I am still struggling and fighting with indder self whether to tell Swara about Kavita or not. Swara is such an understanding girl. She is all you can ask your life partner and moreover she trusts me a lot. I didn’t want to start our relation on lie and that’s why I asked her to be my friend. It was more for me than her. I wanted her to trust me when tell her about my past.

I know she feels that I am not giving 100% to this relation where she is trying to more to give more than it.

It’s been 1 week I shifted to Pune. She came to airport and escorted me to Danish’s flat. She gave me a welcome gift. We had dinner together and then she left for flat. I remembered the gift and than unwrapped it. It was a beautiful small teddy bear. Holding a red heart at the center. There was message written on the heart which says “Forever Yours”. I know she is indirectly telling her feelings. I feel guilty with her expectation in me. I know she is looking for life partner who trust her and love her. And I feel like cheating on her by not telling which she deserves to know.

I am staying at his flat for a while till then I find something for myself. Good thing is it’s near to my company and Swara’s place. And I know you guys must be happy by listening our companies are also near by .

So we are going together in her car and this way we are getting more time to spend. I like to spend time with her. She is such an easy girl. You can share anything with her. I don’t want to lose her now.

Today is Saturday and I have decided to tell everything. I called her and informed her that we will go to same SGS mall today. This is place where I first realized that living with Swara will not be that much hard.

I am at her apartment’s parking waiting for her. I got my bike transported but still some paper work is pending so Swara is not allowing me to ride it. She feels that it is illegal.

I saw Swara coming wearing a beautiful yellow summer dress. She looks eternal. She caught me gawking at her. I just gave her smile. I know she loves when I smile so this is the way to distrace her mind.

We started our journey to mall. I wanted to buy something for her, whatever she wants I will buy for her. We kept roaming in the mall for more than two hours. She tried n number of clothes but didn’t bought anything. Girls you know right, just do window. Meanwhile I bought a blue off shoulder dress for her. I have a feeling that it will look good on her. We had out lunch and then we went to nearby park as I needed some quite space to tell her about my past.

I was just thinking how to start the conversation. I hold her hand and started the conversation.
San: Swara I want to tell you something. Please listen to me carefully and trust me. I am not good in showing emotions so I will come straight to the point.

Swa: (Before Sanky continues interrupts him) I know Sanskar what you want to say. You made my day so special. And you want to thank me for this. But you don’t need to do it Sanskar. I can read your eyes and I know you the same feelings for me which I have for you.

She took his hand which he was holding. She was smiling and blushing like anything. Sanskar’s was just registering what she told and meanwhile she throw a bomb on his hand.

Swa: “I love you Sanskar. I know when and where I started falling for you.” She said all of a sudden, blushed and looked away from me.

Here I was sitting like statue. I don’t know what to answer her. Yes I had some strange feelings for her. I know it is more than liking. But LOVE? Do I really love her? Doesn’t she deserve to know truth? Why she couldn’t wait for her confession? Why she didn’t allow him to speak first?

This is it guys. I know I am late as usual. I had my sister’s wedding and then was busy in my life. If you want next early I need at least 40 comments on this part. I promise I will post sooner. Till then bye and take care. God bless you all 🙂

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