SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter -5)


Thank you so guys for awesome support and comment. I never expected this much response for my story as it is very simple one 🙂 . I already informed in 1st part that I won’t be regular in updating and I am really sorry for that. But I can’t help it as I am personally and professionally very busy. I know you guys are waiting for this update. So let’s start the ride w/o my bak bak.

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Chapter 5: “Roaming in Pune – Contd”

They come out of the temple and starts walking towards the car. This time before Swara should say anything Sanskar holds her hand while crossing the road. They reach to the car starts to decide their next destination.

Sanskar: Where should we go now? I have flight at 8 PM. We should leave for airport by 6 at least.

Swara: Sanskar airport is nearby only. It’s not far from the city like Bangalore. We can go to SGS mall near to MG Road. We can’t go out of the city as it won’t be easy to come back by that time.

Sansakar: I think it is better idea as I wanted to some shopping also and I didn’t have time in Mumbai.

Sanskar opens the door for Swara and after she is settled he walks to driver seat and start driving towards the SGS mall. After around 45 mins of drive they reach the mall.

Swara likes to spend time here with her friends as atmosphere in this mall is very lively and energetic. After entering to the mall they go towards the man section. They visited many brands but Sanskar didn’t like anything and he very much confused what to buy. Looking at this confusion Swara asks him if she select anything for him. Sanskar knows that he is bad at choosing cloths for himself so he nodes in yes .

Swara: Mr Fiance. Can you please tell me what are you looking for? Formals or Casuals?

Sanskar smiles whole heartedly when he hears “Mr Fiance” from her. He thinks that she is so cute. He is lost in his lost and Swara again asked him the same question.

Sanskar: Anything you like.

Swara starts looking for shirts and t-shirts and then she chooses blue casual t-shirt, while blazer and yellow shirt for him.

Sanskar takes them and went to try them out. When he looks himself in mirror he thinks that Swara’s choice is too good. He comes out and asks Swara how’s it? Swara says that he is looking handsome as usual and then she asks him if he liked it or not. He says that your choice is awesome. Swara feels very happy. Sankar choose those clothes and then they went to Women’s section.

Swara: Mr Fiance why we are here? I didn’t want to buy anything? Do you want to buy for someone else?

Sanskar: Yes. I want to buy for someone special.

Swara doesn’t know how to react on this statement. He keeps his hands on shoulder and tells her that “I didn’t bought any gift for our engagement. As now we both are here, I want to buy something for you. Please don’t say no. I know I behaved weirdly at that time. Please let me do it.”

Swara’s happiness has reached peak level now. She wants to hug him and but she feels shy and she is nervous also. She just nodes and says ok.

Sanskar looks for some outfit and then he chooses beautiful knee length, sleeveless, red color gown for her. She asks her to try it. She goes to the trial room. While trying she realizes that zip is stuck and she in unable to move it up or down. She thinks what to do now?

Sanskar is waiting outside from last 20 mins and he thinks why she has not out. He thinks to knock the door. He knocks the door and asks her why she is not coming outside.

Sanskar: Swara what happen? Why are you not coming out?
Swara (slowly whispers): Sanskar the zip is stuck. I can’t move it up. Can you please ask any lady sales person to help me?

He doesn’t find any lady sales person as it is lunch time. He doesn’t know what to do. He informs Swara that there is no one out here. Sanskar then thinks to help her and ask her if he can help her.

Swara thinks and tell to come inside but he should close his eyes as she won’t be comfortable. He agrees and comes inside and help her with zip. Swara shivers with his touch as it is first time someone is so close to her. She composes herself and then asks him to open his eyes.

Sanskar opens his eyes and he is dumbstruck to see the beauty in front of his eyes. He slowly whispers “Beautiful. You are looking an angel”. Swara blushes and her cheeks has become red like tomato. They stare each other lovingly and after sometime Swara asks him to go outside. Sanskar comes out and thinks and the moment they just shared. Now he is also blushing little. He just don’t know what is happening to him. Swara comes out and they go to counter to pay the bill.

As the shopping is finished and they both are feeling hungry, they head towards the cafeteria. Swara asks what he would like to have. As usual he replies “anything you like”. They ordered noodles, Manchurian and coke. As soon as the order comes they start eating like anything. Soon they finishes their lunch and when they check the time it is already 4: 30 PM. They were thinking of going back to home. As soon as they starts leaving Swara hears music and stops. It her favorite band in the mall. She requests Sankar to stay for some time and he agrees looking at her excitement. They go towards band.

One of the band member announces that “Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. How are you all?” People there and Swara responses cheerfully. Sanskar becomes happy looking at Swara’s excitement.

They start playing “Aaj blue hai paani” from Yariyaan. As soon as the songs starts and Swara’s legs and hands starts moving automatically. She holds Sanskar’s hand asks him to dance as well. He join her and they dance like there is no tomorrow.
Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny
Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench, phooti kismat hogi teri
Gar tune ye baat na maani (x2)
O ho… O ho…

Sunset ka time ho
Thandi-thandi ret ho
Let’s go to party yaara
Mujhse na ab wait ho
Music chala do
Shuru karo party ho gayi der
Bottle pila do mujhko
Bas phir yaara, i don’t care
Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny
Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench
Phooti kismat hogi teri
Agar tune ye baat na maani (x2)
O ho… O ho…
Ehe he he..
Tera pyaar.. that’s all i need
O mere yaar!
Ek tu ho, main hoon
Aur sea-side pe paani ka shor
Aaja meri baahon me Girl what you waiting for
Tujhko me leke chalun phir pyari si yacht pe
Ho jaayenge hum talli Malibu ke shot pe
Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny
Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench phooti kismat hogi teri
Gar tune ye baat na maani (x2)
o ho.. o ho…

They both enjoyed the dance and each other’s company. As song finishes they start living. Swara thinks something and tells him that “Why don’t you ask your friend to come with your luggage here. If he comes we can directly go to airport and we can save time also.” She also thinks that by this they will get some more to stay together. Sanskar likes the idea and calls Danish and asks him if he can help him. Danish agrees to it and tell him that he will be there in 30 to 40 mins.

They go to café shop and decide to wait there until Danish comes. Sannkar thinks to ask something to Swara.

Sanskar: “Swara, when will you apply for transfer for Bangalore? You will have to start discussion early as I know that it won’t be easy to get transfer soon”.

Swara (thinks for some time and then replies): “Mr Fiance. We are just engaged few days before and that too suddenly. I have not thought about all this. I have just started my job here and it’s been 6 months only. I also will have to discuss about this to dad as I can’t take this decision from my side. They agreed for Pune only as it was near to home and in emergency they can reach me within 3-4 hours. But Bangalore is too far. I will discuss about it to dad and then with my manager. I hope you won’t mind about it.”

Sanskar is not happy with her answer as he thought that she will agree immediately. He doesn’t know why he wanted her to apply for transfer ASAP. He doesn’t his sadness to Swara. They start talking about random things and after some time Sanskar gets call from Danish that he has reached and is waiting outside the mall.

They come out of the mall and meet Danish. Sanskar introduces Swara to Danish and Danish to Swara. They talk casually and then leave for the airport.

After reaching airport Sanskar goes for luggage check-in while Swara wait for him. Soon they announces that passenger of the Pune flight can start boarding. As soon as they hear announcement they both feeling very heavy to depart. Swara composes herself and asked him to call as soon as his flight lands. Sanskar nodes and starts leaving. Swara is just staring him w/o any blink. She just wish that he looks back before going inside and he does the same. He looks back before going inside the gate. He waves his hand and she does the same. He calls her and tells that she can leave now as it will be very late and she will be driving alone back. She tells him to eat something in flight as it will be late when he reaches home. He agrees and they starts going in different direction.

Precap: A news which makes Swara happy and Sanskar sad.


Phew. Done with another part of this story. No proof reading so excuse me for any type of errors.

I hope you guys like it. Thanks for being patient and waiting for my update. Enjoy your life. Love you all.


Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.

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