SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter -2)

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Chapter 2: “Meet Sanskar”
Sanskar’s POV
I am Sanskar, “Sanskar Mehta”, age 26, bought up in normal independent Gujarati family in Mumbai. Currently working as Software Engineer in Bangalore @ABC MNC.

1 month back when I came to home my mom asked me about my interest in “Marriage”. I was tired giving same answer again and again that I am not ready for it. But it was a lie. I was scared of this relationship. I didn’t want to lose my freedom and I never wanted to do an “Arranged Marriage”. But this time she was very adamant and agreed/forced me to meet a girl called “Swara”.

We went to her home and when I saw her 1st time I was dumbstruck to look at her beauty. She is very beautiful like goddess. Her mom asked us sit in her and talk. We went to her room. I saw her room it was very neat and clean just opposite to my room . We set on the couch and she was looking everywhere but not at me. So I initiated the conversation.

Sasnkar: Hi
Swara: Hello
Sanskar: My name is Sanskar. I stay in Bangalore and work at @ABC MNC.
Swara: My name is Swara. I am working @XYZ MNC in Pune.

As soon as I heard Pune my face became pale. My past started haunting me. After that I was not able to concentrate on anything but still I asked her about future.

Sanskar: So what are your future plans? Would you like to continue work after marriage? Will you be ready to re-locate to “Bangalore”?
Swara: Of course I would like to continue work as I didn’t study to stay back at home and I won’t be comfortable also. My dad always wanted us to be independent. And regarding re-locating to Bangalore I have not thought about it yet.

That’s it. I think I can’t continue now as I won’t go back to Pune and I decided long back about it though it is near to my home. And if she in case is not ready to re-locate to Bangalore than this alliance is not going to work. My thought was process was broken by her when she asked me if I have anything left to ask. I denied and we moved out of her room.

When we came out both the families were happily chit-chatting as they know each other very well. I went and sit beside my mom. She asked me for my answer but I didn’t answer anything and told her that we’ll talk about it at home. We came home and all started bombarding on me about my answer. I had no choice to say “No” as again I will have to go through the same process. So I said “Yes”. Not because I like Swara but because I don’t like this process. This is the 1st and last time I wanted go through process. I know “Swara” is a good girl and there are chances that she will say no as being girl she might not want to stay away from family and also I didn’t spent much time with her so she must be thinking that I am not interested in it. So all depends on her. If she says “No” I will be more than happy but my family will be very sad as my mom really likes her a lot. But if she “Yes” she will more than happy and I don’t know about myself. I will be happy or sad as I am not at all interested in the institution called “Marriage”. But as I already met her now after accepting my mom’s request and delaying it almost for 3 years. Let’s see what is there in my fate.

Later evening my dad called Shekhar uncle told them about my answer and I was eagerly waiting to know their answer. As soon as the call was over, my dad hugged my mom and told her that her wish will be fulfilled now. I understood what it means. I was stuck now. They immediately decided the date of engagement and which happen yesterday and I am engaged to “Swara” now. I was looking at my engagement ring and suddenly I got call from Shekhat uncle.

I picked it up nervously. I got relieved as I came to know it was Rishi who wanted to talk to me. He informed me that he is going to book bus ticket for Swara and asked me if I can accompany her. I went with him and when we were booking tickets he asked me when I am going to back to Bangalore. I told him that I have not booked tickets yet. Than he thought something and asked me would I like to spend some time with Swara before I back to Bangalore. I asked him what he means, he said that we can leave together on Saturday evening for Pune and then from Pune I can take flight to Bangalore on Sunday evening. I was not ready for it but then I thought it will be a good idea as we will be spending our life together and don’t know when we’ll meet again. But Pune? I had sigh. Let’s face it.

Then we did as he planned. I told my mom about our planning and she was very happy that now I am thinking about her DIL also. I packed my bags and Ridhi told me that Swara doesn’t know about out travel plan so I came at last minute just before the bus starts. Now I am sitting beside Swara and as per the plan Rishi engaged her in talks so that she doesn’t notice me.

As Rishi asked her to check who is sitting beside her, she turned to me. Her expressions were like “Oh-My-God”. Unknowingly I have smile on face I don’t know why? Is it because of her?

Pre-cap: “Journey Together”

Guys my all episodes will be dedicated to fantastic writers on TU and of course to the readers. I love you all.


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