precap: hero and heroine first meet and tashan between them.

while the girl was busy searching for ragini someone screamed her name out”SWARA”. Well it turned out to be ragini and laksh,whom swara was searching.

Swara-hi laksh.

Laksh-hi swara.

Swara-waise maanna padega laksh…you have showered so much love on my sis that she became so forgetful even to give me the keys of the cabin and made me search u people in this hot sun(glaring ragini).

Ragini-sorry na swara…pls pls…

Swara-ok jao maaf kia.now come the ship is about to leave.

Laksh-girls you go ahead I’ll fetch my friend and come.

Then everybody dispersed to their places.

After few mins when the ship set sail to its destination.

Laksh had introduced his friend sanskar to ragini and all three of them were talking when sanskar excused himself and was going somewhere when a girl drinking juice n collides with him and the juice falls on him.
sans-what the…



sans-its you again miss theeki mirchi….i think colliding with others is your habit.(well it’s none other than his theeki mirchi swara 😛

swara-oh hello mister chamgadhad 😛 …I can say the same to you..

sans-what me and chamgadhad…I wish I never meet you again

swara-same here…

they were going to start their fight again when they were interupted by raglak.

Raglak-sanskar, swara you both know each other?


Laksh-perfect.then also you both should know that you both are going to get married (jhatka laga 😉 😀 )

Swasan(almost screaming)-WHAT?NO WAY!!!!

Swara-me and this chamgadhad ewww……ragini is it whom you were calling handsome???yuck

Sans-oh hello theeki mirchi….i’m born handsome and anyways its you who looks like a duck….

And they both start fighting with each other while raglak whisper to each other…..

Ragini-lucky if they fight like this then how will they marry????

Laksh-lol….ab yeh to pata nahi but we can become their cupid..


But before laksh could answer they could hear sanskar shouting…nothing happened guys its just that swara had stamped his foot with her heels(sssssssssss…tch tch poor fellow we know how much it pains when u get hurt with someone’s or your own heels)

Then she pulls ragini with her….after they are out of sight…

Laksh-bhai?you ok?

Sans-aah haan I’m okay….aah kaisi ladki hai yaar agar yeh aisi hai toh lifelong I’ll be bandaged and will be sleeping on bed only…

Hearing this laksh laughs while sanskar give him a death glare.

………………………end of epi 2…………………………………………..

Hola guys!!!!!!!!!!!that’s the end of epi 2 hope you all liked swasan’s nok-jhok n yea pls like and comment

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