SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter -3)

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Chapter 3: “Journey Together”

Swara’s POV
As soon as I saw Sanskar my heart skipped a beat. I am immediately looked at Rishi and silently told him thank you. I realized that a lone tear dropped from my eyes. I could not talk with him much I bus started. I closed my eyes and remembered my convo with Rishi after my engagement.

Swara-Rishi Convo:
Rishi: Di. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.
Swara: Thank you Rishu.

Rishi: Di, do you like Sanskar? I mean I know you said yes to him but still I thought to ask you, are you really happy with this alliance?
Swara: Rishu I am really happy as I know dad will always choose best for me. But I can’t say I like Sanskar or not as I hardly know him. He is still stranger to me.
Rishi: Di, why are you saying like that? Why I feel that you are not happy? Do you want me to talk to dad?
Swara: No Rishu nothing like that. You know na it’s arranged marriage. So we’ll need some time know each other.

Rishi: Ok Di. I hope what you saying is true. I talk to jiju after your engagement and he seems to be very nice person and I am sure he will take care of you . Let me know if you need any help 😉 now go and sleep you must be tired after this hectic day.
Swara: Thanks Rishu. I really need sleep now. 

Swara (monologue): After my dad Rishu is the only person who can read my mind. He understands what I want. I am really happy to have brother like him. I know he did all this for me.

Sanskar’s POV:
After she looked at me she waved bye to Rishi and now she has closed her eyes I know she thinking something deep. May be about me or our relation or about her family or may be about her work. Oh my God I can’t even guess what she is thinking. But is this journey is the only time we have got to spend with each other I am goona interrupt her thought process.

Sanskar (clearing his throat): Swara.
Swara: ……………
Sanskar (Shaking her hand) : Swara
Swara (immedieatly opens her eyes): Huh..
Sanskar: What are you thinking?
Swara: Nothing important. So what are you doing in this bus? Are you also travelling to Pune?
Sanskar: Swara if you forgot this bus goes to Bangalore also. (He didn’t wanted to inform her that he will get down at Pune)
Swara: Oh ok.

Sanskar: Do you always travel by bus?
Swara: No. I usually travel by car as it is hardly 3-4 hrs journey but this my mom didn’t allow to drive and asked to travel by bus. I didn’t know that you will be traveling by bus.
Sanskar: Well, I never travel by bus. I always use flight but this time everything was unplanned and I didn’t manage to get the tickets so this is the 1st time I am going by bus.
Swara: Do you know how much time it will take to reach Bangalore? I heard that it takes more than 24 hrs. How will you manage this much time?
Sanskar( smiles sheepishly) : I will sleep most of the time. This is how I kill the time during journey. BTW where do you stay in Pune?
Swara: I stay in Aundh in an apartment.

Author’s POV:
And like this their journey started. They both talk for some time and tried to know about each other. They exchanged their numbers and added each other social media sites. After 1 hour of journey Swara felt sleepy. So she informed Sanskar that she wants to sleep for some time and asked to him to wake her up when they reach Pune. Sanskar nodded and ask her to feel comfortable and sleep. Swara immediately slept placing her head on back of the seat. As there were lots of turn her head was moving left and right and sometime it was hitting window and sometime it was hitting Sanskar. He noticed it and kept her head on his shoulder. His right hand was her right shoulder. It was like he is side hugging her.

Sanskar’s POV:
I saw that Swara was not comfortable while sleeping and her head was banging left and right. I don’t know why I thought to take care of her. I placed her head on my shoulder and placed my hand on her shoulder so that I can stop her body for shaking often. I arranged my seat and we both slept in the same position. After sometime my eyes open due to sudden jerk. I sat that Swara was still seeping in my arms. She looks so innocent and beautiful while sleeping. I asked the driver how much time it will take to reach to Pune. He informed that they have already entered in Pune and next stop is Shivajinagar.
As I am familiar with Pune I know it was time to wake up Swara. I called her name 3-4 times but sleepy head didn’t open her eyes. Then I shake her with both my hands and she immediately opened her eyes. Initially she was shocked to see the position she was sleeping. But ignoring her reaction I informed her that she need to get down next stop so it’s better she keep her luggage ready.

Swara’s POV:
I never slept like this while I travel. But it was so comfortable I didn’t wanted to get up only. I felt someone was trying to wake me up and then I opened my eyes. I was surprised to positon. It was like I was all over sleeping on Sanskar. I felt shy and embarrassed. But ignoring my reaction Sasnkar informed me that I need to get down next stop as we have already entered in Pune. And then reality hit me. I missed the golden chance to spend time with my finance and I don’t know when we’ll meet again. I was really disappointed with myself. I was cursing myself and was keeping my luggage ready to get down. As the bus stopped I got ready to get down. Sanskar also got up with me. I thought he might be coming to drop me till the gate. But he also took his luggage and got down with me. Again I am surprised. So I thought to ask him why he got down from the bus.
Swara: Why you got down Sanskar? You were supposed to continue traveling.
Sasnkar: So here is surprise no. 2 for you. I am not going to Bangalore today. I will be going to tomorrow by flight. Now let’s go I will drop you to your apartment.
Swara: Why didn’t you inform me earlier?

Sasnkar: As it was surprised plan for you from me and your bro.
Swara(smiles happily): When is your flight tomorrow?
Sasnkar: it is in the evening at 8. And we are gonna spend whole day together tomorrow so you better don’t plan anything with your friends.
Swara is now beyond happy and hugged Sanskar in excitement. Sasnkar felt awkward and Swara realized it so she immediately parted from him. Sanskar didn’t utter a word started to look for an auto. As soon as they got auto they kept their luggage and sat inside. Meanwhile Swara asked him where he will stay tonight. He informed her that his friend also stays in the same area so he will go there after dropping her.
As soon as they reached near Swara’s flat. They kept luggage there. Swara asked Sanskar to come inside. Neha and Anjali both were happy to see Swara back but they were surprised to see the person as they don’t know who he is.

Neha & Anjali: Congratulations Swara. As you came early now we’ll party tomorrow. But who is this handsome guy?
Swara: He is Sanskar, my fiancé. He came here to drop me. And no party tomorrow as I am already booked for whole day.
Neha: OOOOOOh. So he is Jiju.

Neha and Anjali both congratulate him also. And they asked about dinner. Sanskar told that he and Swara will go out for dinner. Swara was shocked as soon as Sanskar told his plan. She was thinking in one day how many surprises this person is giving her.
SwaSan freshen up and came out for dinner. They both had dinner at neat by restaurant. As Swara has open up now she continued her blaberring during dinner. Sanskar was silently listening her. After dinner again they came to her apartment. He took his luggage and bid bye to the girls. He called his friend Danish. Danish came to pick him and they went to his flat.

Here in Swara’s apartment she was lying on the bed was remembering her journey with Sanskar and she was excited for spending whole day tomorrow with him. She called Rishi and thanked him for this surprise travel plan. She asked him inform dad that she has reached safely. And immediately after finishing call with Rishi she was about sleep and closed her eyes, she thought of calling Sanskar. She called him and asked him if he has reached to his friend’s house.
Swara: Hello Sanky, Did you reach to your friend’s house?

Sanskar: Swara, I reached and don’t mind but don’t call me by that name. Now go to sleep as I am already tired and we have whole day tomorrow to chit-chat. Good night and he hung up.
Swara thought what to happen to him? He was all fine whole day. And what’s wrong if I call him Sanky? May be still he has not accepted this relationship.
On the other side Sanskar thought that I don’t want anyone to call me by that name. Especially not Swara. I am feeling bad the way I talk with her now but I couldn’t help myself. Anyways I will apologies to her tomorrow. And we’ll start our relationship with friendship.

Pre-cap: SwaSan’s day in Pune

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