Swasan – A Surprise Love (Part 2)


Thank you so much all for ur lovely comments. This FF is a short one only…and thanks a lot for all your lovely comments.

Swasan – A Surprise Love (Episode 2)

Sanskar & Swara gets mingles with each other well and starts sharing their likes and dislikes. They not even bother about others and poing each others and laughing heartfully. Soon they dozed off and Swara leans on his shoulder and he kept his head on hers and slept. They both wake up again and starts their non-stop talking. If someone comes and asks them what they spoke and what they r talking , then they don’t even have answer for that coz even they don’t know what they spoke, but they both liked each others company. The flight lands in New York JFK airport. Swasan looks each other and some unknown pain wrenches their hearts. Their eyes speaks a lot and expresses the pain of getting seperated from each other.

They collected their luggage and walks towards te entrance without uttering a single word. They look at each other and gives a fake smile. Atlast Sanskar speaks and asks, “So?”

Swara, “So…Bye”

Sanskar, “Thats’it?”

Swara, “What else?”

Sanskar smiles and writes something in the chit and gives it to her. Swara get puzzled and looks at the chit, it has his number. she wonders and says, “How come, we just reached and you have ths number?”

Sanskar, “I have been here already and this is the number i am gonna use it. Do you have ur number with you?”

Swara nods no and says, “I am new to this country and i will call you once i get mine”.

Sanskar, “I will expect ur call. So where you gonna stay?”

Swara, “I don’t have any details. My friend will come to pick me up”

Sanskar, “Friend?”

Swara smiles at his curiosity and says, “yes Friend, Ragini”.

Sanskar smiles widely and murmurs, “Thank god”. Swara hears it and smiles seeing him.

Swara, “So what are you waiting for? Leave na”

Sanskar, “It’s ok. I will wait till your friend comes”.

They smiles at each other and soon her friend Ragini comes there. Swara introduces her friend to Sanskar. They 3 had a nice time and its time for them to leave. Swasan bids bye to each other and leaves.

Sanskar reaches his flat and meets his friend. He goes to his bed and falls on it. He remembers his moments with Swara and laughs at her childish act. He starts missing her a lot.

Swara and Ragini reaches their apartments and starts arranging things. She gets busy with her work and forget about Sanskar.

Its been a day now, Sanskar is looking at his mobile restlessly and waits for Swara’s call. Swara just gets her number and dials to her home first. She calls Sharmista and waits for her to pick up the call. Sharmista looks at the number cluelessly and attends it.

Swara, “Maa…Maa.. i am Swara here”.

Sharmista gets happy and says, “Shona…you are fine na? Where are you Shona? How can you leave your mom like this?”

When Swara is about to say she heard Shekar is scolding Sharmista for talking to Swara on phone. She silently disconnects the call and gets upset.

Ragini comes to her with a chit and shows, “Whose number is it?”

Swara casually looks at it and jumps in shock saying, “OMG..it is Sanskar’s. I was searching for it.Thank you so much Rags”.

Swara dials to his number.

Sanskar who always keeps mobile in hand and every 5 mins he was checking his mobile and when he gets some call, he immediately attends it and says, “HELLO Swara”

Swara gets happy and says, “How do you know that its me?”

Sanskar, “I did not give this number to anyone except you”

Swara smiles and they continue their talk and decides to meet in a common place.

@Times Square, evening 5 PM

Sanskar is waiting to see Swara and he is very excited to meet her again. He feels like one day gap itself is like a long time. At sharp 5 PM he heard a voice from his back and he turns & finds Swara in a cute white color sleeveless kurta with multicolored long skirt. She looks like a diva. She takes her hair at one side and puts a plot which gives her a complete traditional look. He is mesmerised to see her and is in lack of words.

Swara shakes her hands infront of him and makes him to come to senses. He looks at her once again and says, “You look stunning” Swara blushes and they both headed towards a cafe day. They ordered their fav items.

Sanskar, “So how is new york..do u like it?”

Swara, “Yeah..but not much”

Sanskar, “Y so?”

Swara, “I miss my maa”

Sanskar, “What’s the big deal, you can call, or you can see her in skype”

Swara, “Actually there is some problem, and my parents are not talking to me”

Sanskar, “Oh..i am sorry. May i know what is it?”

Swara thinks for a while and says, “Nothing serious. I ll manage”

Sanskar finds her little sad and to cheer her up he says, “So whats your plan tomorrow? Are you looking for any job here?”

Swara, “No no..i just came here to spend time and i don’t have any idea of working here. Infact, i will leave to india next month”

Sanskar is shocked now and asks, “Y so?”

Swara, “I told you na..there was some problem. It will be solved by next month..so there is no point for me to stay here”.

Sanskar, “You can work here na”

Swara, “No Sanskar. i am not interested actually. I can’t stay here for long time”

Sanskar gets upset and their orders also came. They leave from there and roams into the city for sometime and Sanskar offers a drop for her. He drops in her apartment and says, “Be ready at 10 Am tomorrow. I will be waiting for you to pick you up”

Swara, “What? I don’t have plan to go out tomorrow and you will be having any work right?”

Sanskar, “Till you are here, i will be with you. So no more questions and be ready”. He takes her right hand in his hand and place a kiss on it and leaves from there.

Swara stands freeze and looks at the way he left.

Precap: Swasan drives off to Los Angeles and enjoys there. They both are having a nice time with each other.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you ?

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