SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter -8)

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Chapter – 8

Sanskar’s mobile flashes Swara’s number and he realizes that he has not informed Swara about his moving to Pune. Before he receives it call gets disconnected.
Sanskar thinks that he will to inform Swara about this. He dials her number. She receives it 1st ring only. Before he speaks anything Swara started questioning him.
Swara: Where were you Sanskar? Why you did not receive my call? How was your day? How was the reaction of you colleague on your engagement? Did you inform them or not?
And like this before she continue he will have to stop her.
Sanskar: Swara swara swara….. Please calm down. Take a deep breath and give rest to my ears.
Swara gets embarrassed hearing Sanskar’s words she just replies in “OK”.
Sanskar: Now I will answer to all you questions.
I did not receive your call as I was busy in some thought. I have informed my friends and colleagues about our engagement.
Now I have something important to tell you. Swara I am moving to Pune next week with my team.
Swara gets happy by hearing this news. It shows in her excitement also. She did not realize that he was still speaking and she started showing her excitement.
Swara: Wow Sanskar that’s a great news. I am so happy about it. Where will you stay? Where is office in Pune? How come suddenly you decided to move back to Pune? When you come to know about it? Why you did not inform it earlier.
Sanskar: Swara are you always like this. Talking non-stop without even a break. You didn’t allow me to finish what I was saying.
Anyways I came to know about it today only. I had a meeting with manager and he told me about it. I was whole day with coping up my work. After coming to my place I informed mom and now informing you.
Swara was again embarrassed with herself. She was thinking why she could not control her emotion/excitement. She did not speak anything.
Sanskar was little surprised as there was silence from the other side. He looks at this phone call got disconnected to what. Then again he calls her name asks her if she is there or not.
Swara thought she should control on her emotion.
Swara: Sanskar I am here only. I am listening.
Sanskar: hmmm. You know mom was very happy with this news. She thinks that it is better for our future and we will get time to know each other before wedding. She will go to your place and meet your parents to fix our wedding date.
Swara: Sanskar what is so hurry for the wedding? We don’t know each other properly. We don’t know if we are compatible with each other or not. I was really worried that how we will get to each other. But with this news I am really worried. But I don’t think I am ready for marriage.
Sanskar: Swara even I am not ready for marriage. But as we are engaged and we will be staying in same city mom thinks that it’s better if we get married soon.
Swara: I am really scared Sanskar. I don’t know what to say. Anyways you come here then we will think about it.
Sanskar: Swara I more scared than you. I really don’t have any idea how the things will be after marriage. But I don’t want to think about it. Let’s enjoy whatever time we get before marriage.
Swara: you are right Sanskar. Ok now you sleep. You must be tired. Good night.
Sanskar: Good night Swara.

After she disconnected the call she could not get over the fact that Sanskar will be in the same city next week. She was emerged in thoughts of their conversation and she was looking at Sanskar’s profile in FB. Suddenly she realized that it’s Sanskar’s birthday next week. She was so happy that he will with her on her birthday.
She feed all the information to her roomies Anjali and Neha. She also informed them about Sanskar’s birthday. They advised her to plan surprise for him.
She thought for a while and came up with an idea. She started working on it.

The time flew and a week passed. In this week SwaSan hardly talk with each other as Sanskar was busy in his transition. They just exchanged messages whenever they got time. Today is Saturady and Sanskar is coming to Pune. He shifted his language in morning and then he was busy in other formalities.
Swara has come to pick him at airport. She doesn’t know why she is happy and nervous at a same time. The announcement of Sanskar’s flight arrival is done. She is just looking here and there to get glimpse of Sanskar. And there he comes.

To be continued….


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