Swasan – A Surprise Love (Part 4)


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Swasan – A Surprise Love (Episode 4)

Swasan drives off to Airport to catch the flight for Los Angeles. After 5 hours, both gets down in LA, completed their check in and comes out of the airport. Swasan hires a taxi and goes to a nearby hotel. They have taken 2 rooms and goes to fresh up. Sanskar, “Swara, we will be here for 2 days, so now go and take rest and in evening we will start our party.” Swara nodded like a kid and jumps in excitement.

After 2 hrs of good sleep, Swasan gets ready for their first day fun. Sanskar already requests his friend for his car to roam till he reaches NY. Once they come out from the hotel, he meets his friend and gets a car from him and they both headed to the pub.

Actually everything is new for Swara, so she is enjoying her each and everytime with Sanskar and her excitement and happiness makes Sanskar crazy and tempt him to do more and more to make her happy.

Swasan entered the pub and Swara finds herself jumps according to the music played. He takes her to one of the table and they both watches the people dancing. Swara tries her maximum to control her but after few mins she lost control and drags Sanskar to the center stage and starts dancing. Swasan enjoys the atmosphere and dance with a perfect moves.

While dancing Sanskar wonders seeing Swara, “How delicate she is. She is making me go mad. God…each and every minute of being with her is like living in a heaven. I want this forever.” He holds her by waist and pulls her close to him. Due to this sudden pull, Swara falls on his chest and looks at his face who is smiling at her.

Swara POV:-

“My man…yes ofcouse he is my man. I have so many dreams of having a fun loving handsome freak guy for me. Now i found him. Yes Sanskar is my man and i am not gonna leave him. The moments with him are so precious for me and i will have it for my life”

she covers his neck by her hands and she too moves close to him and they both did a sensuous dance for sometime. They thought of taking a break and goes to bar counter. Sanskar order 1 taquila shot and looks at Swara. Swara smirks at him and says, “You order for me.. that’s grt…and what about u?”

Sanskar is taken back little and orders 1 more. They get it and he bets her to drink without spitting a single drop. Actually it is first time for Swara, so she blinks seeing the shot and to his surprise she have it in single gulp and licks the salt and lemon kept there. Sanskar is surprised and laughs seeing her face reaction after drinking. Swara makes face and orders 1 more. They both tries to beat each other and order 1 more again and again. After few shots, Swara lost her control and starts blabbering like a kid. Sanskar is steady little and tries to close her moouth by keeping his hands, but she bites his hands and runs from there. she run and joins in the group who were smoking and dancing. They looks like local guys who enjoys the drugs, Swara goes in the mid and starts disturbing them by pulling their noses, ears and she snatches their drinks also. Finally after all chaos she shouts, “Stop the music”

The entire room becomes silence and the DJ is stopped. Sanskar rubs his eyes and looks at her in the middle stage by raising her hands up and looks down. He takes the water bottle and drinks it to get conscious. Before he comes to a solution on what is happening, she starts singing loudly and very badly of bollywood songs. Sanskar spits the water and blinks at her. The DJ then starts the music of bollywood songs and she starts dancing like anything. Sanskar bangs his head in the table and stares her and her dance. He smiles at her innocence act and says, “She is something special”

He is starring her lovingly but soon his looks got changed when he finds a guy approaching her and touches her in a wrong way and Swara is trying to push him.
He couldn’t see that scene and he gets up from the table by hitting it hardly and goes to that guy, before he moves to Swara, Sanskar gives him a strong punch in his stomach which makes him to fall on the floor.

Swara is shocked and opens her mouth in shock and stops dancing. still she in alcoholic mood, she couldn’t stand properly and moves here and there by looking at the guy who falls down.

Sanskar gets panic seeing the localites forms a group and stares them, he drags Swara from the pub and both started running out of the pub and he puts her in the car and in the nick time, he takes his car and drives away from there. Swara is continuously blabbering and he tried all his best to stop her blabber but all in vain. Suddenly she started singing old songs loudly in a horrible voice which makes him bang his head by his hands only.

It’s late evening, he continuously driving and it becomes very late night. He parks the car in one corner and looks at her who already slept off, he also slides down in the seat itself and soon dozed off.

Morning, Sanskar is waking up by some cops, he gets scared and stumbles to stand and somehow manages to stand straight. The cops looks at him and looks at Swara in the car still sleeping. They starts questioning Sanskar and checks his license and passport. One of the cop tries to wake her up, and she starts singing again in sleeping. Sanskar looks at the cops reactions and pinches her hardly in her arms. She screams and wakes up in a shock, she looks so horrible after waking up. She rubs her hair and blinks at the cops and Sanskar one by one.

Precap: Swasan enjoys their days completely in US and reached NY on 30th day. 31st day, Sanskar drops her in the airport and proposes her.

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