Swasan – A Surprise Love (Part 6)


Swasan – A Surprise Love (Episode 5)

Swara reaches India and is on the way to home. She is tensed and restless thinking about her parents reactions but still she prays god and plans to tell about Sanskar to her mom first. She reached Misra mansion and slowly with so much hesitation she peeps her head inside first and looks here and there. She drags her luggage also inside and keep it at one corner and looks for her mom. She tried to call out for her mom but gets scared . She then takes her mobile and gives a ring to her mom’s number. Her mobile is kept in the dining table and Sharmista is coming out from kitchen to attend the call but stops seeing Swara at door step. Swara looking at her mobile and her sight stops at Sharmista who stares her with teary eyes.

Swara runs to her and hugs her tightly saying, “I am sorry maa…pls pls..don’t be angry. I missed you a lot maa” she cries and Sharmista calms down and hugs her saying, “Shona..where you went? Atleast could have informed me right? Daily i used to cry thinking about you. You did wrong Shona”. Swara looks at her and cups her face saying, “Maa…pls don’t be angry. I don’t know what to do at that time and you papa were not at all listening my concerns at that time. I don’t find any other option only”

Sharmista, “Shona…whatever you did..do you know what happened after that? We had a big fight with that family and it became a very big shame for both of our family”

Swara, “Maa…leave that stupid family. I don’t care about them. But i am sorry for what i did and now i decided to rectify the mistake which i did”

Sharmista wipes her tears and looks her doubtedly saying, “What rectify Shona”

Swara, “Maa…i want to marry” Sharmista shouts, “WHAT? Why… again you want to run is it?”

Swara, “Maa..it is not like that? Actually i met him in US and..and..and..”

Sharmista gets angry and shouts, “And…what?”

Swara, “I love him”

Sharmista is shocked and sits in sofa with a thud while Swara tells her everything from the day she met him. Sharmista is sweating badly and says, “Shona…you know na..your papa will never accept this..Y u r making me prey infront of your papa”

Swara somehow convinced her mom to talk to Shekar about her matter. Soon Shekar also comes and gets angry seeing Swara there. Sharmista somehow convinces him and talks about Swara’s love matter to Shekar. That’s it Shekar jumps in anger and continues his shouting to spoil his prestige in the society. Swara closes her ears with pillows and sits in the room. After sometime Shekar calms down and finally agrees to it. Sharmista comes to Swara room and informs her about Shekar’s approval. She hugs her mom happily and thinks to inform this to Sanskar.

She dialled to Sanskar and tells him about the convo and her family approval also. Sanskar gets happy and tells her that he is coming to India in another 2 days. Swara is atmost happy to hear this and they had some romantic talks and sleeps.

Next morning, Swara informs to her parents about Sanskar’s arrival and they told that they can talk to his parents after his arrival.

After 2 days, Sanskar calls Swara from India number and she gets surprised hearing that he lands in INdia already. Till he reaches his home they had a talk. He reaches his home and tells her that he will call her later. Sanskar casually enters his home and sees AP arranging the things in book shelf…he goes behind her and shouts in her ears, “MOM”. AP gets scared and turns to see who is that but gets sweet shock seeing Sanskar there. She hugs him tightly and cries seeing him aftr a long time. Soon DP comes there and starts scolding him for insulting them infront of so many people. Somehow Sanskar convinced AP and she convinced DP and then he opens up his love to them. Initially DP declines that he will not do anything for him but AP approves his love and forces DP also. Sanskar informs this to Swara and they both decided to make their parents in the hotel to have a smooth talk and informs this to their parents also.

Next day, At Park Sherotton Hotel

Swara and Sanskar sends their parents only to meet each others and books the table for them. Swasan’s parents comes to the hotel and looks for the reserved table and finally lands in the same table. After seeing each, their flashback hits their head and stares each other angrily. Sharmista and AP gets worried seeing their husbands face reaction.

Precap: Swasan is being informed by their fathers that their marriage will not happen. Sharmista and AP tells Swasan that they are the ones who supposed to get marry.

So how is this episode guys, hope you all like it. Pls pour your comments.

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