Mumbai harbour:

A girl and a boy are walking in opposite directions when they collide with each other. When she is about to fall the boy holds her hand(our hero doesn’t always hold heroine’s waist 😛 ). When his eyes meet hers he just loses himself in her eyes.he comes back to earth when the girl calls him.

Girl-oy hero..where are you lost? You are holing my hand from past five minutes.pls leave me.

Immediately he leaves her hand n she falls down.

Girl-aah you idiot…aah my back…aaah

The boy laughs and lends his hand to help her but the girl pushes his hand.
Girl(while getting up)-I can get up on my own . I don’t need your help. Donkey, monkey, lizard I asked u leave my hand only not to make me fall down.huh idiot.

Boy-woah woah!slowly theeki mirchi.you only asked me to leave your hand but didn’t specify that I should make u stand so I left your hand and you fell.there is no fault of mine here. Now excuse me I am getting late.

The girl sees him with a open mouth while he picks his luggage and gets angry.
Girl(murmers)- humph…chamgadhad.
And……she puts her leg between his legs and he falls down with his luggage..

Boy-oiii maa…..

The girl smirks and leaves from there while the boy looks at her disappearing figure.


In ship-

The girl is drinking juice n collides with a boy and the juice falls on him.
Boy-what the…



Boy-its you again miss theeki mirchi….i think colliding with others is your habit.

Girl-oh hello mister chamgadhad ( ;P )…I can say the same to you..

Boy-what me and chamgadhad…I wish I never meet you again

Girl-same here…

But destiny has other plans….let’s see what it is

Scene 3-


And then blackout……………………………………………


Girl where the hell are we??

Boy-how would I know. Thre is nothing I can find out here.

Both-it means we are STRANDED!!!!!!!!

Hey guys tht’s it for the prologue.this is a simple story on how destiny woks,how 2 people having different views and always have a catfight find true love in each other in an unavoidable circumstance. Pls note there are no villains in this storyline.

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