Swasan – A Surprise Love (Part 7)

Thank you so much all for ur lovely comments. So that was funny right … now you all are excited to see how Swasan reacted when they come to know each other.. i just written it in the way how i would have reacted…i don’t know whether i met ur expectations or not…pls give your comments and your view on this.

Swasan – A Surprise Love (Episode 7)

Swasan’s parents reaches the same table booked by Swasan. They get shocked seeing each other and gets angry thinking about their flashback. Sharmista and AP worries seeing their husband’s reactions to each other.

Shekar & DP together, “You here?”

Shekar, “How dare you come infront of me again?”

DP, “I have to ask you this. Don’t you have shame to show your face to the world after your daughter ran away from the marriage”

Shekar, “Even your son also did the shameless thing…how you are roaming all over without having any guilty”

DP, “I don’t want to waste my time with you…move from here. I came for an important matter…Just leave from here”

Shekar, “Hey Mr. Mind your words. We are not coming here to see your face..we also came for a reason and even i don’t want to spoil my mood in talking with you and moreover, this table is reserved for us..You move away from here”

DP, “What nonsense? This is booked for us..You go from here”

Both turns to their wives and murmurs, “WHat is he saying? How come this is booked for them?”

Sharmista and AP blinks and don’t know what to do. They tried to console them but all in vain. DP and Shekar calls the manager and tells them about the reservation issues.

Manager informs, “Sir..this table is booked for Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheswari and Mr. Shekar Gadodia. I hope now the confusion is over. Pls have ur seat sir”

Shekar and DP fumes in anger and shouts at Sharmista & AP respectively about this. Sharmista and AP don’t have any idea what is happening and why this confusion. Both the families did not take their seats and leaves from there after cursing each other.

@ Gadodia Home,

Swara is eagerly waiting for her parents to come back with good news. She roams like a cat from door to hall and hall to door. She gets tired and falls in the sofa and stares the entrance. Soon she hears a car sound and runs outside to welcome her parents with a broad smile. But they did not reciprocate the smile to her and rushes inside. Sharmista gives a sad look to Swara and follows Shekar. Shekar sits in the sofa and stares Swara angrily. Swara finds something wrong and hides herself behind Sharmista.

Shekar in angry voice, “Shona…come to the front. You did all these things very bravely and now you are hiding yourself behind your mom…COME HERE”

Swara gets really scared and moves towards him. Shekar stares her for sometime and says, “WHat is his name?”

Swara looks at her mom and says, “Sa…Sanskar”

Shekar, “I want full name”

Swara, “I don’t know. I know only as Sanskar”

Shekar gives her an unbelievable look and looks at Sharmista once to see her daughter and says, “I never seen such a careless and dumb girl like you”.

He takes his mobile and looks for something. He then gives it to Swara and asks, “Is he the guy whom u r talking about?”

Swara takes the mobile from him and looks at the picture and gets shocked. She then looks at Shekar and blinks seeing her parents.

@ Maheswari Mansion,

DP fumes in anger and waits for Sanskar to come home. DP looks at AP and asks, “WHere is your son? He doesn’t care about our feelings and prestige is it? Now also he asked us to go and not even bothered to ask what happened? Where is he now? Ask him right now to come here”

AP worries and tries calling him, by that time he reaches his home in his Royal Enfield bullet and walks inside home whistling his fav song. After AP, he hugs her and asks, “What happened mom? Is everything went well?”

DP glares him and Sanskar composes him after seeing his father as angry bird. He stands properly and asks, “What happened dad? You met her family right?”

DP, “Ya Ya..we met the family. But i really don’t know what you are upto?”

Sanskar doesn’t understand anything and looks at AP who is holding her forehead of not able manage this Father and Son.

DP, “Look at me. Who is that? What is her name?”

Sanskar, “Swara”

DP, “Swara…? Doesn’t she have her family name?”

Sanskar, “I did not bother about that and i never asked her”

DP gets up from his seat and moves towards him and says, “I will say. She is the one whom you talk about right?” He showed some pics from his mobile. Sanskar looks at the pics and wonders how he has that picture.

@Gadodia Mansion,

Swara is shocked and thinks how her father has Sanskar’s picture and looks at him confused and nods as Yes. Shekar gives a heavy breathe and says, “I still couldn’t believe it. What do you guys think about us haa? Are we looking like a mad? And this is my final word in this matter, this is not gonna happen? Just forget it” he rushes to his room and locks the door.

Swara blinks at the way he went and she did not understand anything. Swara shows the pictures to Sharmista and asks, “How papa has Sanskar’s picture and why he shouted at me?”

Sharmista also stares her angrily and says, “Choti…what to say? Y u r doing like this? I am going mad between you and your father. Do you know whom you love now?”

Swara, “Haan..Sanskar”

Sharmista, “No. Sanskar Maheswari. He is the one we chosen for you and you ran away from the marriage. Now you are showing the same guy and asking us to get you married to him. Are we really looking like a mad?”

Swara’s world is spinning fastly and all the flashes comes to her mind and she sits in a sofa with a thud and stares the picture.

@ Maheswari Mansion,

DP looks at his shocked face and turns to AP and says, “His face reaction only clears the doubt. This is it. I am not gonna let this happen anymore. Is he playing with me or what? They ran away from the marriage and now again they come and say they want to marry. Is this a game or what?” he fumes and goes to his room.

Sanskar did not understand anything and goes to AP by starring the pics and asks, “Mom…i did not show the picture to you or dad but how come he has her picture. She is Swara mom”

AP gives him an unbelievable look and says, “You are introducing her to me?”

Sanskar, “What do you mean?”

AP, “She is Swara Gadodia, the girl we chose for you to make your life. But you only ran away from the marriage and insulted us infront of everyone. Now you came back and shows the same girl that you are in love with. I really dont know what’s wrong with you ppl. Do something but leave me from this chaos”

She goes to her room leaving Sanskar shocked.

Both Swasan couldn’t believe what they heard from their moms and stares the pictures in each other mobile respectively.

Swara in her room sadly sits in her bed and stares the picture and thinks the flashback how she ran away from the mandap and how she met Sanskar in Plane and how they fight with each other and fallen in love. Suddenly her mobile rings and the display shows Sanskar’s number. Now she is literally nervous and hands are shivering to attend the call. She slowly takes the call and before she attends it, the call gets disconnected..she gives a sigh relief and puts down the mobile in the bed. She is in tension how to talk to him. Again she gets a call from Sanskar and now she somehow gains courage and attends it.

Swara, “He..Hello” in a slow voice

Sanskar, “I am Sanskar..Sanskar Maheswari” in same slow voice.

Swara is silent and he continues, “Shall we meet somewhere?”

Swara, “Mmm…actually..mm…okay”

Sanskar also hesitates to talk to her and gives her the address of the place to meet.

Swara immediately keeps the phone down and says, “God..what is this? i am feeling so embarrassing to talk to him. Now he also would have known the truth na. Oh god..how i am gonna face him. He asked me to meet him…this is the first time i am not feeling happy to meet him.”

Sanskar also has same odd feeling to meet her after knowing she was the one whom he supposed to marry but now he decided to sort out the things between them. He is getting ready to go out to meet her.

Precap: Swasan tries to convince their fathers. Swasan in same hotel to meet the alliance chosen by their fathers.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you 🙂

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