SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter -7)

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Chapter 7:

Bangalore: Sanskar’s Office:

Sanskar reaches to office. He sends mail to his friends and colleagues announcing his sudden engagement and asks them to come and grab sweets before it gets over.
Soon the people came and started congratulating him. His manager Mr Mathews also comes and congratulates him. He reminds Sanksar about the meeting and tells him to be on time it is important for him and the team he is working.
Time flies like a blink and soon the meeting time arrives. Sanskar and his team goes to conferemce room. Mr Mathews is already present in the room.

Pune: Swara’s Office:
Swara reaches office and as soon as she reaches her colleagues and friends holds her in bone crushing hug. They all so excited about her engagement. They all knew about it as Swara informed them after the engagement. She distributes the sweets to everyone.

Bangalore: In Conference Room:
Mr. Mathews: Good afternoon Sanskar and team. As you know I have scheduled this on urgent basis. I wanted all of you know that client is very happy with your work. Project-feature in which you all have worked is very stable now. So client has decided that they want to move this project to Pune, to our branch. Client thinks that now you all can manage this project at your own. He has that trust in you.

So from next week you are all moving back to Pune. I know this is all of a sudden but I think this how we work, this is how we maintain client relationship. As you all are from Pune I don’t think you will have any problem in moving back. Still if you need any help just let me know.

As soon as Mr. Mathews finishes he looks at Sanskar who doesn’t look happy with announcement. He asks other team members to leave and asks Sanskar to stay back in the room.

Once everyone has left Mr. Mathews asks Sanskar why he doesn’t look happy with arrangement.

Mr. Mathews: Sanskar, why doesn’t you look happy? I thought you would be the most happiest person after this announcement as your fiancé is in Pune and you just got engaged. But I am seeing is entirely opposite.

Sanskar: it’s nothing like that sir. I just don’t like that city. I wanted move from there that’s why I took transferred from there. I don’t want to go back to Pune. Sir, is there any possibility that I stay here and we move the team from here.

Mr. Mathews: Sanskar I can’t do anything in this matter. Decision has come from client and we can’t deny them. If you really don’t want to go then you have only 1 option.

You move now for time being and then you can search for another opportunity in Bangalore. It depends on you. You want to move here before you wedding or after that.

Sanskar thinks for a while and then says thank you to Mr. Mathews.
He comes out of the conference room and informs his mom about him moving back to Pune. Sujata is more than happy about this news. She tells him that this is better for his future and Swara is also there. They can spend time with each other and they can try to know each other before their wedding.

She also informs him that as he is moving back to Pune she will discuss about his marriage with Swara’s parents.

After that call Sanskar is deep thoughts and remembers how he left that city 3 years back. He is not able concentrate so he leaves the office early.

Swara’s flat: Pune:
Whole day Swara waited for Sanskar’s call but all she got was disappointment. There was not a single call or message from him. She is continuously looking at her nobile with a grin and pout on her face. Anjali notices it asks her what happened.

Anjali: What happen Swara? Why are continuously staring at your mobile?
Swara: Anjali dekh na aaj subah se Sanskar ne ek call bhi nai kiya office jane k baad and na hi message kiya hain.
Anjali: Swara, so what he has not called? You can call him na. Be 21st century’s girl. If you want to talk with him then call him.
Swara: I don’t want disturb him. What is if he is busy? Ek to pahlese hi mujhe lagta hain ki he is not happy with his decision of engagement and if I disturb him what if he will scold me or he doesn’t want to talk with me at all.

Anjali clearly sees insecurity and fear in her eyes.

Anjali: Swara I think you can call him as a friend. There is nothing wrong in that.

Swara thinks for a while and gets courage to call Sanskar.

Sankar mobile flashes Swara’s number and he realizes that he has not informed Swara about his moving to Pune. Before he receives it call gets disconnected.

That’s it guys. I will wrap up this story in next 5 episodes as I am not able to give time to it. Sorry to all my readers coz I disappeared. But I had my own reason. I had so much plan for this story but I think I am keeping you waiting a lot. So it’s better to finish rather than discontinuing it.

Take care and stay blessed. I am not sure when I will post next part. So sorry in advance.

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