Recap-swasan fight again and they getting to know about their wedding from their sibillings…

Swaragini cabin:

Swara-urfff!ragini how can ma and papa decide to get me wedded to such a person…. Such a brute he is!aarrgghh..

Ragini-shona what happened why are you getting so hyper at him?

Swara-us pe gussa nahi karun toh aur kya karun…

Ragini-umm can u explain what happened…

Then swara explains ragini how both met n also their nok-jhoks…hearing it ragini started laughing holding her stomach while swara was giving her death glares….

Sanlak’s cabin:

Woah the whole cabin is messy….umm I don’t know anything but let’s see what’s happning….oh god yahan toh sanskar is hitting laksh with all the things he gets his hands on…bechara laksh is trying to escape from getting hit…but wwhy is getting hit by sanskar?oh fish laksh got hit by sanskar’s wooden hair rolling comb on his butt…yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sans-laga na tujhe!!!!!!!!!!!!aisa hi lag raha tha mujhe when ifell down coz of ms.theeki mirchi( but accha naam diya hai aaane apne honewali patni ka)urf!swara.

Ab baat samaj mein aaya!!!!!!!!sanskar also told laksh about their meeting and nok-jhok….

Laksh-aah(maybe still its paining )par yaar tu toh ab papa ko na bhi nahi keh sakta tune papa ko promise kar diya ki tu swara se shadi karega..

Sans-you know what I should have cut my tongue instead of promising papa that I’ll marry swara…who knew that she would be such a theeki mirch….. arey papa aapne ye mujhe kaisi jhameli mein phasa diya…papa ko kyun bolun it’s all coz of this author @$#%##^#%#%^$^%$#[email protected]$(accha bacchu now scolding me only na this was only trailer I’ll show yu the whole movie wait)….

Laksh-ruk…. You are scolding papa or this author whomever it’s coz you didn’t undersand swara well (humph! tumhe toh samaj mein aagaya laksh babu par us akal ke andhe ko kaun samjhayega)


Laksh-ruk…mat bol…jo main bol raha hun wahi sun….tu swara se milke dosti karega…


Laksh-bola tha na beech mein mat bol…so listen you’ll meet her and will become frinds and understand each other okay and no arguments pls and if you don’t agree I’ll tell papa that you are breaking the promise made to him.


Swaragini cabin:

Swara-what no way I’m no meeting him nor making him my friend…

Ragini-if you don’t na I’ll tell maa that you are breaking your promise( wah!wah! such nice couples without knowing or seeing each other they promised their parents they’ll marry each other n also raglak are made for each other…they are telling the same dialogue to their sibilings).

Swara-k sirf tumhareliye or maa ke liye.


Date night for swasan:-

Sans-who….woh…I’m sorry for the morning incident….

Swara-I’m I’m also sorry for the morning…

But really are they sorry ????????????

Sans(in mind)-huh sorry my foot !!!!!i asked sorry coz lucky is watching us..

Swara(in mind)-main?aur isse sorry?kabhi nahi……

Ab inhe kaun sudharega???????? 

Like this they were chatting smoothly but we know what they are thinking right?
They got to know about each other’s likes and dislikes etc etc…..(jaanna hi padega na aakhir ye dono shadi karne wale hain)

Swara got to know that sanskar hates talkative people so to irritate him she was continuously blabbering some nonsence whereas sanskar was getting irritated due to her patar patar….

He just looked around and found none and also the place was dark and calm….seeing the surroundings he just pushed swara to the wooden wall nearby pinneing her to it….swara shut her mouth due to his sudden move….when she was about to open her mouth again he just smashed his lips over hers…(U+1F633 he knows how to shut her up U+1F64A )

After few mins he leaves her there surprised and in a unbelievable situation and still wondering what happened !!!!!!!

Hola!!!!!!!!!!another episode I know I’m late but what to do my mom was nagging me to look repair my things before my holidays btw hwre’s presenting swasan’s first kiss…pls put ur feelings as comments ….will be back soon!!!!!!!!

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